Sunday, August 03, 2008

Easy Episode Three Trivia

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1. Who wore pink rain boots?
2. What is the name of the bus line featured in Episode 3?
3. Who was "inspired by money?"
4. Who wears a black hat in the workroom?
5. Who wears yellow rain boots?
6. What kind of fabric did Jennifer use to represent the clock face?
7. What is Blayne eating in the workroom. (Not Kenley!)
8. What colors are the bandannas that Keith wears in this episode?
9. How much did Kenley's tulle cost?
10. Who spells out "Holla" for Tim Gunn?
11. Who is the first model in the door of the workroom?
12. How does Blayne greet Tim at the door of the apartment?
13. Whose picture did Tim "love?"
14. Who does Stella ask for help in operating the camera?
15. Who comes from an "abstract artist background."
16. Who takes a self-portrait?
17. Who is "in it to win it?"
18. What color are the soles of the shoes that Heidi is wearing for the runway show?
Bonus Question: Who probably designed these shoes?
19. How long did the designers have to choose their inspiration photos?
20. How much money did the designers have to spend at Mood?