Saturday, February 28, 2009

Project Runway Canada Season 2 Episode 5

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Michelle Obama In Michael Kors

Given the buzz around Michelle Obama as fashion icon it should come as no big surprise that when the White House released its official photograph of the First Lady yesterday, tongues would start wagging. The sleeveless shift dress from Project Runway judge Michael Kors personifies her style and is a huge honor for the designer.

You likey?

Friday, February 27, 2009

BPR at the Season Six Finale

Although we have plenty of posts from the finale show, there is still a little more to share.

Arriving at the tents we were greeted by many of our contest winners. Some of you I hadn't seen for quite a while - many I had never met in person - but all of you felt like friends. We were very excited and curious about the show.

We also spotted many of the designers from past seasons.

It wasn't hard at all to locate our seats...

...and I would like to thank Erin N and everyone at Full Picture who helped everything to run so smoothly.

When the first designer's collection came out, I was very eager to see it and I felt a little disappointed. I leaned over to The Scarlett and said, "Maybe this is a decoy."

Now of course, it never fails, that after I say something like this, "Designer #1" will be my favorite in the show. So, I am already apologizing for that comment.

I am in the definite minority for claiming "Designer #2" as my favorite, but I will stand by my choice. First of all, this was the collection that Amanda Fields worked and she looked absolutely gorgeous. Second, there was color and detail in this collection that made me feel happy.

The third collection seemed to be everyone else's favorite and choice to win.

Tbone also noted that there were 13 looks in each collection and it was possible that there was a "Thirteenth Look" challenge. Perhaps a LBD. Only speculating. It just seemed that there was a lot of black going on.

When Heidi came back to thank everyone after three collections it was obvious that these were the finalists. Just these three. It felt really short after seeing six collections last season!

At the conclusion, we worked our way down to the runway to visit with some of our old friends. I kept thinking that "someone" would be hosting a brunch, but no invitation had arrived. So... I thought we should just host something ourselves.

I spontaneously invited anyone within range to join us. We wound up with quite a nice group. Leanne Marshall, Kenley Collins, Wesley Nault, Daniel Feld, Kelli Martin, Jennifer Diederich, Malan Breton, Jerell Scott, Stella Zotis, Joe Faris, Blayne Walsh, and their spouses, sweethearts and friends all joined us. We also invited our fellow bloggers and contest winners. I'm not sure how many were there, but it was great fun, and we didn't want it to end.
Click here to see photos from the BPR Brunch.

Thank you everyone for joining us!

From The Mailbox

Jay McCarroll assures that everyone is in a good mood on the set of "Quilting Arts TV." Click here for more. Thanks Cheryl.

Click here for a look at season six from Crain's.

Click here to read Tina's post from the Project Runway Season Six Finale Show. Click here for part deux.

Click here for video and an interview with Leanne Marshall at her Fashion Week Show from

Season Three finalist Mychael Knight is among the Atlanta celebrities attending this InStyle/Versace event. Hmmmm....I don't see any of the "elite" Atlanta housewives.

Emmett McCarthy Tonight at 6PM ET on QVC

Click here for a preview of Emmett's new bags.

Click here for the QVC Program Guide.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

From The Mailbox

Shopflick: Visit this store | Get your own Store!

Jerell Scott has a new on-line boutique. Click here for more.

Leanne Marshall has been blogging about the creation of her Fall 2009 collection. It's great to get her perspective and to read about everything that went into the event.

Tonight is the Bailey House auction co-hosted by Tim Gunn.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Jack Mackenroth's Final Fashion Week Post

It's a good one!

From The Mailbox

Photo: Ian Larraga.

Click here for coverage of Malan's Fall 2009 show from Boston Fashion Industry. Thanks Ian.

Click here to see Kevin Christiana on The Rachael Ray Show. Click here to order KC Stencils for your own wardrobe makeover.

Click here
for a The Minx's take on Leanne Marshall's Fall 2009 Show.

