Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Note From Amanda Fields

Amanda Fields seems to be everywhere, doesn't she? East coast, west coast, in music videos, at the Emmys - she's one busy girl!

After the Project Runway Season Four designers were announced, Amanda wrote to tell us that she has walked for Elisa Jimenez and Rami Kashou. You can see Amanda wearing Rami Kashou at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Los Angeles, Fall 2007 at the right. Click here for that collection. Watch a highlight video below.

Here is her opinion: Rami Kashou has a great shot at winning or at least of going to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. His work is flawless and the fit is very complimentary. Not sure how he is in a time crunch, but from the work I have seen, keep an eye on him!!

We agree Amanda - Rami looks like a frontrunner.

About Elisa: She likes her models to do very interesting things on the runway. She wanted us to make a sweeping hand motion at the end representing something we really wanted in our lives. All of her pieces we wore in 2 ways.. meaning we modeled it once, then backstage they changed it a little, and then we wore it a second time.

Elisa sounds like a true original.

Video - Project Runway in Japanese

Just for fun, here's the opening montage from Episode 1 of Project Runway Season 2 in Japanese. I enjoyed hearing the voices they used for the designers (especially Jay McCarroll), Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Rie Reports from the Keith Michael Show

Wow, what a fun-filled day Wednesday, the 12th was!! First, my friend, Travis, and I attended Malan Breton’s show and met Emmett McCarthy as well as the fabulous Laura K!! Later that night, we headed over to the West Chelsea club, Cain, for Keith Michael’s show. Getting there a little early, we were able to see Keith’s family arrive. His mother, Cindy, who looked absolutely radiant, stepfather, and sister, Sarah, were just a few of the relatives and close friends there to support him. When Keith saw his mother step out of the taxi, he literally ran over to her, beaming like a child on Christmas morning. Laura K. had the opportunity to talk to Cindy and she mentioned that Keith and Sarah never fought as kids! Wow!! My brother and I used to absolutely terrorize each other, so it’s hard for me to fathom never fighting with a sibling.

Click here to continue.

Attention: Baltimore

Don't miss Tim Gunn at the Baltimore Book Festival tomorrow (Sunday) at 2:00. We'd love a photo!

Friday, September 28, 2007

From The Mailbox

Rami Kashou is among the nominees for the Moss Adams Fashion Innovator Award at the LA Fashion Awards. Good luck Rami!

The mailbox is full of Heidi Klum news. Popsugar sums it up best!

Meanwhile, sister site Fabsugar announces the Season Four contestants. profiles several of the Project Runway season four designers.

Seattle is claiming Jack Mackenroth as a native son. Doesn't everyone want to claim Jack?

Get Glamorous offers an excellent recap of last night's Guide to Style.

Deb sent in this link to photos of Tim Gunn in his Chucks!

E! online presents the new cast.

Here is an interview with Tim Gunn also featured today on Rungay.

Finally, just in case you missed Tom and Lorenzo's introduction to the cast - check it out!

Jack and the City

I discovered these photos while visiting the MySpace of Project Runway Season 4 designer Jack Mackenroth. It seems that Jack is featured in the new "Sex And The City" movie.

First he walk past the girls - Samantha is checking him out.... Carrie notices too...

...Oh well.

Jack is at the end of this clip.

For more photos check out Jack's MySpace.

John C Reports From Lot 8 in Houston

Hey BPRs!

I attended the premiere party for Chloe Dao's case collection for Pacific Design at Lot 8 last week! Chloe was a very gracious host and spent the evening socializing with all the attendees when she wasn't busy signing or posing. The parties at Lot 8 have consistently been a blast, and this one lived up to the reputation! Much fun was had, and all of us were very impressed with Chloe's designs. The cases are functional and practical, yet also fun and fashionable (not to mention that they're priced well below designer cases).

You can check out all the merchandise at I purchased the Nucleus 15.4 Blue/Red Pinstripe laptop case for my boyfriend, and he absolutely loves it (though it helps that he can show off a personal message from Chloe that's written on it!).

