Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Can it be True?

According to this breaking news item in Tim Gunn is leaving Parsons and joining Liz Claiborne as Chief Creative Officer.

Congratulations Tim!
Thanks Siobhan and Emily.

Join the Top Design Party Tonight at BTD

We know how much you loved our 'party' posts each Wednesday; hundreds of comments each week was confirmation. You are cordially invited to a new party. Join us at Blogging Top Design tonight, starting at 10:00 EST, one hour prior to the premiere of Top Design. We're looking forward to sharing the fun of watching the show with you just as we did with Project Runway.

Please join us, no RSVP necessary.

From The Mailbox

Audrina Partridge of the hit MTV show "The Hills" wears Daniel Franco. She looks gorgeous.

'Rock Anthem Limited by Jeffrey Sebelia,' a new line of knit products will debut at Project in Las Vegas. This will be a collaboration between Jeffrey and Rock Anthem. Thanks Sarah.

Here is an article in the Philadelphia Weekly about Jay McCarroll. Thanks Sue Ellen.

We've been hearing rumors about Chloe Dao on QVC for months. Finally here is a story in WWD. You have to be a subscriber to read the entire article.

Finally, click here to read an article about Kara Janx in WWD.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Emmett McCarthy - Tailored by Reality

Click here for a fantastic profile on Emmett and his signature boutique, EMc2.
Thanks, Leslie.

Six Videos With Adler and Gunn

Bravo is featuring a series of six brief videos of Tim Gunn interviewing Top Design's Jonathan Adler. Click on each of the pictures above to see a different segment.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Miss America Party!

Is anyone watching Miss America on CMT tonight? We'll leave this thread open to dish about the show. Have fun!

Vote For The Season Three BPR All-Stars

Congratulations to Nick Verreos, Andrae Gonzalo, Daniel Vosovic, Chloe Dao and Santino Rice. These five join Austin Scarlett, Jay McCarroll, Kara Saun, Daniel Franco and Nora Caliguri in the BPR Project Runway All-Stars.

Now it's time for BPRs to select their five favorites from Season Three!

(Once again, this is just for fun - this is not an actual show.)

Click here to vote.

What to Watch This Week

Don't forget to tune into the Miss America Pageant tonight at 8/7 central on CMT. Miss New York, Miss West Virginia, and Miss Kentucky will be wearing Jonathan Kayne originals for the evening gown and talent competitions.

On Wednesday, the second season of Bravo's Top Chef will conclude. Marcel and Ilan have talked smack about each other all season. But, who will serve up the tastiest dishes that will leave the judges' mouths smacking?

Then stay tuned for the premiere of the new interior design competition show, Top Design. If you haven't already, please visit our new blogspot, Blogging Top Design, dedicated to this new show. There you'll find the designers' bios, Team BPR/BTD's take on the first episode, and our exclusive Q&A with some of the designers.

Finally, don't forget about Tim Gunn getting UGLY on the hot ABC show, Ugly Betty this Thursday. This will be the first of his two guest appearances.

Looking For a Field Reporter...

BPR is looking for a field reporter and a photographer to cover Zulema's show on Friday, February 2nd at 10:00 AM at Slate Plus. Click here for more information. Zulema has generously offered two tickets to BPR and we would love to send someone to cover this.

Please check your calendars and email Team BPR if you would like to serve as our correspondent this event.

Thanks BPRs!

From The Mailbox

Here is a little bit more about the Tim Gunn piece in Quilting Arts magazine. We'd love to see some scans!

Meanwhile, Season Three is just beginning in South Africa.

Who knew that Michael Kors is a former child actor?

Thanks Deb!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Tim - Ready for the Front Row

We just couldn't resist this picture of Tim with some models; he was at the DHL kickoff party for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week on January 24th (click here for more images) and, according to, he's "looking forward to the, 'wow' factor..." Click here to read what else he has to say.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

From The Mailbox

Tim Gunn was recently sighted at this event. MAC Cosmetics and W Magazine teamed up to honor Raquel Welch. Thanks Snowflake.

In more Tim news, mark your calendars for February 21st. Tim will be moderating Behind the Faces of Fashion, a discussion of Fashion Photography at 7:00 PM at the New School, Tishman Auditorium, 66 West 12th Street NYC. Admission is free, no tickets or reservations required. Thanks Taylor.