Project Runway Gossip from Page Six. Thanks Mark.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Amanda Fields at Fashion Week

Project Runway model Amanda Fields modeled for "designer #2" in the Season Six Finale. That makes four finale shows in a row for Amanda. She also modeled in Leanne's presentation. Here are some Fashion Week notes from our favorite redhead.

Dear BPR,

Thank you so much for always being so supportive of not only me, but of all the seasons of Project Runway's designers and models! I love that we have places like this to commiserate online - to check up on each other and show and tell.

This season in NY was very odd, indeed. The agents could feel it, the models, the designers, the press, the buyers, everyone in attendance. It just wasn't as happenin' as in previous seasons. Less designers showing, a little bit less use of color in collections.. OH economy! But the faithful fashionistas tredged on!

I called Elite (my agency here in NY) to find out when would be the best time for me to come into town for this season.. they warned me there would be a lot more shows than usual paying in "trade" - meaning you get clothes for working, no pay - and that the ones that would pay might be paying less than usual. I was not dissuaded! I told them I would still be happy to come to New York and try my best! Carpe diem!!

I wound up being very happy that I came, indeed, because there was plenty for me to do! Perhaps not as much as a year ago, but enough to keep me busy and keep my face out there! I did presentations for Malan Breton, Karen Sabag, and Leanne Marshall, an in-store event for Max Mara presented by VOGUE, The Project Runway Season 6 Finale show in Bryant Park - my fourth finale! - and some showroom work as well.
There is also a show this week for Anne Bowen that I will be in! I attended a few parties too and made good contacts. I also got myself onto wire image and getty images a couple more times!

I had a blast attending the William Rast fashion show. Not only do I love Justin Timberlake *sigh* but I was excited to see his new collection, in collaboration with Trace Alaya, Marcella and Johan Lindeberg. This Fall 2009 collection was titled: New America. The program that rested on every seat in the tent said that "it is creativity that will be one of the most important ingredients to bring energy into today's culture." HELLO! Project Runway falls into that description too! :) Our society needs PR back on TV post haste! (Click here for images from the show.)

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From The Mailbox

Season Three designer Kayne Gillaspie discusses Oscar Fashion on The Oklahoman.

Nick Verreos has brought to our attention that Miley Cyrus's lovely gown was inspired by an iconic Christian Dior design. Click here for the story.

Click here for Jack Mackenroth's post from the final day of Fashion Week. Jack covers Christian Siriano's show, the Project Runway finale and more.

Kevin Christiana will be on Rachael Ray tomorrow demonstrating, no-sew wardrobe makeovers. Click here for more information.

By now I hope everyone has watched episode four of Project Runway Canada. Here is Johanne's recap. Here is Rondi's.

Monday, February 23, 2009

BPR at Leanne Marshall's Presentation

After Christian's show we met up with The Minx and Alan Gratz and headed for Leanne Marshall's presentation.

Nine models posed on large wooden boxes wearing Leanne's amazing designs. Among them were Amanda Fields, Karalyn West and Nicole Zaager. Tbone didn't mind posing between these lovely young women...

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Vote For Bravo's A-List Awards.

We had a wonderful time last year at the A-List Awards and I was happy to learn that the show is returning. This time it will be in Los Angeles.

Click here to vote for your favorite A-Listers.

Project Runway Canada Season 2 Episode 4

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Video - Heidi and Seal on the Red Carpet

Click here to watch Tim Gunn recap last night's Oscar fashions on Good Morning America.

Watch Tim Gunn's Red Carpet Oscar Coverage Tonight on ABC

In anticipation of the Academy Awards, check out Nick Verreos at "Behind the Dress" on

BPR at Christian Siriano's Show

On Thursday evening, Team BPR headed to Bryant Park for Christian Siriano's show scheduled for 6:00. There was a large crowd on the steps and we discovered that security was extra-tight.

Kit Pistol and Kevin Christiana were in the crowd.

Tori Spelling designed the jewelry featured in Christian's Show. Click here for a behind-the-scenes interview with Tori. More here.

We took our seats in anticipation. The show was satisfyingly long and there were practical looks as well as the over-the-top drama that we expect from Christian. Here is another link to a video of the show.