Much love,

John C.

Pre-Order Project Runway Season 3 DVD

Click here to pre-order the Project Runway Season 3 DVD which will be released on November 6th. It should arrive in plenty of time for your Season 4 premiere party on November 14!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Reactions to TGGTS Episode 5

Post your reaction to tonight's episode of TGGTS here.

Guide To Style Party!

Welcome back party animals! We have another new episode of TGGTS waiting for us this evening and the BPR lounge is open for business. Tonight's MO is Dr. Stephanie Lichten, owner of an elf costume, a Dr. Seuss dress and nifty little "vomitorium" number.

Tonight's Project Runway tie-in comes in the person of glamorous new mommy-judge Nina Garcia. Come on in, the party is on!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Project Runway Season 4 Premiere

It's official that Project Runway Season Four will premiere on Wednesday, November 14th. But then, if you're a faithful reader of BPR you already knew that!

Oh, and as a special bonus for our readers - CLICK HERE FOR BIOS ALL OF THE DESIGNERS! (Bravo won't reveal these designers until some time on Thursday according to 'The Dish.')

ETA: Your BPR sleuths have uncovered the full names of ALL Project Runway Season 4 designers! A BPR exclusive, meet:

Inside Tim Gunn's Closet

Yes, these are Tim's Chucks! He also wears flip flops and motorcycle boots. Click here for the video. Thanks Roz.

Bad Boys of The Runway

BPR friend Marc Heustis sends along these videos from the "Bad Boys of the Runway" event at the Castro in San Francisco this past summer. Jeffrey Sebelia riding on the shoulders of Santino Rice spreading confetti? Priceless:

And here's Tim Gunn impersonator extraordinaire Arturo Galster:

And if you missed it the first time, here's BPR field reporter John P's account of the event. What fun!

From The Mailbox

In light of our recent conversations concerning Veronica Webb's styling, this new interview is rather interesting where she says "Fashion creates images.....(t)here's something to be said for dressing the part." And on her own fashion slumps after having two children: "I am now defined by how good I feel instead of weight and size." Read the whole thing. Thanks Marcia.

What does Tim Gunn have for breakfast? The Fashion Informer has the answer. Lots more too. Thanks Lauren and Ellen.

Here's a new interview with Michael Kors from the Vancouver Sun.

Also, Heidi Klum will be on QVC Monday, October 1 at 11:00 PM with her new jewelry line.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Chloe In Detroit

Attention Detroit area BPR's, Chloe Dao is scheduled to appear this weekend at the American Sewing Expo in Novi. On Friday morning, you can have "Coffee With Chloe" from 8:30 - 9:30 a.m. and on Saturday she will be judging the Baby Lock "Passion For Fashion" contest. Call 248-889-3111 for tickets. If you plan to go and would like to serve as a field reporter, let us know!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Preview of This Week's Episode of "Tim Gunn's Guide to Style"

Cleaning out the Closet on "Tim Gunn's Guide to Style"

Now that we have seen four of the eight episodes of the first season of "Tim Gunn's Guide to Style" Team BPR thinks we are ready for a mid-term progress report. We thought it would be fun to organize this the way that Tim does - by cleaning out the closet. Here is a start:

Keepers: Visiting the designer boutiques, meeting the designers and watching the MO try on the designer clothes - love that!

The hair and make-up is uniformly excellent.

The optitex program is pretty cool. I just like to see Tim sketching over the printout.

Soul-stirrers: The look on the husband's face...

Throwaways: Obviously, the underwear drawer scene.

Also, the too-short sofa in Tim's "office,"

Give-aways: The life-coach segments... maybe Dr. Phil wants them. Of course Laura Bennett is a Keeper.

Menders: Veronica's hair and make-up. She is gorgeous, but her styling needs "mending."

Also, more fun and less crying and complaining from the MO please.