We have had several BPRs write about the Tim Gunn article in Quilting Arts magazine. If anyone has a scan or a link, please send it to Team BPR. Thanks.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Bloggies - Just Happy to Be Nominated

Somehow, dear readers, we got nominated in one of the toughest categories for the 2007 Bloggies. 'Best Entertainment Weblog' is typically a fierce competition amongst blogs with huge readerships; we don't even pretend that we can win. We're flattered that we were even considered.

Our good friends at Project: Rungay were nominated in the 'Best New Weblog' category which carries enormous prestige. We offer our congratulations and urge all of our readers to please vote for them. This is well-deserved.

To those that nominated us - thank you. You are very sweet. Sure, we'd love to win mostly because we consider you, the readers, the main reason that Blogging Project Runway has its success. This nomination is all yours.

We are honored.

A Note From Stacey Estrella

We received a beautiful note from S3 designer Stacey Estrella, responding to our birthday greeting earlier this month. She shows us that you don't have to win to end up as a winner:

Thank you so much for sharing. That was a nice little surprise.

In case there’s a place for it, I wanted to share with your audience a talk I gave at the University of Nebraska last August. It was one of the unexpected surprises and outcomes from my brief appearance on the show.

Two days after my episode, I received an email invitation from the Chair of the department of Textiles, Clothing and Design. He asked me to give the keynote address at the annual welcome back event. At first I didn’t want to accept the invitation. On the surface, it was a failure—at least that’s how it was portrayed in the media and that’s how many fans of the show want to view it. But then I realized that I had an obligation. To aspiring Designers, Artists, professionals... anyone who has a dream and fails to pursue it because they’re afraid. Afraid of what others might say or think. Afraid of their own “failure.”

Click here to continue reading Stacey's heartfelt note.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Kayne Gillaspie designs at the Miss America Pageant

Hey Laura, how are you? It's Kayne and Warren. We just wanted to drop you a line and tell you to watch Miss America Monday night on CMT. This year, Miss New York, Miss West Virginia, and Miss Kentucky will be wearing gowns from the Johnathan Kayne pageant line. I will write again soon and let you know about everything else exciting going on with the shoes, gown line, and even us dressing the first lady and Lt. Gov. of Oklahoma a few weeks back for the Inauguration. Anyway, hope all is well...we're boarding a plane to Vegas as we speak.

Love ya, mean it!!!

Kayne & Warren

You know it sure makes things easy when the designers write to let us know what is going on. Thanks Kayne and Warren!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Tim Gunn on Oprah!


I just returned from Chicago -- taping Oprah!!!!!!!! I still am pinching myself! I can't believe it! But don't get too excited. I'm not the whole show. I'm merely a part of the show. It is tentatively airing on Feb. 5. The show is wonderful. It's about celebrating women in their 40's, 50's, 60's, plus an incredible 70-year-old. It's a "feel good" show. I came in to work with all of the women and the styling of their wardrobe. It was three days, looooong hours, and a total BLAST! And Oprah is too, too divine for words!

Ugly Betty was also a total blast! We taped my two appearances on January 8. I sorta-kinda play myself, but not really. I believe that people will assume that it's me being me. There's one point with Daniel Bradford (Eric Mapias) says, "Thanks for coming, Tim," but I believe that the segment will be cut. Anyway, I'm a fashion news reporter covering Fashion Week in New York. In the February 1 episode, I report "live from Bryant Park" and merely declare that the week has begun. In the February 8 episode, I'm on television reporting on the staggering list of events that occurred the day before (which was the content of the Feb 1 show). It was so thrilling and fun to do this, and I've never done scripted television before. It's a challenge! I have to add that the cast and crew, writers, producers, director were sublime to work with and treated me like a prince. It was hard to leave.

Tim's appeal crosses all networks and demographics! Congratulations from all of us at BPR!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Miss Dao Goes to Washington

BPR's DC Field Reporter Laura L is back with this report on Chloe's visit to Washington.

Click here for a slideshow.

Chloe Dao Dishes DC!

