Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Video - Tim with SuChin Pak

Here's a video of an interview with Tim. Is anyone else going through Tim withdrawal?

Click here for more lx.tv.
Thanks Deb S. and Margot.

Happy Halloween

Have a frightfully delightful time. Happy Halloween from Team BPR!

For Your Next Challenge ...

... don't forget to enter our BPR Halloween Contest. You might not be ready for Olympus Fashion Week (not yet anyway) but that doesn't mean that you lack Mad Skillz.

Here's an example of one of the entries from a group of seniors from Yale:

Click here for more details and get your entries in!

Monday, October 30, 2006

From The Mailbox

Jeffrey Sebelia will be a guest on Megan Mullally on Wednesday. Thanks Carolyn!

Here is AJ's final recap of Season Three. No, it's never too late, AJ!

Do we have a field reporter for the Macy's event in Philadelphia on Wednesday? Please write to the team so that we can send your highly-prized "credentials!"

Jay McCarroll scratched his nose again! Just kidding, but he did appear at Alfred University over the weekend. Thanks Valerie.

Meanwhile, what has Tim been up to? Remember his REAL job - the one at Parsons? The school recently hosted a convention that featured design software from OptiTex. How is it that Tim looks perfect in every photo? Thanks Deb.

Something Fun IX - Michael Knight Dress Up

Now you can play dress up with Michael Knight's garments from Season 3. Don't you wonder if Pam Grier is playing along? Click here for Michael's i-Dressup. Thanks, MG.

And in case you missed it, click here for Uli's, click here for Laura's and click here for Jeffrey's i-Dressup games.

A Reminder About The Macy's Tour!

Those of you who are lucky enough to live in these cities should call and make your reservations right away. We are already hearing from disappointed fans!

Here are the details:

Just in case seeing our favorites on TV isn't enough - prepare for the Macy's/INC/Elle Tour! Field Reporters, report for duty! Who will make first contact with Nina Garcia? Will she hold an "I heart BPR" placard?

INC International Concepts and ELLE are taking the winning designs from Project Runway's third season on a tour of seven Macy's stores nationwide. Each stop will feature an INC fashion show hosted by Project Runway stars Nina Garcia or Tim Gunn. Stop by the INC departments at the following venues for your Runway fix:

Wednesday, November 1, 6 p.m.:
Macy's Center City, Philadelphia, PA, 2nd floor. RSVP: 888-MACYS-NY.

Saturday, November 4, 2 p.m.:
Macy's Galleria, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 4th floor. RSVP: 305-577-2172

Thursday, November 9, 6 p.m.:
Macy's Downtown Seattle, WA, 2nd floor. RSVP: 206-506-4FUN

Saturday, November 11, 2 p.m.:
Macy's Topanga, CA, Level 2. RSVP: 818-883-7211 ext. 2644

Tuesday, November 14, 6:30 p.m.:
Macy's Northpark Center, Dallas, TX, Level 1. RSVP: 866-226-0449

Thursday, November 16, 6 p.m.:
Macy's on State Street, Chicago, IL, 3rd floor. RSVP: 800-634-3537

Saturday, November 18, 2 p.m.:
Macy's Towne Center, Leawood, KS, 1st floor. RSVP: 1-800-835-9718

Halloween Contest Details Revealed!

We announced our contest here (and don't miss the eerie pictures of your Team BPR). Now we can announce the details! The judges will be Andrae Gonzalo, Emmett McCarthy and Nick Verreos of Season 2 and Katy Gerdes from Season 3; yes, they will indeed look at your entries and offer a critique of the best costumes. The Grand Prize will include a year's supply of TRESemmé products custom-selected for your type of hair as well as a set of the new ceramic ionic brushes soon to be released by TRESemmé and a Project Runway Season 2 DVD. TRESemmé has also generously agreed to give a gift assortment of products for second and third prizes.

Get your entries to Team BPR no later than noon (Eastern) on Wednesday, November 7th. We're looking for the best costume depicting a Project Runway designer, judge or model. Our judges will caucus and determine the winners to be announced on November 14th.

