Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A New Interview with Michelle Lesniak Franklin

Project Runway Season 11 winner, Michelle Lesniak Franklin, talks about her experience on the show and what to expect in the Reunion episode.

What is the toughest part about "Project Runway"? 

 The schedule is brutal. People ask me, why is everyone always crying? Well, when you're on four hours of sleep and you're under so much stress, you're gonna cry and say things you don't mean. The mature designers in our group, they get it. But there are some designers who have yet to get over it. 

You'll see that in the reunion episode, that some people are holding grudges.They just need to put on their big boy pants and grow up. And the thing is, we all, before she show even aired over the months and months we were waiting to see the show, we were contacting each other back and forth. We had agreed that everyone probably said things they didn't mean in the moment. 

It's like, whatever you do in Vegas stays in Vegas. When you're extremely tired you snap and say things you don't mean. We needed to treat it like nothing, like water on a duck. Even though we had a sit down conversation, some people still didn't get that. 

Click here for the full interview from hitfix.com.

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Tim Gunn on Anderson Live

Sneak Peek - Heidi Klum on America's Got Talent

Premiere June 4th.

Sunday, April 28, 2013


The recappers have all collapsed from exhaustion:

Eric3000 delivers a slam dunk...
Uncle Nick gasps at an uneven zipper...
Karen does not phone it in...
Gianni misses Collier Strong...
Mila says it was no contest...
Democracy Diva has a bleeding heart...
Second City Style liked the pick...
And Toyouke makes it through another season.

Thank you recappers for another season of laughter and snark. Not sure if we'll have a looza for the reunion, but send the links if you do a recap just in case. Season 12 will be here before you know it!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

BPR Interview with Patricia Michaels

Project Runway Season 11 finalist, Patricia Michaels, talks about her experience on the show.

A highlight:

BPR: I have a question about the headpiece. What is it called, exactly? 

 PM: We call it a circular "roach." It's kind of awkward, but the native American man wears this when he dances. I wanted to have fun with it and transition it to a woman's piece. It is horsehair. I was also inspired by Carlo Scarpa and Paolo Soleri. So these are very organic shapes and forms. 

 I looked at canopy and gardening illustrations and originally I wanted to sculpt the horsehair into shapes. But when I saw how it looked I decided not to trim it. 

 BPR: Well that was obviously a good decision. They were very memorable.

 PM: I would have loved to do more, but I had to stay within my budget. I have many more ideas for these.

Click here for the full interview.

Click here to visit Patricia's website.

Thank you Patricia!

How Well Do You Know Project Runway Season 11?

Our friends at "HowWellDoYouKnow.com" have created a season 11 quiz.

Check it out here!

Friday, April 26, 2013

BPR Interview with Michelle Lesniak Franklin

Project Runway Season 11 Champion, Michelle Lesniak Franklin talks about her experience on the show.

A highlight:

BPR:  I was at the show and watched all eight collections.  When it was over, the piece that stood out most in my mind was your heart sweater.  Any plans to put it into production?

MLF:  I wish I could but I don't own it....

BPR:  ????  Weinstein????

MLF:  Yes.

BPR:  You could probably sell a thousand of them today....

MLF:  Probably a million.

BPR:  Yes, I love that Joe helped you.  He is so talented!  Please tell us about the process, how much instruction did you give him?

MLF:  Joe is amazing and he is one of the people that I wanted to work with, but we didn't have the chance to work together on the show.  So afterward, I called him on the phone and we talked about some ideas.  I sent him sketches of the wolf and the heart, color swatches and the actual pattern pieces of the shapes of the pieces, the sleeves, the front and back panels...  Then he sent back a sample and then "Oh let's change this and that..." and we made some adjustments and then he made it up.  It is a computerized knitting machine.  It came to me a flat pieces and I sewed it up.

I had no idea how the process worked.  It was fascinating.

We are definitely planning to collaborate on some projects in the future.

BPR:  Oh please keep us posted.

MLF:  I certainly will.

Click here for the full interview.

Click here to visit Michelle's website.

Congratulations, Michelle!

BPR Interview with Stanley Hudson

Project Runway Season 11 finalist, Stanley Hudson, talks about his experience on the show.

A highlight:

BPR: Did you watch last night's episode? 

 SH: Yes. 

 BPR: Was there anything that we didn't see, that you wish we had? 

SH: Well, at the end of the day, I take responsibility for my collection and I did procrastinate. You didn't see any interaction between Richard and I because he just didn't help. He wasn't feeling well and he was asleep. 