Not since Tim Gunn graced the nation’s capital has DC been so fortunate! Chloe Dao and her mom, in town for the Smithsonian Institution’s “Exit Saigon, Enter Little Saigon: Vietnamese America Since 1975” exhibit (click here for info), spent 90 minutes chatting with loyal BPR supporters, local boutique owners, members of the DC Fashionista group, several teen designers, etc. The local response to the event was HUGE and, unfortunately, we were unable to accommodate all of Chloe’s fans that contacted me about the event – it was really difficult to have to limit the number! Next time we have a Project Runway event, we will definitely find a bigger space!

Click here to continue.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Q&A With Nick Verreos

Hi everyone out there in "BloggingProjectRunway World." It has been a crazy week for me, especially since it finally "came out" that my sister, Rita, was going to be in the new season of "Survivor: Fiji". I kind of felt like TR Knight or Neil Patrick Harris, when they were officially outed on "People Magazine". OK, I may be exaggerating. But it was good to not have to "hold the secret" any longer.

My sister and I have always been very close--we are only 18 months apart--and I have always been very supportive through all her endeavors. From being in the "Miss Venezuela" pageant, to majoring in French and Italian at UC Berkeley, to coming to LA to pursue acting, up to the present, beginning a (hopefully) successful career in Pageant Coaching in Texas. I have always been very proud of her. However, I am most proud of her for being a great mother (as well as jealous as heck for how she maintains that damn hot figure of hers!).

BPR: When did you find out that she was considering this?

She visited Los Angeles several months back to coach some contestants for "Miss California" as well as to attend the "Miss Universe" contest. She said she was approached with an opportunity to try out for the newest season of "Survivor". I sort of brushed it off as her just getting "caught up" in the Hollywood "reality show" babble that does sometimes envelop people the minute they breathe the LA-LA air. Well, I soon realized she was serious, when she told me that she had indeed tried out and was in consideration as one of the new cast members of "Survivor: Fiji". Now you guys know the rest.

BPR: Why do you think she'll be a great "Survivor?"

She has been doing "competitions" since she was 18 years old (even though they were International Beauty contests, they are still no "walk in the park"). She has been dancing ballet since she was 5 years old, therefore she's athletic and flexible. She is not only beautiful but intelligent, so she could possibly use both qualities in this crazy game that is "Survivor". Also, as a single mother of two kids, I think any mom can attest that the show "Survivor" is, pardon the pun, "kid's stuff" , compared to raising two children in this day and age!

Vote For The Season Two BPR All-Stars

Congratulations to Austin Scarlett, Jay McCarroll, Kara Saun, Daniel Franco and Nora Caliguri! These designers have been selected by BPR readers as the Season One "All-Stars." The poll is closed on Season One and it is time to move on to Season Two.

You can choose five designers and you can vote every day. Since Daniel Franco is already included in the BPR All-Stars, I have removed him from the Season Two poll. Click here to vote.

A Note From Daniel Vosovic

Dear Laura,

...I do have a new job, in fact, I've had one for about two months now and it's going fantastic! If you have a minute, sit down, relax and let me explain...

The company is called Raven, it's a budding 2-yr old design label that has a very solid, but small foot in the door. Known for their women's trousers and denim, they can be found at high-end retailers such as Saks, Bloomingdales, Barney's, Bergdorf's, Jeffrey's, etc, and sell alongside lines like Marc by Marc Jacobs and Catherine Malandrino. Long story short, I was brought on to launch their first venture into becoming a full sportswear collection: coats, tops, dresses, trousers... everything. The people I work with are just fantastic, the environment fulfilling, the opportunities huge, and the knowledge that this is exactly where I need to be just settles my stomach to no end! We're not planning to show for another year, but plan to build the collection slow and steady until we're ready, Fall '08 perhaps.

I was originally aiming towards larger design labels, ones that carry a set work week, security and a well-defined job description, but ultimately decided that smaller (but not too small) was better for me, allowing me to be involved with all aspects of the business from beginning to end. Most everything is done in-house, from patterns and samples to accounting and shipping, I'm exposed to it all!

I feel like I'm going on forever, but I wanted to tell you the latest on the rest of my endeavors while I have you. The NYLO hotel collection is coming along beautifully and should be ready for release in fall '07, but samples are being produced now and look AMAZING, I can't wait for you to see it! I still have my two weekly blogs on and, and at times can be the last thing I want to do, but at times can almost be a personal diary for me to share my thoughts of the day.