Now ... make it work!

Our First Entry Has Arrived!

Are you scrambling to assemble everything required for the perfect Project Runway-themed Halloween costume?

Here is a little inspiration from our very first entry - a "Laura Bennett." Without revealing the costume itself, we can show you what is in "Laura's" purse:

This is from our first contestant...

I decided to go all out and even carry an imaginary Laura purse! Of course, it's sparkly and gold. She of course carries a picture of her husband (Einstein), CG smoothwear lip color in Cabernet, her Harry Winstons, sewing scissors, a paintbrush(for self-portrait painting, of course!,) anti-bacterial hand gel for the kids, and it looks like Frank (and some turtle poop!) have snuck in there as well. Whoops!

Hmmmmm... It looks like "Laura" has snuck in a flask of the non-alcoholic champagne as well.....

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Which Collection Was Your Favorite?

BPR's are so smart! You correctly predicted Jeffrey's win. But there were a lot of comments from those who WISHED another designer would win.

Now that we have had a chance to cool off let's try another poll: Which collection was YOUR favorite? Do you agree with the judges? Or not? Click here to vote.

Here is a reminder of what the collections looked like.

Chris Rogers Interviews Project Designer Cycle Four Winner - Ceazar

Chris Rogers is a friend of BPR who has an on-line competition for fashion illustrators. Chris devises fascinating challenges and the talent is superb. Congratulations, Chris on another successful season of Project Designer!

CR: Hi BPR! Since the PR season is over, I was hoping this would be a great opportunity to submit this interview with the winner of Project Designer Cycle 4! Attached are images of his finale collection.

A revisit to the Elizabethan Historic lifestyle fused with the present form of fashion, my Stratford Opulence Collection is inspired by the captivating tragedies and romances of William Shakespeare in the late 16th and early 17th centuries. Each of the 9 pieces convey their own story as far as how social status was viewed at the time: looks 1-2 are the lowest of the classes that consist of the vagabonds and slaves; looks 3-6 are the middle class who serve for the protection for the monarchy, such as soldiers and guards; looks 7-8 are the upper class who impose position of superiority; and lastly, look 9, which is the Queen, the "upper uppest", most revered and exalted. All these, though very distinctive from one another, are united with their beauty, majestic looks, extravagantly designed garments and careful detailing. The entire collection is created to bring what was to what is…

The title Stratford Opulence is derived from William Shakespeare's birthplace, Stratford-upon-Avon. I chose to call it this way to, obviously, convey my inspiration for the theme. With it, I used the adjective "opulence" to indicate the elegance and majesty of the entire collection; to mark its beauty.

Click here to continue.

Kara Janx and Alison Kelly - American Cancer Society Event Report

Jenna and her friend Meghan attended the Breast Cancer Awareness event held last Saturday at the Broadway Mall in Hicksville, NY. Here is their report:

It really was a very well organized and beneficial event, raising thousands of dollars for the American Cancer Society. We got there early, around 12:00, so that we could scope out the area. There was a raffle taking place, with prizes including a Tim Gunn bobble head, and the Semi-Automatic shirts from Emmett's store, autographed by Tim Gunn himself. These were of course sent by Emmett, who unfortunately could not attend the event that day.

Click here to continue.

Something Fun VIII - Uli Herzner Dress Up

Those clever folks at i-DressUp are really fast! Click here to play with Uli's collection. Thanks, MG.

Friday, October 27, 2006

From The Mailbox

Here is an interview with Michael Knight from AOL. Thanks Liz.

BPRs have been wondering, "Who gets the money from the Bravo auctions?" all season. Well - according to this NYPost article, the charity has yet to be determined. Thanks MEH.

Laura Bennett was on NPR this afternoon. Click on the link to listen to her Halloween suggestions. Thanks Sarah.

Fleurchon Friday

Yes, even Jane Fonda enjoys a nice Fleurchon once in a while!

Thanks Jacki!