Okay - this is just a start - BPRs please add your suggestions. I realize that some of you like the life-coaching - please feel free to disagree. I'd rather have the time spent on something more valuable like shopping. When the MO comes out in the "wrong" look, I like being about to evaluate it. Then when she comes out in the "right" look I can understand why.

I'd also love to see some shoe shopping. :)

How do you feel about the gift closet?

Shopping with a family member?

Veronica Webb as co-host?

The rug in Tim's office?

The "reveal" in front of the friends and family?

The list of "Ten Essential Items?"

Keepers, Soul-stirrers, Throwaways, Give-aways or Menders?

From The Mailbox

Don't miss Tim Gunn on Martha Stewart today.

Click here for a podcast of a radio interview with Tim Gunn on "Elliot in the Morning" from Washington DC. Thanks AJ.

Moi's recap of the latest episode of "Tim Gunn's Guide to Style" is up. Thanks Moi!

A Note From Amanda Fields

Hello BPRs !!

I attended the Emmys! I went with 10 other people who are cast and crew of a new tv show "Bar Flies." I am in consideration for a role. Yes, we did sit in the balcony, but it was fabulous just to be there!

I said hello to Tin Gunn on my way in. And as I stolled into the doors of the Shrine Auditorium.. Helen Mirren brushed past me. A living legend! Although Project Runway did not win this year, I was super excited that the clip they used when announcing the nominees was me in the Marilyn Monroe dress! I am sure Kayne was watching and was happy as well!

I also attended an Emmy pre-party (that is the top photo.) The other girls in the photo are Liesl and Fatma.

Here is the BIG NEWS!

This past Wednesday (Sept. 19th) I filmed the new music video for DURAN DURAN!! The song is called "Falling Down" and it is co-written and produced by Justin Timberlake! Some other songs on their new album are produced by Timbaland and Danja. The concept of the video is "Supermodels in Rehab." Duran Duran as well as the director, Anthony Mandler were inspired by the shoot in the July 2007 Italian Vogue by Steven Meisel.

It was an amazing shoot day and the band was amazing and fun to work with. The director, Anthony Mandler, was nominated for a Grammy last year for best direction in a music video for "When you were young" - The Killers. He also directed Beyonce "Irreplaceable," Rihanna "Shut up and Drive" and many more.

I can't wait until it comes out!!!

<3 Amanda

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Tim Gunn at "Save The Music"

Tim Gunn served as emcee for the VH-1 "Save The Music" auction on Thursday night. I don't know how he keeps his schedule straight. More here.

More From Nina Garcia in New Jersey

Christina K also sent us a field report from the Nina Garcia book signing. Christina asked if she read any blogs and Nina said she reads BPR!!! Hi Nina!!!

I got there around 7-ish and there were already a bunch of people waiting to see Nina. Barnes & Noble had set up four rows of chairs, however as 7:30 got closer they had to get more chairs, but there were still a fair number of people standing. She was running a little late, but I don't think anyone minded. In fact everyone was looking over to the side to see when she was coming. When she did arrive, she said hello to the people that were sitting on the aisle and began her presentation.

Click here to continue.

A Note From Keith's Mom

Keith Michael's mom Cindy left us this note in our comments earlier today. It was so nice, we thought it was important enough to post it for all to see:

Laura, thank you so much for being at Keith's show. I had been looking forward to meeting you for a long time. You are always so gracious, kind, and considerate with your articles. We have been through a great deal of sadness and disappointment with past issues, yet you have been a bright spot through all of it. I also want to thank Keith's many supporters - you have no idea how comforting your well wishes and positive comments have been to us. Thank you Dave (my husband) for always being there for us. And to Keith I want to say - I have been blessed to have you and Sarah as the most loving children. Both of you deserve only the best for the future. Stay as beautiful as you have always been.


From The Mailbox

Can you guess which Project Runway designer created this gorgeous dress? Mouseover for the answer and then click here for the entire collection. Thanks Chris!

Heidi Klum and Seal will be singing a duet on Seal's new album!

Have you seen the out-takes from "Tim Gunn's Guide to Style?" Click here. Don't miss JeAnne's ex-boyfriend....