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Weekend News

Photo: Marcio Madeira

The stunning fuchsia suit that Heidi Klum wore at the Season Six Finale Show was designed by Matthew Williamson. Click here for more details.

Click here to see Christian Siriano's shoe collection for Payless. These were featured in his Fall '09 Fashion show.

While we were watching the Season Six Finale at Bryant Park, Harvey Weinstein was in Los Angeles on Ryan Seacrest's radio show. Click here for the KIISFM website and then click on the link to listen to the interview. At about 9.5 minutes in you'll hear Ryan and Harvey discuss the future of Project Runway.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Reviews Are In

Photo: Wireimage

And it's kind of a mixed bag. First, the good.

Christian Siriano is receiving much praise for his Fall 09 collection: Newsday called it fierce, The Guardian said he "provided a shot of surreal jollity", and The Wall Street Journal noticed all the retail execs sitting in the front row.

As for the not so good, how about the Season 6 finale?

The New York Times claims that the ongoing legal battle has dampened Fashion Week, New York Magazine called it a sorry spectacle, and the New York Daily News does their best to hide their disappointment.

Remember, this certainly isn't the designers fault. Anonymous as they may be, they deserve our full support. How frustrating it must be for them to have to watch all of this take place and not be able to say a word. These collections were not produced by a team of robots. There are talented designers who have poured their heart and souls into this work.

And the producers have done the right thing, fulfilling their promise to the finalists that they would get a chance to show at Bryant Park. It's far past time to settle this ridiculous litigation, give these designers their due and deliver Season 6 to the fans. Before we all stop caring.

Tales From The Tent

Photo: Alan Gratz

One of the great thrills for Team BPR being at the Project Runway Season 6 finale was the opportunity to share the experience with so many of our loyal readers. Except you are more than just readers, you're more like family. How fun for us was it to finally put some faces behind those screen names of yours. Fabulous, one and all.

The only caveat given to us by the producers was to make sure the tickets got into the hands of Project Runway's most devoted fans. I think we ended up doing pretty good. Those of you who joined us certainly have tales to tell and we want to hear them! Send us a link to your blog or share your thoughts in the comments below about the day. Here's a couple to get you started:

BPR's resident prognosticator Alan Gratz is every bit the gentleman you would expect. Check out the first installament on his big adventure in New York. (Including hard to find photos of Leanne Marshall's collection).

David Dust did his best to avoid us, but we hunted him down and he was doing exactly what you would expect - doling out snarky banter about the whole scene. You know he went home and wrote all about it.

Were you there, too? We want to hear your story!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Season 6 Finale Collection 3

Consistent with our spoiler-free policy, we are posting the photos of the first collection on our second page. Please click here to see the designs.

All photos courtesy of WireImage.

Season 6 Finale Collection 2

Consistent with our spoiler-free policy, we are posting the photos of the first collection on our second page. Please click here to see the designs.

All photos courtesy of WireImage.

Season 6 Finale Collection 1

Consistent with our spoiler-free policy, we are posting the photos of the first collection on our second page. Please click here to see the designs.

All photos courtesy of WireImage.

Christian Siriano Fall 2009 Collection

All images courtesy of WireImage.
Click here for more images.

You can find more coverage at Newsday. And the video below is courtesy of our friends at Newsday.

Fern Mallis

Gives an intervier.

Tim Gunn

With Heidi thanks us - 16 designer and 3 showed.

Surprise Challenge?

Just speculation but could it be to make a little black dress? We've seen three of them shown by three designers.

13 Looks

The first designer just finished showing.

Show has started

Designers are showing anonymously. The first designer shows knits.

Fern Mallis

In the front row next to Gretta Monahan.

Guest Judge

Suzy Menkes just introduced.

Heidi and Michael Kors

Posing for the media at the end of the Runway before the show.

Joan Kors

Smiles for BPR.

In the Tent

Gretta Monahan of Tim Gunn's Guide to Style with Laura K. at Bryant Park.

