Friday, August 29, 2008

Tbone's Big Adventure

So there I was toiling away in the BPR workroom (aka lounging about at home in my pajamas) when the batphone rings. "Hey Tbone, this is Lisa Gilpin from Saturn. You will not believe what I have here in front of me." Hmmmm. "This better be good Gilpin, I'm really, really busy", I say rolling off my couch.

"I have all 10 designs from this week's challenge!" GET OUT! "Wanna come down and see them?" GET OUT!!!

Now, living in Detroit rarely offers any advantage when it comes to being a Project Runway fan. How long I have envied everyone who is a mere subway ride away from designer appearances, EMC2, the Atlas, Mood, Parsons and the Times Square Red Lobster. No way I was going to pass this chance up.

"Don't move Gilpin, I'm on my way." I couldn't wait to see what turned out to be the strongest collective design work all season in person. As I drove downtown, questions began racing through my head - How much did Korto's coat weigh? How in the world did Suede assemble that top? How did Kenley attach that little filter skirt? And maybe most importantly:

Can I get past security at GM World Headquarters in my jammies?

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