Friday, September 21, 2007

Click Here For Moi's Recap

This is Moi's recap of Tim Gunn's Guide to Style from last week. Thanks Moi - we are looking forward to the next one.

Here is a link to the Rungay recap from last week and here is a link to last night's recap. If you know of anyone else who is recapping the show, please let us know - thanks BPRs!

BPR at Keith Michael's Show

We left Zulema's Show and had some dinner at a cute place around the corner. I noticed that the London Terrace was across the street! We still had a little bit of time and arrived early at Cain on 27th Street. I peeked inside and it looked pretty quiet. Rie and Travis were already there and they mentioned that Keith's mom, Cindy was inside. Well, you KNOW that the number-one item on my list was to interview Keith's mom. We "met" her before when Keith sent this note and photo. I knew she was beautiful and fun and I just felt like she would very very proud of her son.

So, with Ken beside me, we went inside and there was Keith! I introduced myself and said that I knew he was very busy but that I really wanted to meet Cindy.

She graciously sat down and talked to me for a little while.

Click here to continue.

From The Mailbox

Attention Andrae Gonzalo fans: Dan Mohr is performing an original work entitled "Guns, Aloe: The Worldly Observations and Further Breakdown of Andrae Gonzalo." It's a combination of song, dance, and theatre that was created in large part by transcribing everything Andrae said on Season 2. Sounds like a blast doesn't it?

"Guns, Aloe" September 28-29 at 8:00 pm and September 30 at 7:00 pm at Links Hall, 3435 N. Sheffield Ave. 2nd floor in Chicago. For more information call (773) 281-0824 or visit Andrae will be at the September 29th performance. We'd love a field reporter!

Here is a recap of last night's Guide to Style from The Glam Guide.

Don't miss Tim Gunn on Rachael Ray today.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sweet P's MySpace

Click here to see Sweet P's MySpace. Thanks BPRs!

Project Runway Season 4 Designer - Sweet P

Another Project Runway Season Four designer was revealed. Click on the picture to learn more about Sweet P.

Reactions To TGGTS Episode 4

Post your reactions to this week's episode of Tim Gunn's Guide To Style here.

Guide To Style Party!

Plenty to look forward to tonight on Tim Gunn's Guide To Style for Project Runway fans as the fabulously glamorous Laura Bennett makes a guest appearance! Also, we hope to meet another new Season 4 designer.

Tonight's makeover target is Nicole Appelman, proprietor of a closet full of capris pants. Belly up to the BPR bar with us as we watch Tim hold his cheeks in horror, wave his magic mouse and give away free presents. It's a TGGTS party!

JeAnne's Photo Album

JeAnne Swinley of Episode 3 of Tim Gunn's Guide to Style has graciously shared her personal photos with us at BPR. Click here for her behind-the-scenes photo album. (Mouseover for the captions.)

Tim Gunn on Jay Leno

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Nina Garcia in Clifton, New Jersey

We have our first field report from Nina's book-signing event. Thank you Sylvia and Stephanie.

Hi all!

Last night we attended Nina Garcia's book signing at the Barnes & Noble in Clifton, NJ. Let me say, Nina in person is stunning. She was immaculately attired in 6 inch heels, black slacks, a sequined black shirt, and a black blazer. Nina was very friendly, open, and answered everyone's questions. The questions ranged from whether or not it is okay to wear shells as necklaces along with shell earrings, to wearing white after Labor Day, to advice for high school and college students.

I went there with my daughter, Stephanie, 9, and my husband. Stephanie wanted to ask how Nina began her journey but was shy about asking. I asked Nina for her advice for parents of someone who wants a career in fashion and design. Her answer included her past, her inspiration growing up, and recommendations as to what we should expose her to now. Of course there were the Project Runway questions including which was her favorite season (Season 1), which designers she enjoyed (Laura, Daniel V., Uli), when will Season Four be on air (she can't say). Stephanie finally got up her courage and asked Nina about Santino. (Santino is very creative but….. You really have to be nice to succeed). I have attached a photo of Stephanie with Nina having 2 books signed. Of course, we can't actually read those books and have purchased a 3rd copy for reading! Everyone had a very enjoyable time. All day today I have been reflecting on the event - wow! Nina really is awesome!

