Monday, August 04, 2008

From The Mailbox

The mailbox is stuffed with great things today!

This is adorable. You've heard of dressing to "the nines?"
Well now you can "Dress to the sevens" with Tim Gunn.

Whenever the kids would greet me with "Holla!" I would answer "Lujah!" - kind of like a game of Marco Polo. The kids would laugh at my dorkiness. I exhibited the same bewilderment as Tim Gunn. (By the way, the kids gave this up several years ago. Ahem.)

Just in case you missed it - here is a video...

has posted an excellent and very satisfying interview with Korto Momolu.

There is still time to vote in our episode three polls.

Finally, this is fun - Inkling is sort of an on-line market predictor. You can buy and sell "shares" in the designers (not real money) depending upon how you believe they will do on the show.