My friends and family are healthy and happy, and with my older sister getting married in September, she's been on my butt about getting started on her dress... and of course my mother's MOB dress (I also just finished one for my cousin in December... pheww!). Love life is great, my boyfriend Kieran and I have been together for almost 7 months and though he detests watching television, I've been able to sit him down enough to get through the "Flower Power" challenge of season 2 (He still hasn't seen the entire season and I'm afraid he'll think differently of me after he witnesses my makeover of Chloe into a 50-year old hooker... I guess if he stays he really loves me, haha!).

Wow, again apologies for this ridiculously long email, but thought it best since it's been so long... of course there is more in the works, but like a wise-man once told me, timing is everything. Thank you again for the kindness and support that you and BPR have shown me and my fellow designers, in a career that can easily become tiresome with long hours, tight deadlines and cranky production people, it's nice to know that there are people out there who still appreciate the people behind the work.

Love you!
Daniel xx

Kara Janx Gets Married

Kara and Red tied the knot in Capetown, South Africa on January 14th. Read more about it here. Please send photos, Kara! Thanks Janean.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Project Runway On The Hill

Diane Sawyer sat down last week with all 16 women U.S. Senators on Good Morning America and was heard saying that one of them "...was the first in her family to graduate from college and admits a kind of passion for the TV show "Project Runway." It turned out to be none other than the junior Senator from the State of Washington, Maria Cantwell. Being a Runway fan places her firmly at the top of the heap of our favorite D.C politicians. Click here for the video. Thanks Ellen and ChrisMac.

And speaking of D.C., we are hearing nothing but raves from those who attended Chloe Dao's private meet and greet yesterday with the BPR's. Stay tuned for photos and a field report. Meanwhile, Chloe gets a quick mention in the Washington Post. Thanks Laura.

A Note From Rita Verreos

We received this note from Rita Verreos, sister of Nick and contestant of the upcoming Survivor:Fiji debuting on CBS February 8th.

Hola everyone!
I just wanted to THANK YOU all SOO much for your support. It's me, Rita Verreos. I'm sorry I cannot give any more comments at this time (due to contractual obligations), but I want you all to know how very grateful I am for the wonderful mention you gave me.

Also, very grateful to the "comments" that people have made supporting me. I REALLY appreciate it and will need ALL the support I can get!!


Rita Verreos

Friday, January 19, 2007

Keith Michael Website Update

Click here to visit Keith's Website. The photos are amazing.

Tim Gunn/"Ugly Betty" Update!

Boys and girls, get out your Tim Gunn calendars and turn to February. Now, peel off two of your special Tim Gunn stickers and place them on February 1 and 8. This will mark the acting debut of our Tim on "Ugly Betty." Click here to learn more!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

From The Mailbox

First, here is an update on Jeffrey Sebelia from his Uncle Mark's Public Relations Blog. Jeffrey will be writing a column for Moviefone and here is his first entry! Congratulations, Jeff. Thanks Mark.

Attention Washington DC: Chloe Dao has graciously agreed to meet and greet a small group of BPRs tomorrow evening. If you live in DC and are interested in this, please write to Team BPR.

Meet Rich Bye - Part Two

What is your exact title at Magical Elves and please describe the path that brought you there. It would be great to know what other shows you have worked on.

RB: I guess it would be “Executive Producer”. I’ll be executive producing a handful of shows for the Magical Elves in 2007, including Project Runway. I studied Political Science and English at the University of Delaware and graduated with a desire to make documentary films that addressed political and social issues.

I started as an intern at MTV News and Specials in 1992 which was an election year. They were in the midst of “Choose or Lose” and producing a number of long-form documentaries in the political/social arena so it was a good fit. I worked my way up through their system and left in 1996 to work with RJ Cutler (“The War Room”, “A Perfect Candidate”) producing/directing documentary shorts for his first tv program, “Edgewise” with John Hockenberry on MSNBC.

I ended up working with him for nearly 6 years on a number of projects, including:

“The Residents” (13 hour doc series on surgical residents at the UCLA Medical Center for TLC)

“The Real Rosanne” (Rosanne Barr’s ill fated reality comeback for ABC)

“American High” (13 part doc series that followed the lives of 14 high school seniors in Highland Park, Illinois for Fox and later PBS) - I won an Emmy Award in 2000 for my work as a producer on this series.