BPRs please continue to send your fleurchon sightings as well as your Tim's Travelogue entries to Team BPR. Thanks!

From The Mailbox

BPR insider J.P. sends along "The Runway Horror Picture Show" from New York Magazine. Very scary....

Speaking of Halloween, are you looking for some last-minute costume ideas? NPR has some recommendations and how-to's from a few of your favorite PR designers! And yes, these would be terrific entries in our Halloween costume contest. Thanks Henry, Andi, AJ and Maly.

Here's Kara Janx and Alison Kelly at a Breast Cancer Awareness Event last weekend. Event planner Caroline sends along this note:

Over 1000 people showed up to meet Alison Kelly and Kara Janx at the Broadway Mall in Hicksville. They were each terrific, answered slews ofquestions, and signed autographs for all of their fans! Over $15,000 was raised for the American Cancer Society!

Click Here for the Latest From Project Yawnur

Something Fun VII - Laura Bennett Dress Up

BPR can't get enough i-dressup! Click here to play with Laura's garments from Season 3. Thanks, Brieanne.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

From the Mailbox

Sofia in Stockholm was kind enough to keep track of the Bravo auctions of the Finale Collections. Laura had the highest winning bid for the handbeaded dress Camilla wore during the runway show. The final price: $4,500.

As a whole, Laura's collection garnered the most money. Uli's collection came in a close second while Jeffrey's was third, followed by Michael's collection.
Thanks Sofia.

Here's an interesting history lesson on pockets. We all knew Tim Gunn was a walking dictionary, now he's become a walking encylopedia as well. Thanks Deb.

Finally, Pam sent us this mention of a very innovative Michael Knight in the Access Atlanta.

OFW Music - Laura's Song

Hello There,
Sam Shaffer of Spot On Sounds has generously agreed to share the music he and Adam Balazs composed for my final Project Runway show. Enjoy!

Click here for Laura's OFW music, aka 'Laura's Zest' and feel fabulously glamourous anytime, anywhere.

Something Fun VI - Jeffrey Sebelia Dress Up

BPR loves that i-dressup! Click here to have a little fun with Jeffrey's garments from Season 3!

Did you miss our other i-dressup posts? Click here for Daniel Vosovic's, here for Santino Rice's, here for Kara Janx's, here for Chloe Dao's and here for Jay McCarroll's.

And here is a Project Runway Collection 2005 i-dressup that, strangely, has no Kara Saun.

Hmmm ... are ANY of us going to have time to work today?

Thanks, MG!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A Brief Note From Vincent Libretti

Dear BPR,
Alot of people have asking about what have I've done in the 80's....so here you go..this was fall 87', we shipped these styles among others to nordstroms and many fine speciality stores....


Bobble Tim's Travelogue - Myrtle Beach, SC

Dear Friends,

I had such a lovely time visiting Season 3 Finalist Uli Herzner back in August. (For those of you who don't already know, Uli lives in Miami Beach, Florida where there are big palm trees and nice tropical beaches.)

Anyhow, when I received the call from Cynthia asking me to join her and her family on a trip to Myrtle Beach, how could I say no? I love the beach!

Click here to continue.

Some Uli Love

BPR friend Alden Viguilla sends in this gorgeous tribute to Uli Herzner along with this note:

hey bpr, Uli seems like the only one of the four finalists that hasn't been getting any love (not counting the comments...lol). SO, I wanna send in my tribute. Her collection for me was the most inspiring (hence the fanart).

Well, we're all about the love on BPR. Here's one more chance to send Uli some of yours.

From the Mailbox

If you're in Los Angeles and you're a Jeffrey fan, visit The Mountain Bar this Friday to see him as a guest DJ! Click here for the flyer.

Speaking of Jeffrey, here is a new interview with him in The Village Voice and a reminder that he is scheduled to appear today on the Ellen Degeneres show.

Look for PR Season 3 Fan Favorite, Michael Knight on BET's 'The Black Carpet' at 7:30 Eastern this Thursday. Thanks, Pam.