 I wish they showed a little more of how Michelle helped me, Daniel helped me, Sam helped me... I really wish you had seen more of my relationship with Michelle, we have become very close friends. I just went up to visit her. I wish they had shown more of our relationship. She has the biggest heart, she is all girl. She is really great.

Click here for the full interview.

Click here for Stanley Hudson Designs facebook page.

Click here to visit Stanley's website (under construction.)

  Thank you Stanley!

Poll - Finale Season 11 - Your Turn to be the Judge

1st: Michelle
2nd: Patricia
3rd: Stanley
Click image for a larger view. Images courtesy of myLifetime.com
You've seen the designs on the runway at Lincoln Center during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and now it is your turn to be the judges. This week you are Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia, Michael Kors and Zac Posen. It's time to tell us:

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Reactions To The Season 11 Finale

We have a winner! Project Runway crowned a new champion tonight in an interesting finale that featured a bit of backstage drama. What did you think of the decision? How did Season 11 stack up against seasons past? After nine straight months of Project Runway, are you ready for a break? Post your reactions to the Season 11 finale here.

BPR Live Party: Season 11 Finale

Results In - Who Should/Will Win Project Runway Season 11

The readers have voiced their opinions via our poll:
You felt that Michelle Lesniak Franklin SHOULD win Project Runway Season 11 and that she also WILL win. Click here to see how you voted.

Check back with us tomorrow to cast your vote on the finale collections after seeing the garments on the runway tonight.

Results In - You Were the Judge Episode 13

Our poll for Episode 13 is closed.  You agreed with the judges and felt that Daniel should have been out. Click here to see the results.

Photos courtesy of myLifetime.com

Tonight On BPR

It's finale day, Runway fans! Tonight we find out whether Michelle Lesniak Franklin, Stanley Hudson or Patricia Michaels gets crowned Season 11 champ in "the most shocking Project Runway finale yet". Make sure to join us tonight for our live, snarky viewing party beginning at 8:45 p.m. ET and let us know what you thought about he results in our reaction thread after the show. Who is your pick tonight?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Heidi Klum Shooting "America's Got Talent" Auditions in Los Angeles Today

Photo:  Zimbio

Daniel Esquivel Prepares for Austin Fashion Week

Photo:  Caitlin Ryan
Project Runway season 11 designer, Daniel Esquivel, is getting ready for Austin Fashion Week, where he will be presenting his newest designs on May 10.

Click here for more from CultureMap Austin.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Project Runway Season 12 Open Casting in New York Tomorrow

Click here for more information.

Good luck designers!

Monday, April 22, 2013

NV Nick Verreos Collection Now Available at Lord & Taylor

Click here to shop the brand new NV Nick Verreos Collection available now online!

Click here for more information.

Congratulations Nick and David!

Project Runway Season 11 Finale Preview Video

Episode Synopsis: The winner is named in the conclusion of the two-part Season 11 finale. Michael Kors is the guest judge.

Season 11 Should and Will Win Polls

It's your turn to tell us who you think SHOULD and WILL win Project Runway Season 11. 

Sunday, April 21, 2013


The end is nigh and the recappers are starting to see things:

Eric3000 pens an epic...
Uncle Nick has a guess on the winner...
Karen wants to hear more about sting rays...
Mila knows how it feels like a dream...
Gianni really wants to cut Daniel's hair...
Democracy Diva wants to edit Michelle...
Second City Style has a chia pet...
And Toyouke has seen it all.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Austin Scarlett, Spring 2014

Project Runway All-Star Austin Scarlett presented his Spring 2014 collection today and field reporter Jennifer Mara was there and send us this report - thanks Jen!

For breakfast, this morning Austin Scarlett ate a cinnamon bun with coffee, (yes, I asked) and then went to preview his Spring Bridal Collection at the Essex House overlooking Central Park South, in New York City. 

Refreshingly, Austin Scarlett is who he is, Chic, Elegant and Glamorous and it is quite evident whenever you are attending one of his events. 

In a regal corner suite, Austin debuted his dresses and within the intimate setting he commented on each piece and also took a few questions. 

Click here to continue.

Click here to visit Austin's website.

Friday, April 19, 2013

BPR Interview with Daniel Esquivel

Project Runway Season 11 designer, Daniel Esquivel talks about his experience on the show.

A highlight:

BPR: You are a true inspiration to those of us in your demographic. What are you working on now?

