Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday Mail

Click here
for Jack Mackenroth's recap of "Good Queen Fun" for Us Magazine. Jack designed the costumes in the photo above. has posted an article about Kenley Collins. Thanks Glenn.

Suede, Stella Zotis, Daniel Feld and Wesley Nault were all spotted at the Vlada Lounge in Hell's Kitchen. It looks like they headed there directly "After The Sew." I always get a kick out of learning which designers remain friends. Many have mentioned Stella as someone they keep in touch with.

Click here for the People Magazine exit interview with Daniel Feld.

Are you stuck in a college dorm without Bravo for the rest of the semester? Maybe traveling in another country? Have no fear. Neolimmik83 is uploading season five to YouTube. It's great to be able to re-watch an episode from your desk at work too... especially on a Friday.

Attention Top Chef fans - CJ Jacobson will be on hand at "Highbrow BBQ" in NYC tomorrow. Check Blogging Top Chef for more information.