And what about Michael and Brandy? Click here to read an interview in which he addresses that popular question and tells us about just being himself. Thanks, Sophie.

Bradley Baumkirchner tells us that he will be on NPR later this week to talk about Halloween costumes. Details will follow. Hey, I wonder if he knows about our contest?

Finally, Heidi and Seal are, in the spirit of Halloween, 'The Crush of the Week.' Thanks, T&L!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Name Nina's Bambina/Bambino!

As we told you here, the radiant Nina Garcia is expecting her first child. Your mission is to name the baby. Keep in mind that her husband's last name is 'Conrod' so suggestions such as 'Jerry/Jerri Garcia' are not going to sound as, well, 'aesthetically pleasing.'

Remember our mantra: Don't Bore Nina!

From The Mailbox

Vincent Libretti gives a lengthy, entertaining interview to the Santa Monica Daily Press where we learn, among other things, that "the head coach for Ohio State University football just asked me to make him an outfit". Oh, dear Vincent. How we miss you! Thanks Amy and Erica.

Best Week Ever continues to show their PR love. Don't miss the Battle of the Gunns as Jeffrey Sebelia and Michael Knight have a Timpressions face off. Thanks Christine.

Daniel Vosovic fans will want to check out this podcast interview with Daniel on Craftcast. Thanks Deb.

Department store sales are up! Can you guess one of the reasons cited why? Thanks Deb.

Set your Tivo's for MADtv on Novemeber 4 where there will be a Project Runway parody. Thanks Wendie.

Katy's Take: The Finale

We were thrilled to finally meet Katherine Gerdes in person at the OFW show in Bryant Park last month. She is as sweet and genuine as you imagine. And opiniated! Katy has been providing her exclusive take on Season 3 for from a designer's perspective and checks in this week with her review of the Final four collections:

Jeffrey (WINNER): As I’m sure most of you know, I was not the biggest Jeffrey fan throughout the show, so I was surprised to think this at OFW, but Jeffrey’s collection was one of my favorites! After seeing all four collections, I’ll be honest and say that I was rooting for Uli (more on that later), but Jeffrey winning was well deserved. While there were a few pieces in his collection that I don’t think fit in at all (blue dresses), his designs were the most innovative and had the freshest point of view. I think he really took to heart the judges criticisms during the show about how he should be able to mix elegant and sophisticated into his grungy, rock and roll look. His collection showcased that mixture perfectly, and like the judges said, he really showed a whole “lifestyle” of clothing for his woman, not just a day look or evening look. It was hard for me to pick a favorite look from his collection. I absolutely loved his first red polka dot dress and of course his final green dress was stunning and the striped fabric was completely unexpected for a cocktail dress (very similar to his use of plaid for a couture dress), but I think I’m going with his second to last look (green striped blazer) as my favorite.

I think this look perfectly pulls together his rock and roll aesthetic while at the same time being very put together. It also manages to be casual and elegant all at the same time. Although personally I’m not a fan of skinny pants, I think those white leather pants are fantastic and really like the patches of distressing (or whatever it is he did to them). I love the mixture of the green striped blazer (which could look really preppy) with the zipper details and the silver tank. I also really like the way he used the striped fabric for a blazer in one outfit and then moved seamlessly to using it in an evening dress. All in all I thought this outfit really brought together what he was attempting to do with the collection.

My least favorite of Jeffrey’s was that blue and silver dress. It was just awful and didn’t fit that model well at all. Her chest looked enormous and it didn’t fit with the collection. I also think even had it fit well, he would have been in trouble with it, because it’s a natural reaction to compare it to Uli’s dresses; there really is no comparison there. Although I did really like the print on this dress and think it fit with his inspiration well.

Click here to continue reading Katy's Take as she gives us her hits and misses from Uli, Laura and Michael.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Halloween Costume Contest

Once again, it's time to get creative, BPRs! After seeing some crack-us-up funny photos from Project Lameway, we decided to hold our own Halloween Costume Contest.

Step 1: This Halloween, dress up as one of your favorite designers, judges, or models from Project Runway.