I had done a pilot with Jane Lipsitz in 1995 (she and Dan Cutforth own/run the Magical Elves) when she was in charge of development at VH1 and we enjoyed working together and found that our sensibilities were in synch. Flash forward 8 years and Jane and I had both moved from New York to Los Angeles. I was finishing an overall deal with RJ’s company (Actual Reality Pictures) and it happened to be at the same time that Dan and Jane were handed the first season of Runway. They were one of the first people I met with and I jumped onboard.

Oh, I did the second season of “Growing up Gotti” for A&E between seasons 1 and 2 of Runway.

What was your favorite season of Project Runway and why?

RB: I don’t know that I have one but I’m most sentimentally attached to the first. It was such an enormous amount of work, everyone was putting in between 15 – 20 hours a day during the shoot… It was absolute madness. We fed off of the creative energy of the designers so much and in that sense it really felt like we were all producing the show together.

I remember interviewing Kara Saun late in the production schedule. We had no resources so I was shooting, monitoring sound, and conducting the interview at the same time. It was close to midnight and I was so exhausted I fell asleep as she was answering one of my questions. She woke me up, we both laughed about it and we finished the interview. There was a camaraderie and trust we had with the designers that was very special. They were jumping off the cliff every time they received a new challenge and so were we! We didn’t know what was going to happen or how we would handle it. It wasn’t spoken, but what we both shared was an abiding trust in the creative process… Trusting it enough to know that you discover things along the way that make the final product better than anything you could have pre-conceived. That’s not to say we don’t have a plan, we do. We create a basic framework for the designers but strive as much as possible to give them freedom to play within it. We really try to be fluid in how we produce the series to keep it from being too rigid and formulaic.

For me, season two was the easiest to produce. I love so many of those designers and had a lot of fun. Season three was difficult because of the incredibly tight schedule on both the production and post-production side but the level of talent was probably the highest and I felt the challenges were some of the strongest we’ve had. Plus, it found a wide audience which we’re all thrilled about.

But what I’m most happy about is to hear how so many of the designers from each of the seasons have gone off to do such great things.

Click here to continue to read.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Watch What Happens With Andy Cohen!

Click here to learn more.

Dear BPRs

Click here to visit Blogging Top Design and vote in our poll. Thanks everyone!

Michael Knight and Starbucks

Michael Knight with Tina Fey
While hunting around for Project Runway celebrities at the Golden Globes the other day, we ran across a charity auction story featuring this surprise:

"My Starbucks" Customized Beverage T-Shirts designed by Mychael Knight ("Project Runway")

The auction is a benefit for the Clothes Off Your Back Foundation and features T-shirts designed by PR's own Michael Knight, signed by these celebrities: Clifton Collins Jr. , Roger Cross, Kevin Dillon, Tina Fey, Jenna Fischer, Jorge Garcia, Seth Green, Terrence Howard, Melina Kanakaredes, Yunjin Kim, Trisha Simmons, and John Stamos.

It looks like these shirts will be available to the general public beginning next month at Starbucks. Congratulations Michael!

Meet Rich Bye - Executive Producer of Project Runway

Have you ever wondered who was really responsible for the decision-making on Project Runway? I have. Whenever I asked any of the designers who REALLY was in charge, the answer I always heard was "Rich Bye." So, I knew I wanted to know more about him and I thought that you, dear BPRs would too. Here is the first part of the BPR interview with the Emmy-winning producer:

BPR: Rich, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Our readers are the world's biggest Project Runway fans and it is a real treat to hear from the producer of our favorite show.

Will there be a season four of Project Runway?

RB: Yes, there will be a season four of Runway and we’re all very excited to get back into it.

BPR: Have the auditions been scheduled?

RB: They haven’t been scheduled yet. I’m guessing they’ll take place sometime between the middle of March (at the earliest) and the end of May (at the latest). We’re still in the midst of figuring out the production schedule for the next season. There are a lot of moving pieces… Once they’re figured out, it will all fall into place.

BPR: What will you be looking for in the contestants?

RB: There are a number of different qualities that we look for which makes casting runway a challenge. First, the designer has to have a number of prerequisite skills to even be considered, ie: construction skills, a certain level of experience and maturation of his/her design aesthetic, a real portfolio that should include current work as well as examples of recently designed looks.