Best regards,

Sylvia S

A Note From Diana Eng

We sat with Diana Eng at Malan Breton's Show and she has all sorts of exciting news. She followed up with a note:

I am currently at Victoria's Secret design studio in the research and development department helping to create new technology for bras.

Also, I am writing two books on fashion and technology. I'm authoring a book forthcoming in 2008 featuring electronic fashion projects with North Light Books (the leading publisher of fine art, craft and decorative painting instruction books). And I am working on an exciting new fashion book with John Wiley & Sons (leading publisher for the scientific, technical communities worldwide). The book is called TechStyle: Create Wired Wearables and Geeky Gear, and will be available in Spring 2008. I am also attending gadgetoff and giving a talk at Google on the 5th.

Thanks for the update, Diana.

Will You Watch "Tim Gunn's Guide to Style" This Week?

Video - Heidi and Seal at the Emmy Awards

Heidi Klum and Seal are interviewed on the red carpet by Lisa Rinna for TV Guide.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Preview Videos - Tim Gunn's Guide to Style

Click here for the Yahoo Preview
- no love for capri pants on TGGTS!

Poll - The Laura Bennett Emmy Dress

Love it or hate it, the Laura Bennett Emmy frock has you talking. This Project Runway Season 3 standout made a statement ... literally. Now it's your turn to talk back via our poll:

ETA: The Fug Girls have weighed in.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Video - Nick and Laura at the Emmy Awards

Nick Verreos and Laura Bennett ask "What's in your purse?" while on the red carpet at the Emmy Awards. Click on the picture for the video.

Nick and Laura discuss silhouette, proportion and fit. Click on the picture for the video.

From The Mailbox

Of course there is lots of Emmy news. What is it with "The Amazing Race?" I've never seen the show - is it really that good? I heard a collective groan from the audience when TAR won again - anyone else notice this? The "applause" was rather tepid.

I'm am hoping that season four of Project Runway is so spectacular that the Emmy voters won't be able to deny them the prize.

Heidi Klum is being universally lauded for her "look" last night. I watched the Today Show and the fashion expert there considered Heidi the best look of the night. The Today Show also had a couple of clips of Tim Gunn on the red carpet.

Click here and then scroll ahead through the videos to the "Winners and Losers."

Tim observed a "proliferation of white" and an "outpouring of strapless." Ha - Lloyd Boston (who?) has nothing on Tim. Next time - put Lloyd out to sweat on the red carpet and put Tim in the studio. Duh.

The Fug Girls loved Heidi, but not Tim and Martha. I LOVED Tim and Martha. I wish this Tim would show up for "Guide to Style." Sigh.

This article about the gift suites for Emmy guests mentions that Nick Verreos also had "Dress Like You Mean It" on his jacket. We have video... stay tuned.

This article mentions (read to the end) that this was Project Runway's year to win. It seems that just about everyone is disappointed that TAR won yet again.

Attention Clifton New Jersey: Nina Garcia will be at your Barnes & Noble tomorrow! Please let us know if you can attend - thank you!

BPR at Zulema's Show

Zulema's Show "Fela's Wives" began at 6:00. Fela was an African musician (and much more) who married twenty-seven women in a single ceremony in 1978. You can read more about him here. Zulema created 27 designs for this show.

It was especially nice to speak with Zulema's partner, Sherie, while we were waiting for the show to begin. She told me with pride that Zulema created each and every look and even dyed some of the fabrics herself.

This show was an "Installation." The models posed in a vignette while they danced, played the guitar, sorted beans, ironed clothes, etc. It was very unique and certainly colorful as you can see.

Click here to continue.