Step 2: Take lots of photos.

Step 3: Send us your best shots. (Now that the season is over, we've got nothing better to do.)

The contest will be judged by celebrity guest judges and the winner will receive some wonderful prizes. We will announce the names of the judges and the prizes at a later date.

It's a good thing BPR Team members aren't eligible to win this contest. We definitely have the goods.

Well Played, FourFour

Click here for his Finale take and a little (okay, alot!) of BPR love.

See you next Season, Rich. Loveyameanit!

BPR Interview With Amanda Fields

Amanda Fields distinguished herself as one of our favorite models during Season 3 of Project Runway. Her chatty nature and expressive reactions showed us that the models really do have something to say. Amanda took some time out to fill us in on the latest:

BPR: Hi Amanda, what have you been up to since we last saw you at Olympus Fashion Week?

AF: The Gen Art show that Nick Verreos hosted - I modeled in it too! There are photos up on getty images...There are a few on my myspace as well - www.myspace.com/modelgrl

I am with Photogenics here in LA - an amazing, top agency here. :) I have booked EIGHT fashion shows in Mercedes Benz LA Fashion Week at Smashbox Studios!! Gen Art (off site), Meghan Fabulous, Corey Lynn Calter, Morphine Generation, Joseph Domingo, Samora, Elsie Katz and Erica Davies (off site).

I have also shot an editorial for "Vegas Essential" Magazine - it should come out in November or December. Here is their link on myspace: www.myspace.com/vegasessential

BPR: Wow - where do you live?

AF: That is a good question! I am still renting my apt in ny, but LA has been so good to me that I think I will move out here for a while! Currently looking for an apartment in Hollywood!

Click here to continue reading our interview with Amanda as she talks about fabric shopping with Nick, her favorite outfit from Project Runway and whether or not her boyfriend got her the newest iPod yet.

Monday Morning Mail

This is late notice, but Jeffrey Sebelia is scheduled to be on Fox and Friends this morning. On Wednesday, look for him on the Ellen Degeneres Show. Thanks Bonita.

Jeffrey sets up new digs in New York, Uli's looking for a husband, Malan's opening a shop and Tim gets a small piggy bank. One little article, loads of info! Thanks aaandraeee.

That store in the backround of this shot from The Sartorialist sure looks familiar...

Did we miss this People feature on Jeffrey's win last week?

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Click Here for Photos of Tim Gunn at YouthAIDS

Last week, Karin sent us her report, Tim Gunn Returns to D.C. With all the hubbub of the Season Finale, these photos got lost in the shuffle.

Well, this is a good time as any for a little Tim Gunn fix. Click here to view the slideshow.

Photos courtesy of YouthAIDS. Thank you Karin.

A Note About Project Runway Music

Dear Scarlett,

Thanks for the interest in all things Runway. This is our third season doing the show and I have to say, it's been great fun and extremely exciting to see the interest grow in the show each season. I've done most of the music, but have gotten a few friends and such to add to the mix. Namely, Bon Harris of Nitzer Ebb (currently on tour) did several cues last year that still often are used. Bon and I are also in a band together here in LA called Maven on Cordless.com and have an album out on I-Tunes ....

...There will be a Project Runway Soundtrack album released shortly. Here's a pre-link. Unfortunately, Uli's song that she chose for the runway at Bryant Park is not included on this upcoming album. Hopefully, superbrecords.com will post the Uli song "Doggy Fun" on I-Tunes this coming week as a bonus track to the Runway album, since there's been so much demand. I'm hoping everyone checks out this album since it represents some of the recognizable songs from the show and is not exclusively techno stuff.

a sincere thanks to everyone's interest,
Biff Sanders
aka Harold Barefoot Sanders III

The soundtrack will be available October 31 but you can click here to pre-order it. We will, of course, keep you informed if Uli's OFW song, "Doggy Fun," does become available on iTunes.

You can click here for the Barefoot Music site.

Congratulations Nina!