If the designer is studying design, a recent graduate of a design school, or employed in the industry it’s important that we see work they’ve produced outside of those realms. We really need to see what their own point of view is as a fashion designer independent of how they’ve interpreted a class assignment or developed something under someone else’s umbrella. We’re looking for fresh creative vision - Tim and the industry professionals that help us cast want to get excited!

We want to pick designers that we know have a good shot at succeeding. The show is really about rewarding the creative process and if we don’t feel that a designer can meaningfully engage it and be successful we have to pass.

From my standpoint, passion, sincerity, and confidence are critical factors. We’ve seen more than a few talented designers come into the room with zero confidence and a striking inability to get excited about their own work. Tim and I are often baffled by this. This is your one opportunity to make an impression. Express some confidence! Don’t be afraid! Be passionate for God’s sake!

I’d also say that we’re looking for designers who have a fresh and compelling point of view about the world. How they choose to express themselves through their life choices, opinions, and personal style is important and taken into consideration.

BPR: Will you be at every audition in every city?

RB: Yes. I have been since the first season.

BPR: Who invents the challenges?

RB: It’s a huge collective effort. There are a number of different (and important) parties involved in producing the show. We all submit ideas during pre-production and end up with a massive list of potential challenges. Me, Dan Cutforth, and Jane Lipsitz narrow it down to a short-list and have weekly conference calls with all of the parties to pare it down until it’s finalized. It’s a pretty opinionated group so there’s a fair amount of compromise and we usually don’t finalize it until late in the game which puts me in a bind in terms of locking the schedule but we always seem to “make it work”.

The first challenge of the first season was supposed to take place in a drug store but at the last minute the store dropped out so we scrambled and found the grocery store which ended up working out for the best – talk about happy accidents. On the “recycling challenge” in season 3 I signed the location agreement with Waste Management as the vans filled with designers were pulling up which was cutting it a bit close for me. Also, for the “dogs” challenge in season 3, the location we were originally going to use in Central Park for Tim to surprise the contestants went away the night before we were supposed to shoot it. Lightning struck an old tree in the meadow we were going to use and the whole area was cordoned off with yellow police tape. Luckily, Park Services was kind enough to offer three alternates the morning of the shoot and we survived.

Tune in tomorrow for Part Two of BPR's interview with Rich Bye. We ask how he became the Executive Producer of Project Runway, what his favorite season is, his favorite challenges and his favorite episodes.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

From The Mailbox

Click here for Buzzsugar's Tim Gunn feature. Thanks Kimra.

Here is an article about some recommended guidelines for models. Thanks Susan.

Here is more from "Ugly Betty." ABC has announced a contest to design a dress for Betty. Here is the official announcement from ABC. Thanks Kimra, Megan and Jeannie.

PR at The Golden Globes

Project Runway was well represented last night at The Golden Globe Awards with Heidi Klum leading the charge wearing what turned out to be the popular color choice for the evening. Seal was not a winner, however Heidi looked her usual gorgeous self.

Tim Gunn was also on hand to comment on the fashion for The Today Show. Dapper and dashing as always, he got to share the desk with Matt Lauer this morning. Our favorite line: "...women were wearing strapless dresses out the kazoo... (but) the kazoos were contained." HA! Click here for the video.

Tim Gunn to Appear on "Ugly Betty"

When Team BPR had the opportunity to see the Project Runway Season Three Finale Show at Bryant Park we observed that there was a strong "Ugly Betty" promotion going on at the entrance to the tent. There were girls dressed up as Betty and passing out materials and promotional gifts. Of course we only had eyes for Runway, but still, it was intriguing. Since Betty is on ABC, we were wondering what she had to do with Project Runway, but we were quickly distracted by other things.

Well, now "Ugly Betty" is a huge hit, and America Ferrera charmed everyone last night at the Golden Globes. Some of the more established actors could learn a few things from her about being prepared with an acceptance speech. This young actress was gracious and sweet and truly beautiful. She had the entire room in tears.

So, it is a wonderful surprise to learn that Tim Gunn will appear on several episodes of Ugly Betty. Read more here in "The Watcher."

Thanks Mo.

Also, just in case you missed the announcement - Tim will soon be featured in his own show!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Don't Forget

Tonight is the Golden Globes! Seal is nominated for best song. Also tomorrow morning Tim should be on The Today Show.