Video - The Tim Gunn Macy's Commercial

Project Runway at the Emmy Awards

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Heidi on the Red Carpet - 2007 Emmy Awards

Heidi Klum represented Project Runway beautifully on the red carpet at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles California. Tonight Project Runway is competing in 3 categories at the 59th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards.

Click here for more images of La Klum.

BPR at Malan Breton

Ken and I were very happy to have Emmett along with us on the way to Malan's show. He ordered a car for us and knew exactly where to go.

I was delighted to be greeted by Rie and Travis, Maddie, Nancy T and Snowflakebebe! Other sites might be concerned with celebrity sightings, but I was more thrilled to meet my fellow BPRs :)

Snowflake did not work on any of Malan's designs this season - she is really busy. (Also for those who remember CB...they are still together...I asked!)

Although we have had thorough coverage of Malan's Show I want to add that I was very impressed with the quality of Malan's presentation. The models were lovely, the dresses were gorgeous and we had a wonderful time!

BPR at EMc2

Ken and I left Parsons and went to EMc2. Emmett was there to greet us looking fresh and handsome as always. His shoes are not quite available yet - soon!

For fall he did "all coats." The purple cashmere is my favorite. What do you think?

Of course I had to snap a photo of the famous orange cubbies.

Emmett is always going a mile a minute. It's hard to keep up. He is working on the shoes - a new handbag line - his holiday collection for EMc2 and an update of the Tim Gunn bobblehead...stay tuned!

Video - Keith Michael Spring 2008 Show

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Nancy T Reports From Malan Breton's Spring Show

Malan Breton’s Fashion show at the Metropolitan Pavilion abounded with delights for me and the typical Project Runway fan. First, I finally got to meet and talk with Laura K (even prettier and more vibrant than in her pictures) and her husband Ken (whose support of Laura and BPR is critical to this site!). On one side of them sat Emmett McCarthy, who is incredibly plugged in to the New York fashion scene. Also plugged in (electronically, that is) – Diana Eng sat on the other side of Laura and Ken. Diana has no plans to sell garments, but wrote a do-it-yourself book called TechStyle (release date: March 2008)

Click here to continue.

From The Mailbox

If you look closely you can see my red jacket and big smile in the audience of this photo. I am in between Emmett McCarthy and my husband, Ken. Diana Eng was seated on the other side of Ken. Thanks to the friend who sent this photo!

Meanwhile - there is plenty of news!

Here is Snowflakebebe's AWESOME coverage of Malan's Show.

Here is an interview with Tim Gunn from our friends at Buddy TV.

Broadway World has more photos of 2007 Tony Award winner Christine Ebersole at Malan Breton's show.

Malan's Show was also featured on

Minneapolis's hometown designer, Katy Gerdes is mentioned here.

Access Hollywood has a Tim Gunn video and finally...

Here is a little Emmy preview from Laura Bennett and Nick Verreos on

Friday, September 14, 2007

The BPR Parsons Scholarship!

Most BPRs are aware that we have been collecting money for a "BPR Parsons Scholarship Fund." We earned a total of $5127.32! Our eBay auctions earned $1989.62 and the rest was from various advertising sources and t-shirt sales. It was my pleasure to present a check for this amount from BPR to Christine Mickletz at Parsons on Wednesday morning.

Christine suggested that this money could be used to fund scholarships for the Parsons Pre-College Academy. Read more about it here. Each scholarship will be $500.00 so BPR will be able to fund ten deserving students. Perhaps some of these will go on to a career in Fashion Design.

Ken and I were thrilled to be able to present this check on behalf of Blogging Project Runway.

Thank you to ALL who donated and purchased auction items, or who clicked on our ads, purchased one of our shirts, or used our Amazon link. Team BPR is grateful for each one of our generous and loyal readers.

BPR in NYC - Part One

My husband and I traveled to NYC on Tuesday night in order to cover the Wednesday Fashion Shows for BPR. First of all I want to thank him for joining me and also for his unfailing support.

We checked in to our hotel and it was still pretty early so we visited with Laura Bennett. Finn is crawling! He is so cute. It looks like his hair is red, but it is actually blonde.