In the Tent

Brad Walsh, Laura Kluvo with the fierce Christian Siriano at Bryant Park before the Project Runway show.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Korto Momolu

At Leanne Marshall.

Jerrell Scott and Stella Zotis

At Leanne Marshall.

At Leanne Marshall

Karalynne West modeling a gorgeous amethyst gown. Amanda Fields waves to BPR.

Leanne Marshall

With her handsome boyfriend Nathan McKee.

Leanne Marshall

Gorgeous presentation.

Suede at Leanne Marshall

Always adorable.

Jack Mackenroth

At Christian Siriano - he's everywhere!

Nina Garcia

At Christian Siriano

Finale Look

Christian Siriano

Fern Mallis

Is at the Christian Siriano show along with Kit Pistol, Kevin Christiana, Victorya Hong and Jack Mackenroth.

At Christian Siriano

Tori Spelling just walked in. Stay tuned!

From the Mailbox

BPR is traveling this morning to NYC. We will be reporting from the Christian Siriano Fall 2009 show at Bryant Park this evening. We will also be at the presentation and cocktail reception for the Leanne Marshall Fall 2009 collection. Check back later today with photos posted directly from those events as well as images of the garments. We love these Project Runway Season Four and Project Runway Season Fiver winners and look forward to congratulating them on their continued success!

Meanwhile, we have mailbox news from two BPR favorites. The San Francisco Bay Times features Living Positive Means Positive Living for Jack Mackenroth. And Nick Verreos takes us Behind the Dress as he helped select the gown to be worn by the on-stage escorts at the Academy Awards. Read more about his experience on his blog here.

Finally, look forward to our coverage tomorrow morning directly from the tents at Fashion Week as we attend the Season 6 Project Runway show at Bryant Park. BPR will take you there! And of course we will post the photos of the collections as they become available; we will link to images of the garments on our second page for all of you non-spoiler purists.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

From The Mailbox

Photo: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Heidi Klum was selected as InStyle's Look of the Day yesterday!

Click here for an interview with Jay McCarroll from the LATimes.

Click here to read about the rough road from reality to runway.

Jennifer Diederich has posted a new interview with Stella Zotis on her blog here.

Diana Eng: Fashion Geek

Project Runway Season Two Designer, Diana Eng has written a new book combining fashion and electronics.

"Fashion Geek" is published by North Light Books and will be available in March. Of course you can pre-order the book here on

Readers are introduced to a new world of crafting, involving fresh DIY sewing techniques combined with basic electronic hacking skills! Follow along with author and Project Runway contestant Diana Eng as she illustrates with step-by-step directions how to make thirteen unique projects including a “Get the Message” bag that lights up each time your cell phone rings, a “Monster Music” hat with headphones in the earflaps and more! Readers will learn how to bring bright ideas and chic fashion to life through stylish customization!

Here is a video of one of the projects from the book:

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Project Runway Canada Season 2 Episode 3

Click here to watch episode 3 with more options.

Then click here for Rondi's recap.

Click here for Johanne's recap.

Jack Mackenroth Covers Fashion Week

Photo by Donald Bowers/Getty Images North America

Among Jack's many many charms - he is an excellent writer.

Jack is covering fashion week for

My favorite is this "Barbie Overload!" post.

Enjoy more here.

Preview of Christian Siriano's Fall 2009 Colection

From The Mailbox

Tim and Heidi at the DVF show. Photo: AP

First, we do not have episode three of Project Runway Canada yet. As soon as it is available - and please let me know if you find it online - we will post it along with the recaps and interviews from this episode. Thanks for your patience.

Now for the news -

Tim Gunn speaks about the style choices of Meryl and Angelina here.

Click here
for an interview with Christian Siriano about Oscar Fashion.

Access Hollywood has a little more from Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn on the uncertainty of season Six and what the finale show will be like.