Announcing the BPR All-Stars Poll

We've been talking about this for long enough - it is time to determine our "BPR All-Star" cast from among the first three seasons. We will choose five designers from each season. We'll begin with Season One and keep this poll open for one week. You can vote for five designers and you can vote every day.

Next week, we'll choose our favorite five from Season Two and then Season Three. Of course - there is no actual "Project Runway All-Stars Show." This is just for fun.

Note: Poll has closed; click here for the results.

Zulema Presents Her Fall 2007 Collection

Emerging fashion designer Zulema will show her Fall 2007 Collection this February during New York Fashion Week. The show will be held on Friday, February 2nd, 2007 at 10:00 AM at venue Slate PLUS.

The eighteen-piece presentation is Zulema’s first showing of a fall collection, as she made her debut on the fashion front with her Pre-Spring 2007 Collection at Brooklyn Fashion Week(end) last May, following up with her Spring 2007 Collection during New York Fashion Week this past September. Zulema is eager to present her fall line, stating: “I’m very proud of this collection and am ready to show the world what I can do for fall. I’m thrilled to be showing during New York Fashion Week and hope to garner a positive response with this line.”

Click here to continue.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Nina Garcia in a Blackberry Ad!

Mom-to-be Nina Garcia is appearing in a new Blackberry ad. She looks fabulous!

Thanks CJB.

Chloe Dao Designing Dancewear for Varsity Spirit

Here is a note from Chloe Dao:
Forgot to tell you I am working on a design project for Varsity Spirit. Varsity Spirit is the biggest manufacturer of cheerleader and dance wear in the US and maybe the world. I will be in Orlando, Florida for the big national championship on Feb 9th. My designs for Varsity Spirit will be on sale there. Read all about on their website here. There is a fun interview I did with them.

A Note From Keith Michael

Thanks for the birthday wishes. I had an earlier celebration in the city at STK, a new restaurant here in the city. I've attached a picture of my Mother, Aunt Janice and me at our celebration. We had a great time-

Now I'm spending a quiet weekend with my family in Connecticut. My mom prepared my favorite meal this birthday eve and I plan to do some hiking tomorrow with my dog teddy before returning to the city. As you may know, market week is here and I'm putting the finishing touches on my fall/winter 2007/8 line. I'm very excited about this collection. I've experimented with luxurious textiles and I couldn't be more pleased with the results.

The city of New York has kindly given me permission to shoot my look-book at one of their museums here in the city this Tuesday and I can't wait to see how it all turns out. The two models I've selected are stunning and my good friend Andrew Giammarco will be shooting. All in all I couldn't have asked for a better birthday gift. I'll send you pictures of the shoot as soon as we finish editing. All my best.

Birthday Greetings From BPR

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Jeffrey's Spread in Elle Magazine

Thank you for the scans, CJB.
Click here to continue.

More Project Runway in the February Elle

There are photos of Amanda Fields modeling Malan Breton, and Nazri Segaro modeling for Daniel Franco in the February issue of Elle. This is an ad for Style Lounge on page 152. Thanks Grace and thanks CJB for the image.

Heidi - Natural Beauty & Best Dressed List

Heidi is in good company with other gorgeous women that AOL says are 'natural beauties.' And, according to the imfamous Mr. Blackwell, Heidi knew how to be well-dressed in 2006.

Look for Heidi to exhibit her beauty and style on the red carpet on Monday as hubby Seal has been nominated for a Golden Globe award for Best Original Song for "A Father's Way" from the movie, The Pursuit of Happyness.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Congratulations Tim!

Back in November we dreamed about a Tim Gunn show.

BIG NEWS BPRs! According to this article from Mo Ryan at the Chicago Tribune. Tim Gunn will soon be hosting his very own Bravo show, "Tim Gunn's Guide to Style." He'll be offering his patented incisive yet kind advice to "people desperately in need of" style advice, according to network executive Frances Berwick.

This is evidence that, at least in the world of Runway, dreams come true! Make it work, Tim!

ETA: Here is the official press release confirming the show from Bravo.

Here's a quote from Tim within that announcement:

“I'm practically delirious that Bravo has given me this incredible opportunity and together, we vow to redefine ‘makeovers’,” said Gunn. “This series aims to be one-part education with two-parts fun, and you’ll see me being a fashion therapist, not a svengali.”

Thanks Mo!