There must be something in the water at Parsons. First it was Heidi Klum. Then, Laura Bennett. Now, Nina Garcia, Fashion Director of Elle magazine is also pregnant.

We congratulate Nina and her husband, David Conrod, on hearing this wonderful news. The couple is expecting their first child next March.

You can read more about it here.
Thank you Kelly and T&L for letting us know.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

It's a Nickapalooza in Seattle!

The reports from Lynnwood Washington are coming in - sounds like a great time!

Our first report is from Ashley:

I just got back from meeting Uncle Nick at the random location of La-Z-Boy in Lynnwood, Washington. It was great to finally meet my season two fave! He was very kind and he stood while he spoke to everyone individually. It was really great to be one on one with him. He predicts Jeffrey or Michael to be the winner of PR3. I've attached a picture of me with him and the items he signed for me- check out the
cheesy photos they were handing out for him to sign!

Click here for more photos from Ashley another report from Samantha and a VIDEO from Elizabeth. Thanks to all of our wonderful BPR Field Reporters!


Uncle Nick keeps on workin it ...and as a bonus he lists his "Top 5 Moments".

Minxknits swears it's a picture of a clam...

Joan puts up a strong rookie effort...

Schnauf was disappointed at the lack of lingo...

Eric must be watching a completely different version than what we see...

Kora's not buying any ghost stories. Or demons for that matter.

Bad Girls and Irish proverbs, an irresistable mix...

Chelsea finishes off Season 3 for us.

Thanks to all of recappers for a snarky season of fun. See you again for Season 4!

From The Mailbox

First, the New York Times salutes Jeffrey! (You might have to register but it only takes a second and then the site will always "remember" you - it's worth it.)

Looks like Bravo is coming out with another new show! "Top Design" debuts in January.

Here is an article about Michael in Access Atlanta. Thanks Pat, Colleen and Jessalyn.

Here is a blog about Atlanta entertainment. Gotta love the bloggers! Thanks Pat.

Here is another article about the record-setting numbers for the finale! Thanks Katie.

Here is a NYPost piece on Jeffrey. Thanks Valerie.

More Jeffrey in Boston.com. Did we already post this? I think I need a break!

This one is about crying on reality shows!

Transcript of Tim's Podcast - Finale Part Two

BPR Thanks Christine the Lawyer and her brother Kip for this excellent transcript!

I’m Tim Gunn and this is my podcast for the Project Runway finale – part 2. Our last show! As we concluded part 1 of the finale, Laura is raising questions regarding Jeffrey’s collection and whether it was executed by him. And I’ve collected the receipts, I have spoken to all the designers about what they sent out, what help they may have received, of any kind, and I have to say about Jeffrey, and I adore Jeffrey: he is sloppy. He’s not - he doesn’t have bad intentions. He’s not trying to buck the system, really. He does. But that’s not what he’s aiming to do. He just had read this list of things - OK, they can go out. Fine. Do it. Done. Now Laura sent nothing out of course, because who else could do anything as perfectly as she does – no one. And I mean that truly, I don’t mean that to sound cynical or snide. It’s really the truth.

Click here to continue.

Friday, October 20, 2006

The TRESemmé Finale Party - Part 2

Click on the arrow to watch the slideshow.

Sometimes the BPR love has to be up close and personal. All the hugs I got were really for you, dear readers. Yes, they read BPR. The designers love YOU!

From The Mailbox

ATTN: Los Angeles

Nick Verreos will be a presenter at the LA Fashion Awards tonight! Sorry for the late notice. It's at the Orpheum Theatre in downtown LA. Tickets are still available - call 213-480-3232.

Welcome Andrae Gonzalo to the wonderful world of blogging! Let's send Andrae lots of BPR love. Thanks Erica, Abby and Val.

Still wondering about the musical selections for the finale? You aren't the only one! Here is a link to a Bravo blog that helps to answer your questions. Thanks Brenda and Deb.

The Season Finale of Project Runway broke all previous records!

I have a question for you BPRs. Almost everyone agrees that they are "sick of the manufactured drama" but the show is more popular than ever. Why do you think that season three - with the added drama - is so popular? Theories? I'm serious!