DE: Actually, this is really cool. I have a dress that will be shown in a Cancer-Awareness fashion show on May 1st. 

 I am also doing Austin Fashion Week on May 10th. I am working on it right now. I can't wait for you to see it. I want to say also that I was very influenced by Patricia. I have been working with leather and I want to be sure to give credit to her for the inspiration. I am working with a silver-mirrored leather. I also have a floral print and black and white of course. 

 Also, I want to let you know, that I have been approached by a manufacturer this week. They want to produce my work! We are working out the details right now. Like I say, so many doors are opening for me. It is very exciting.

Click here for the full interview.

Click here see Daniel's Finale Collection.

Thank you Daniel!

Marina models Daniel's opening look.

A New Interview with Project Runway Season 10 Champion Dmitry Sholokhov

 Kendra L. Saunders had the pleasure of chatting with Dmitry about his Lord & Taylor line, his fans, his plans for the future and koala bears, among other things. 


  Q: Is there something your fans could do at this point to help you? 

 A: Well, I think at this point, I’m so grateful to have fans. I’ve been getting all of this fanmail from all over the world…. It’s already a huge help, it gives me strength and inspires me. And I think it’s plenty enough. But if you want to be a really good fan, you can go buy my dress! 

 Q: Now you’ve spoken about being sort of on your own at this point in the fashion business and looking for investors. Can you tell us a little more about that? 

 A: Well, I think I want to start with- fashion is a serious business. And I’m in a stage of my life where I’m building it. I have all these amazing opportunities but those opportunities have to be taken to the next level. And at this point I’m looking for the right partnership that would let me be myself but at the same time, create a strong base for a successful business…. To put on a great show and make people happy, it’s one thing, but it has to be taken to the next level. 

 Q: Of course, we don’t expect to see you waltzing around in one of your dresses, but do you make clothes for yourself as well? 

 A: Of course I do. Whenever I’ve done collections before Project Runway, when I was working for different brands, I’ve done some clothing for myself as well. Whatever I’m wearing, if it’s not mine, it’s always altered for me... My goal is, after the women’s collection and I’m on a roll, I’m planning to start a men’s collection as well. For me, it’s always so hard to find things for myself, even for the fit issue. Plus I have a lot of male fans who are asking me all the time, when are you going to start a men’s line? It’s a very exciting opportunity. 

 Q: If you had to babysit someone’s pet koala or their pet dragon, which would you choose? 

 A: Probably koala. It sounds softer, and I’m kinda more on the softer side.

Click here to listen to the entire interview.  

Meet Nick Verreos in Cincinnati Saturday, April 20

Project Runway's Nick Verreos will be at Macy's in Kenwood Towne Center tomorrow at 1:00.

Click here for more information.

Poll - Episode 13 - Your Turn to Be the Judge

Top Row:Daniel
Second Row: Michelle
Third Row: Patricia
Bottom Row: Stanley
Photos courtesy of myLifetime.com. Click on picture for a larger view.
You've seen the designs on the runway and now it's your turn to be the judges. This week you are Heidi Klum, Zac Posen and Nina Garcia.

Look for our 'Who WILL Win?' and 'Who SHOULD Win?' Polls on Monday.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Reactions To Episode 13

Tim Gunn's home visits have always been a favorite and this season we got a little extra time with him in another supersized episode. A last minute elimination provided the drama as we head off to fashion week. What did you think of tonight's episode and the sneak-peek collections? Post your reactions to Episode 13 here.

BPR Live Party: Episode 13

We are down to the Final 4 Project Runway fans as Lifetime kicks off the two part finale. Tonight we will follow Tim Gunn to Portland, Taos, West Hollywood and Austin as he makes a west coast swing to visit the finalists as they prepare for fashion week. The BPR party room is open and ready to watch the beginning of the end to Season 11. All are welcome, so come join in the snarky fun. Simply click on the comment tab and come on in!

Peach Carr - Spring 2013

Project Runway All-Star, Peach Carr, presents her new collection for 2013 and it's not just for the Country Club.

Bold black and white graphics combine with bright colors for a fresh line in easy-to-wear stretch fabrics.

Click here to see more photos of the collection.

Click here to shop!

Results In - You Were the Judge Episode 12

Our polls for Episode 12 are closed. You felt that Michelle Lesniak Franklin deserved the win this week. Click here to see the results. You disagreed with the judges and felt that Patricia should have been out. Click here to see the results.