Reality Worlds Collide

Well, look who has been cast on the new season of Survivor - it's none other than Uncle Nick's gorgeous sister, Rita Verreos! People magazine is the first to jump on the connection:

Before Survivor began filming at the end of October 2006, Rita and Nick had a talk about "reality" life. "I have not asked for advice," says Rita, "but he has told me to just be myself. He said the aftermath of the attention could be overwhelming. But a few years ago, I was in the Miss Venezuela pageant, so actually, I gave him the same advice before Project Runway!"

Here's Rita's official bio page from the CBS Survivor Fiji website. The show premieres on February 8. We know who our early favorite is! Thanks Trish and Lisa.

Attention: Richmond Virginia

Austin Scarlett will be at "An Artful Wedding" bridal show in Richmond, VA, sponsored by Richmond Bride magazine. He'll show his new line of wedding gowns for Kenneth Pool. There are spaces available for the Feb. 18 event at The Jefferson hotel. Anyone who is interested can call 804-355-0111, ext. 322 for a reservation.

Click here for a wonderful interview with Austin. If there are any brides out there who have worn Austin's gowns, please send photos!

He also will be in Cincinnati, Ohio this weekend. For details of this and all of Austin's appearances, please click here.

Thanks Kate.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Jeffrey Sebelia's Elle Spread is Here!

I received my February ELLE today. (It's mostly white with Gwen Stefani on the cover.) Jeffrey's feature is inside. It is four pages long. I have not found an on-line link yet, but I'm sure it will be available soon. In the meantime, if anyone has scans we would all really appreciate it.

Marilinda looks beautiful of course.

Meanwhile, Kara Saun and Michael Knight are featured in the February issue of Ebony.

More here.

Be on the lookout for both of these magazines at your newsstand.

Congratulations to all!

Video - PR3 Model Amanda Fields

The Song: "Vancouver (Richards on Richards)"
The Band: They Might Be Giants
The Beauty: Amanda Fields

BPR loves Amanda.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

From The Mailbox

Attention aspiring designers: Fabricland is sponsoring a sewing contest called "Project Fabricland." Thanks Jeannie.

Doll designers feeling left out? Have no fear - Project Dollway is here! Thanks Ted.

Tim Gunn reviews fashions in the movies in this interview from Variety. I can't resist including this little bit:

Q. Are models and photogs really that charged on the job?

"With the good ones: yes," says Gunn. "When the photographer is passionate and involved, he gets swept up in it. The model is, 'Whatever you want me to do, I'll do.' It's the power of seduction. I don't know what to compare it to. Forgive me: It's like having sex."

Tim, did you really say that??? (Note to self: Add "Blowup" to Netflix list.) Thanks Carol.

You can win a Nick Verreos-designed apron by entering a contest at BTC. Good luck! Thanks Linda.

Amanda Fields is quoted in today's New York Post. She talks new guidelines for models in the upcoming Fashion Week. Thanks Amanda.

Michael Knight is a Peach!

Atlanta Peach magazine has a fabulous article about Michael!

Here is a highlight:

Which judge was your biggest champion?

I still maintain that it was Season Two’s winner, Chloe Dao. She was the only judge at the auditions down in Miami for this season who saw something in my work. Her vote was the deciding factor to my being a contestant on Project Runway. Tim Gunn wasn’t impressed initially, but now he’s come around!

It also includes Michael's take on his fellow designers:

Kayne: He was my homey. He was silly as hell and a speed demon on the sewing machine. We were always itching to go out and party and we were having withdrawals, but we were too tired to do anything but go back to the apartment and have a couple of beers.

Laura: She was a trouper, a really tough lady. When everyone else would be passed out from fatigue, she would be keeping on. My first thought, after I was dismissed, was that she had a shot at winning because of the extraordinary detail she brought to everything she made.

Vincent: He was a really terrific pattern maker, and when it came to constructing a garment he knew his stuff. The man taught me a thing or two.

Uli: She was just cool. Many nights we’d hit the balcony for a cocktail and our discussions always went back to design. She wanted to express to the judges she could do more than just pretty dresses in prints. She wanted everyone to know that she could do more.

Jeffrey: He was really a softy. All of that bad-guy stuff was for the TV! I think his final collection was a little more innovative, a little more forward, and that’s what the judges obviously wanted to see.

Thanks Gail!