All of the boys were home as well as two nannies and a tutor. Laura said it was "chaos" but to me it felt "normal."

Laura was putting the finishing touches on her Emmy dress. She had another idea to begin with but it didn't work out so she started something completely different. Look for her on the red carpet. You won't be able to miss her... trust me!

She is also working on a collection for QVC. It's called "Little Black Dress" and it will air on February 1st. She is booked for three shows on QVC going all the way through August. She also shared that Chloe Dao's line is "breaking records" on the network. One of Laura's QVC designs will be sold to benefit Dress For Success.

I knew she had to finish the Emmy dress, so we said goodbye. Thanks again, Laura!

BPR Exclusive - Malan Breton Field Report

Greetings one and everyone! Maddie here with the exclusive scoop on Mr. Malan Breton’s Spring 2008 fashion show! I arrived in New York as giddy as a Mexican jumping bean and waited on line outside the venue. There, I met the lovely Rhonda, one of the stylists from Season 3 and a few of Malan’s fabulous supporters. We went in and found our seats.

The venue was lively and bright, as well as nicely crowded. Malan can really pack a house! As I roamed around with my camera, I bumped into the always-precious Diana Eng. We chatted for a bit and she mentioned she was writing a book about…can you guess? Fashion and technology of course! She’s so clever and she really has her own wonderful style, I wish her all the best in the future.

I also spotted the amazing Christine Ebersole, and my little brother’s idol; Pete Wentz of Fallout Boy was there as well.

I continued roaming when I bumped into James, one of Malan’s staff members. He told me that he remembered me from Malan’s boutique opening last November and asked me if I was taking photo or video. I nodded and said that I was working with BPR and he asked me if I wanted to go backstage. I was about to say that I probably shouldn’t when he slammed a press badge on my chest and told me to follow him. He pushed me through a curtain and I found myself backstage in the dressing room! Now, as a performer, I’m used to the hectic craziness right before a show. But this was more fabulous than I could have ever anticipated.

Click here to continue.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Project Runway Season 4 Designer - Christian Siriano

Click on the picture to learn about Project Runway Season 4 designer Christian.

We've already helped you get to know Jillian Lewis and Chris March. How long will it take the BPR sleuths to learn more about Christian? Watch what happens!

ETA - Answer: not very long. Meet Christian Siriano!

Guide To Style Party!

The BPR party deck is open once again as we celebrate Episode 3 of Tim Gunn's Guide To Style. Tonight, Tim works his magic on JeAnne Swinley. Come on in and join the fun, but you may want to lock your underwear drawer before you leave...

Video - Malan Breton at Fashion Week

Announcing 12 Project Runway Designers

Click here for details.

Season 3 on DVD have posted an exclusive first look at the Project Runway Season 3 box art that promises "15 Never-Before-Seen Extended Episodes". The last we checked, it's still not available for pre-sale on Amazon, although the release date is still listed as November 6. As usual, no official announcement yet from Bravo. What's taking so long?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Video - Malan Breton Collection Spring 2008

Below is a BPR slideshow.
Click on the little arrow to view.

You can click here to see all of the images from the latest collection by Malan Breton of Season 3 of Project Runway shown today at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. His Spring 2008 fashions were featured at the Metropolitan Pavilion.

From the Mailbox

Tim Gunn was named by US Weekly as one of the '25 Most Stylish New Yorkers.' Click here to see who else made the list and click here to see their profile of the self-proclaimed "Cary Grant wannabe".

Click here for a video from The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet featuring Tim Gunn and Veronica Webb.

Nick Verreos gives us more about the Seattle, Andrae Gonzalo and the Disco Pig here. I still want to SEE a disco pig!

Click here to watch an Elle Magazine video of the Michael Kors Spring 2008 collection from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. The video below takes you backstage with the Project Runway judge.

Keep tuned to BPR for reports from Laura K. at the Malan Breton, Keith Michael and the Zulema Griffin shows.