Photos courtesy of myLifetime.com

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Own a Piece of Project Runway History

The episode 12 designs are available for your bids...except for Patricia's...  Hmmmm...???

Right now, Michelle's design has the highest offer.

Click here to see all of the auctions.

Althea Harper, Fall 2013

Project Runway Season 6 Finalist and All-Star Designer, Althea Harper, presented her Fall 2013 Collection in February.

Althea's collection was inspired by space and celestial objects. The three prints in the collection are developed by Althea and printed using organic dyes. The collection is feminine in keeping with Althea's strengths designing for many different types of women in many different locales. 

The collection can be very downtown chic as well as fit in perfectly at a beach resort. There are body conscious figure flattering pieces as well as dresses that flow and fit everyone in a wide range of sizes. The palette of colors is a subdued vibrant with capsules of deep purple, black and the vibrant prints.

Click here for more images from Althea's Look Book.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Best of Michael Kors on Project Runway

Who remembers, "She's got an avocado goiter."?????

Thanks MovieBitches!

Heidi Klum on "America's Got Talent!"

 Heidi is adorable in this clip from the new season.  

Nina Garcia: "Fashion is not Art"

BPRs were not the only ones who enjoyed this debate between Heidi and Nina!

Heidi Klum on Ellen

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Christian Siriano S/S 2013 Film

Christian Siriano's Spring 2013 Collection was inspired by the ballet.  Enjoy this short film featuring designs from the collection.  Film by Brad Walsh.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

"Finale Part 1" Preview Video

Episode Synopsis: In Part 1 of the two-part Season 11 finale, the final four designers journey home to work on their collections. They also receive visits from mentor Tim Gunn before returning to the Big Apple to preview their lines to the judges.


The recappers all take a European vacation:

Eric3000 hitches a ride with the Griswalds...
Uncle Nick has a fancy new design...
Karen's comment section is always lively...
Gianni needs some Tim in his life...
Democracy Diva is back on time...
Mila takes Manhattan...
Second City Style has all the quotes...
And Toyouke is our solid anchor.

Thank you recappers, the end is near!

Friday, April 12, 2013

BPR Interview with Layana Aguilar

Layana Aguilar talks about her experience on Project Runway Season 11.

A highlight:

BPR: When I saw that you were wearing the same hat that was featured in your collection, I could identify it as yours. Did you do that on purpose? Did you want the fans to be able to identify your collection? 

 LA: Yes. We all decided to be a little rebellious. We were a little upset that our collections had to be secret. I wore the hat, Richard wore the glasses and Samantha made a blouse with her fabric the day before.

Click here for the full interview.

Click here to see Layana's Fashion Week Collection.

Click here for Layana's website.

Thank you Layana!

Poll - Episode 12 - Your Turn to be the Judge

Photos (l-r): Daniel, Layana, Michelle, Patricia, and Stanley
Photos courtesy of MyLifetime.com. Click for a larger view.
You've seen the designs on the runway and now it's your turn to be the judges. This week you are Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia, Zac Posen and John Legend.

Click here to tell us who should have won the challenge.

Click here to tell us who should have been out.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Reactions To Episode 12

Is everyone still awake? Project Runway has ventured into feature movie length territory with its new "supersized" edition. At the end of it all, we are left with our Season 11 finalists. What did you think? Post your reactions to Episode 12 here.

BPR Live Party: Episode 12

Hope you have your suitcases packed BPR party people because we are about to jet off to Europe with the Project Runway designers in the lead up to the Season 11 finale. It's "do or die" time for Michelle Lesniak Franklin as she fights to stay in the race. The BPR party crew is here once again to watch the all of the design and drama with you. Simply click on the comment link to join the party! 

Results In - You Were the Judge Episode 11

Our polls for Episode 11 are closed. You agreed with the judges and felt that Stanley Hudson deserved the win. Click here to see the results. You disagreed with the judges and felt that Patricia should have been out. Click here to see the results.

Check back with us tomorrow for our Episode 12 poll.

Photos courtesy of MyLifetime.com

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

There is Still Time...

Did you agree with the judges last week?

There is still time to vote in our poll.

Click here to vote.  

Nick Verreos in Memphis

Nick Verreos was in Memphis last weekend for the Macy's "Five Spring Essentials" Fashion Event at the Wolfchase Galleria.

The event included a fashion show, Q&A, Meet and Greet, and photos with Nick - Looks like a lot of fun!

Click here for more.