Be Sure to Watch "Best Week Ever" on VH-1 Tonight!

Hey BPRs!

Michael and Jeffrey came into "Best Week Ever" yesterday to film stuff for tonight's show at 11 pm (heads up!) But I couldn't let them leave without capturing stuff for the blog! So we had them engage in a Timpression-off, a little bit we like to call "Show Us Your Gunns!" (with a surprise end!)

Click here to see the video on "Best Week Ever!"

There's a place on the site where you can vote for your favorite.

I'd also like to add that whatever impression I had of Jeffrey from the show completely faded in person. He was a DELIGHT! As, of course, was Michael.

Have a great weekend,

Should Laura Have Included This Look In Her Show?

Tim Gunn didn't think this chartreuse popsicle was even pretty. Would it have made a lick of difference with the judges?

Tell us what you think. Click here to vote.

Attention Season 1 Fans!

We have weekend appearances to report for two of your favorite Season 1 designers:

First, a reminder that Austin Scarlett is having a trunk show this weekend at Kleinfeld's. Brides-to-be do not want to miss it!

Next up, Season 1 winner Jay McCarroll will be in Scranton, PA tonight at the Fashion Weekend Happy Hour and Runway Fashion Show. Tomorrow he will be doing a meet & greet at Outrageous in downtown Scranton. Field reporters, send Austin and Jay some BPR love!

And speaking of Jay, don't forget that today is the last day to bid on the shoes and swag bag from his OFW show at Bryant Park last month. Proceeds benefit the BPR Parsons Scholarship Fund. Get your bids in now!

Tim Gunn Hosting on Regis and Kelly Today!

Don't forget! He is not merely a guest - he is the guest host! Can the TIm Gunn Network be far behind?

Transcript of Tim's "Sound Auf" Q & A

Faithful BPR Deb sent us this transcription of Tim's Q&A from the Project Runway Sound Auf - October 17, 2006 - thanks Deb!

Q: Tim, I was curious if you are ever subconsciously (or not!) tougher on a designer you may be less fond of? - Cathy
A: Frankly, I'm tougher on the ones I adore!

Click here to continue.

From The Mailbox

The big guns are weighing in on Wednesday's finale:

Having Robin Givhan write about PR this season has brought an added measure of credibility to the show. Don't miss her take on the finale in this morning's Washington Post. Thanks to all who sent this in.

TV Guide has an excellent interview up with Jeffrey Sebelia. Thanks Lydia.

Entertainment Weekly has interviews with the runner ups! Thanks Deb.

Here's the Boston Globe on Jeffrey's win. Thanks thescot.

And finally, the Montgomery Advertiser checks back in with Michael. Thanks Valerie.

OFW Collections for Auction - Click Here

Yes, the collections are available now for auction. You can own an original garment worn at Olympus Fashion Week by the Project Runway Season 3 finalists. Click here to bid or to just check out the auction progress to see if your favorite garment goes for the highest price.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Early Recaps

The Manolo spots an odious troglodyte in the Bryant Park tent!

Thank you Shawn for all of your help this season. BPR hearts you.

Tiffany has developed a mathemetical proof that proves beyond a doubt that Michael was the real winner. Plus, leather bubble shorts.

The superfab Amber had a superfab party at her superfab pad.

No way Mags would miss the Finale.

Who ended up with the most Lipstick Mystic points?

Toyuke didn't fall for the deceptive edits.

Elisa was disappointed, and can tell you why.

Glowy Box says Bah!

Allison says "I told you so!"

Project Lameway Report- Click Here for Photos

Last night, your humble reporters Jayne and Jeff from Thrown Under the Bus attended the Project Lameway: Part Duh fashion show and Project Runway Season 3 finale screening at Retro Fit in San Francisco hosted by owner Steven and his clever assistant Eden/Kayne.

This year marked the second installment of this insanely creative fundraising event for CASA (Children's After School Arts program) and like last year, it was wildly successful.