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Schott Girl

Funny how things work out sometimes. Season 5 model Karalyn West, famously snubbed late in the game by Leanne Marshall and rescued by Joe Faris in Bryant Park, has a cool new gig. Here's Joe:

We had a photo shoot for my new Schott NYC collection and I asked Karalyn West if she would be the Schott Girl. The pictures are amazing and she looks fabulous. Karalyn radiates off the pages and she had great chemistry with her friend and model Kevin Nee, who also looks great in the jackets. We shot these two weeks ago in a funky club around St. Mark's & lower Broadway.

Doesn't Karalyn look great? Click here to see more of the photos (taken by Janette Beckman) Joe sent along.

Who will be the Guest Judge at the Season Six Finale?

If you choose the "someone else" option, please let us know your choice in the comments - thanks!

From The Mailbox

Photo: Courtesy St. Jude Design Cares

Christian Siriano is among the designers participating in this charity event for St. Jude's. Click here for more information.

InStyle's Look of the Day yesterday was Katrina Bowden wearing a Malan Breton design.

Click here for a great new interview with Heidi Klum from the New York Post.

Click here
for an interview with Project Runway Season One designer Alexandra Vidal.

Christian Siriano and Brad Walsh on Nylon TV

Sunday, February 15, 2009

From The Mailbox

Check out The Kluminator on the brand new website Modelinia. Thanks to everyone who sent this link!

Tim Gunn is just as confused about season six as we are. Click here for the story.

Snowflakebebe has uploaded a bunch of candid photos from Malan Breton's show here. Look for Daniel Feld, Wesley Nault, Amanda Fields, Stella Zotis, Kenley Collins, and Diana Eng. Thanks Snowflake!

Click here for a great review of "Eleven Minutes."

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Malan Breton Fall 2009

BPR's gal on the scene Nancy T. took time out from her BABDC duties to attend Malan Breton's Fall 2009 show yesterday evening:

Friday the 13th was not an unlucky day for Malan Breton. He showed his Fall 2009 collection to a throng of admirers in a packed art gallery. It was February 13, and Eli Klein Fine Art hosted the show, which benefitted the American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge.

The clothes and models were stunning in a way more befitting an art gallery than a runway. The clean lines stark color palette (mostly black, white, and red) set off some incredible details including a feather-covered jacket and a skirt embroidered with Chinese coins, and pearls. The fabrics were classic Breton – chiffons, jacquards, tulle, taffeta, and organzas. All in all, the collection seemed more formal than much of Malan’s earlier work, successfully balancing the fine line between luxe and ostentation.

Click here for more of Nancy's report and photos including the amazing Amanda Fields (with a peek of Diana Eng for good measure) and a brief video of Malan talking about his inspiration for the collection.

Chloe Dao's Spring Collection Premieres at Lot 8

Houston-based Field Reporter, John C attended Chloe's Spring Event and sends us this report. Thanks John.

Hey BPR,

I had the lucky chance to attend a preview party celebrating Chloe Dao's spring line at Lot 8 in Houston!

Chloe's new line is fresh and exciting, and contained a good mix of fun, colorful pieces with more elegant sportswear and evening wear. The lace evening gowns at the conclusion of the show were my favorite pieces by far. The party itself was very casual, and provided everyone a chance to view the new line while enjoying food and drinks without worrying about seating or having a bad view. Chloe was wearing one of her new creations, and she looked amazing!

Chloe will unfortunately not be in attendance at the PR finale show (as she'll be in NYC this weekend for QVC,) but she wants to hear all about the collections as soon as I get back!

John C.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Project Runway at Fashion Week

Season Four designer Jack Mackenroth has been very busy covering day one of Fashion Week. Click here to read his first entry including Jillian Lewis, John Bartlett, Miguel Antoinne and the Genre Magazine party. Looking forward to day two!

Christian Siriano is blogging for Click here to read his take on the Red Dress Fashion Show. Click here for a new interview with Christian.

Click here for a look at the new Style Network Series, "Running in Heels" featuring Nina Garcia and several Marie-Claire interns. Anyone interested in this show?

The Heart Truth Red Dress Fashion Show

Tim Gunn hosted The Heart Truth's Red Dress Fashion Show this morning at Bryant Park.

Christian Siriano designed this gorgeous dress worn by Valerie Bertinelli.