Thursday, May 12, 2016

It's Time

After 11 + years of covering everything related to Project Runway, Team BPR is closing up shop. It's something we've talked about for awhile and probably should have done sooner. This hobby of love that Laura K started back in 2005 keeps drifting further back in our life priorities and it really isn't fair to our community for us to go through another cycle half-hearted. We have had some great, incredible moments with all of you on the blog and the Facebook group over the years, but its time to move on.

We want to thank everyone in the PR franchise who welcomed us and gave us access - the Bravo and Lifetime Networks; the Magical Elves and Bunim-Murray; the designers (many of whom will always remain our dear friends) and the models. Special thanks goes out to our beloved Tim Gunn, who very early on not only wrote to us and encouraged us, but who also agreed to meet us in person to dish about the show. We will always cherish our infamous "Breakfast with Tim" meetings that we would have the morning after every finale. As hard as we would try to get information out of him, not once did he ever reveal a spoiler about the show.

Most of all we will miss you. Our readers are what made BPR so special. You turned this virtual space into an amazingly fun and creative community, a safe haven where we could shed the worries of our day and share our obsession for this groundbreaking reality program. Thank you for support and friendship.

You know we will not just simply say goodbye, don't you? Instead we'll borrow from Tim:

Carry On!

With much love,
Laura K, The Scarlett and Tbone