Click here to continue reading Jayne and Jeff's take on Project Lameway.

We hear you!

It seems that there are about 25 e-mails in the box asking for finale music and just as many letting us know that Jeffrey's is available online. Thank you ALL for the links. Here is a note from Jeffrey's friend Mike. We are working on getting the music from the other designers as well. We are here to serve!

Hey there BPR,

It really was amazing, even though, I have to admit, I knew about it for weeks now. I still was screaming along with everyone else when they said his name. I'm so proud of him.
The music sounded great with the show. I'm really happy with it.
If anyone's interested they can get the song, actually two versions of it, at Facecrime, And our myspace is The Original Lifter.

Thanks again for doing all you do with your site and keeping the fun going between Wednesdays.

Take care,

Here is a link to Jeffrey's Myspace where you can also hear the music from his show.

From The Mailbox

Top of the box goes to Mo Ryan's interview with Tim Gunn. She gets the best stuff! Thanks Deb.

More Tim here. Thanks again Deb!

Here is a review from Salon.com. Thanks Shannon, Tom S, Laura and Meghan.

BPRs know that I am a sucker for limericks! Check this out. Thanks Kenneth!

Here is more from Clarissa. BPR <3 the models! Thanks Jeff.

Amy LaCour was the winner of a PR contest on myspace. Here is her note to BPR:

Hello Bloggers!

I want you to know that I won the Project Runway MySpace sweepstakes in September. Bravo flew my boyfriend and I out to NYC to see the final runway show. And now, finally! we have a winner. (though I was pulling for Laura...)

Here is a link to the video of Amy's talk with Tim Gunn.

Well silly me - I was wrong about who I thought a Rolling Stone reporter would be rooting for! Thanks Warsaw and Erica.

There is something familiar about this blog entry...but it's still cute!

Entertainment Weekly has been consistently excellent in covering Project Runway all season. Thanks Christine.

More from the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The Rolling Stone playlist of the day is songs about fashion in honor of Project Runway!

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The TRESemmé Finale Party - Part 1

Click here for a photo gallery of the fabulous finale party hosted by TRESemmé. Click here for videos of interviews given last night at the event. As the BPR field reporter and guest of TRESemmé, I had an 'All Access Media Pass' that allowed me the opportunity to give some up-close and personal BPR love to all of the four finalists as well as to the designers from all three seasons of Project Runway. Look for my exclusive slideshow tomorrow!

Thanks go to Bea for the invitation and to Bob for the fabulous TRESemmé photos.

Video - Today Show: Jeffrey Sebelia - Click Here

Missed Jeffrey Sebelia on the Today Show this morning? Click here to view it.

Project Lameway - Click Here

Looks like they had a gay ol' time in San Francisco at the Project Lameway Competitive Fashion Show and Viewing Party. The event took place yesterday at Retro Fit in San Francisco.

Click here to view more hilarious photos. Thanks, Matthew.

A Lot at Lot 8 Viewing Party

Season 2 winner, Chloe Dao, had a Finale Viewing Party last night at her Lot 8 store in Houston. Our intrepid BPR Field Reporter, Myra, filed this report:

I love BPR and so does Chloe! She admits that she goes on the site all the time to read the posts. Last night, I attended the Season 3 Finale viewing party at Lot 8 with my friends Carisa and Dana and we had the opportunity to talk with Chloe before the store started getting packed. There was champagne and hors'dourves as well as a plasma screen and projector showing the finale. Her store was open for business the entire time and people were buying all throughout the night (taking advantage of that 20% discount on Chloe Dao items). All in all, there were probably about 50+ people in attendance.

The highlight of the night was meeting and speaking with Chloe. She is just as you would expect - beautiful, outgoing, down to earth, and sweet. She looked really amazing in one of her own designs as well. Chloe was kind enough and patient to take a picture with my friends and I after many bad shots. I think we finally got a cute one though! We all had a great time ... enjoy the photos!

Myra N.

Thank you Myra. Click here to view Myra's photos, along with a few of my own.