Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Amanda's Take - Season 8 - Episode 5

Project Runway Season Three model, Amanda Fields returns with her "model's Take" on episode 5.

Isn't it a beautiful thing when a model can come to her designer's aid in the midst of a crisis of inspiration? Casanova's model, Sarae gave him a pep talk from her heart. She knew that for him to be able to finish his work he needed to be confident. She is my favorite model this week because she showed compassion and talent! I am sure the other models are nice too - and will get their chance to shine in this way.

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Episode 5 Trivia Contest

BPRs it has been a while since I have been inspired to create a trivia contest. This one was so rich with delicious details that I couldn't resist.

I have a season five DVD signed by Tim Gunn for the prize. (Thanks Mark Y!)

Please do not leave your answers in the comments, e-mail to Team BPR. The first person to get all of the answers is the winner.

1. After comparing Gretchen to Hitler, April predicts that she will "put her _____ on everything the team does."

2. On day one of the challenge, what color are Mondo's glasses?

3. What color are Peach's glasses?

4. Which designer is the designated "notion boy?"

5. What phrase is tattooed on AJ's back?

6. Which designer invented a new technique: The "blousonted" sleeve? :)

7. What is the name of Casanova's aunt?

8. What color is the top that Heidi wears for the runway judging?

9. Which designer wears a stuffed red heart for the runway judging?

10. Which designer predicts, "I'm going home."

Bonus Question: On the runway, Mondo is wearing a figural pin of what animal on his lapel? You don't have to answer this to win - it's just for fun.

Update: We have a winner! Congratulations to Jennifer L! I will post the answers in the comments.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Whopper Of The Week

Photo: Barbara Nitke/Lifetime Networks

We just couldn't let this one pass by without comment. When Andy South asked the judges to base their decision on what they knew of the designers, CFDA Lifetime Achievement Award winner (how pretentious is that introduction each week?) Michael Kors had this to say:

"You know that's not how it works. This isn't about past history. It's about what we are looking at today. That's the truth."

Really, Michael? Anyone who has watched Project Runway for more than 10 minutes knows what utter crap that line was. Chloe Dao won Season 2 based on past history. How many times has Heidi asked "Who do we want to see more from?" in the judges deliberation? Did Gretchen's two wins really not factor in your decision at all?

Michael, please don't think that award gives you license to bully these young designers with nonsense. We love you for your snarky, accurate evaluations of the designs. But don't insult the intelligence of Project Runway fans by trying to make us think you start with a blank slate every week. Of course past history plays a part in your decisions, this is fashion. And this certainly isn't our first time at the rodeo.

Episode 6 Preview Video

Don't Cry For Me, Casanova

Nearly lost in all of the Gretchen and Tim Gunn drama from Episode 5 was Casanova's "major, major, MAY-JOR diva moment", as Valerie put it. Sleep deprived and stung by a mild Tim Gunn criticism, Casanova laid down on the lounge sofa and had himself a good cry.

"I'm on the verge to loose my mind!" he wailed, as a parade of team mates tries to console him. "I'm even getting FAT!" Valerie, Michael D and Peach all tried to hold his hand yet it looked as if he was getting close to walking off the show. Credit must be given to his model Sarae Cart, who looks half his age yet became the wise elder and gave Casanova the inspiration to carry on. (And did you notice that it was Michael C. from the other team that encouraged Sarae to talk to him?)

It was a classic Project Runway "Make It Work" moment for Casanova. He busted out a fabulous pair of white pants to go with his lace top to take home the win and immunity for the next challenge. So good was Episode 5 that this scene took a backseat to the drama to come. But let's offer some late congratulations to Casanova. He turned adversity into something beautiful and it is those moments that make us love this show so much.

Tim Gunn Cameo At The Emmy's

The 2010 Emmy Awards did a funny send up of Glee in the open last night that featured a cameo from Tim Gunn. Check him out at the 1:53 mark.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Heidi At The Emmys

Photos: WireImage

Heidi Klum poses on the red carpet at the 2010 Emmy Awards in a Marchesa dress with husband Seal at her side. Project Runway is nominated again in the Outstanding Reality Competition category.

Shiny, tight and short - just the way she likes it!

Update: Click here for a closer look from Nick Verreos.


When you get great material, you get great recaps:

TLo's Thirty-ThreeFaces of Gretchen deserves special mention this week...
You just know Uncle Nicky loved the dram-dram...
Eric3000 reaches a milestone...
Laura Bennett goes to bat for Gretchen...
JordanBaker kinda likes Tim Gunn...
Maxthegirl thinks Gretchen will rebound...
Carol Hannah knows past history counts...
Second City Style has all the best quotes...
The Democracy Diva is all about the design...
Katnap has the Queen Bees and The Wannaees...
Elisa must have been watching a different show...
And Toyouke was all over it...

Thank you recappers! If you have a recap to share e-mail the link to Team BPR. See you next week!

Update: Click here for Miz Shoes.

Click here for Brigitte.

Thank you recappers!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Wekend News from Althea Harper, Michael Drummond, and Nina Garcia

Click image to enlarge

Althea Harper is showing her SS11 collection on September 15th.

Click here for a new interview with Michael Drummond from stltoday.

Click here for a new interview with Nina Garcia.

Episode 5 Online - "There IS an "I" in Team

Click here to watch.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Attention Phoenix-Area Fashion Students

"Sew From the Heart" is sponsoring a fashion design competition worthy of any aspiring Project Runway contestant.

The "Love to Sew Runway Challenge" is open to all fashion students and takes place September 24 - 26th. Good luck designers, see you on the runway!
Click here for more information.

BPR Interview with AJ Thouvenot

Project Runway Season 8 designer AJ Thouvenot talks about his experience on the show. A highlight: AJ was "shocked" at Tim Gunn's take-down of Gretchen after his elimination.

Click here for the podcast.

Click here for Trashbiscuit.

Thank you AJ!

Gretchen To The Rescue

At 9:47 p.m. ET last night, a simple question was asked in the Epiosde 5 play by play/party post. "How are they going to fill the next 45 minutes?" The designs were completed and they were heading off to the runway at the half way point. Could there really be enough material left that would make us want to hang around until the end?

For two-plus seasons now we've heard the fan complaints about the Lifetime/Bunim-Murray production of Project Runway. The show has been stale, there is a lack of story telling, there is too much drama and too little design, there is too much design and not enough drama! In an attempt to allow more time in the workroom and on the runway, they made the huge leap to 90 minutes for S8. Going into last night's episode, the extended format has been met with yawns. Enter Gretchen Jones.

Gretchen's backpedalling meltdown on the runway will go down as one of the classic moments of the entire series. What started out as a "collaborative" and "united" effort (buffeted by Oscar-worthy fake tears) quickly devolved into a "crappy collection" where "grandma arrived" and "everybody sucked". As soon as the judges started pressing her, she folded like a cheap luxe suit, led the charge to throw Michael C. under the bus and prompted Tim to deliver a stirring post-game smackdown.

The reaction to all of this has been cray-cray. Gretchen has angered plenty of fans but also has her fair share of defenders. Love her or hate her, she has everyone talking today and provided dramatic gold that even Bunim-Murray couldn't screw up. Who can't wait to see what happens next? She just may have single-handedly saved Season 8.

Poll - Episode 5 - Your Turn to be the Judge

Top (l-r) Team Luxe: A.J., Andy, Christopher, Michael C., Ivy and Gretchen
Bottom (l-r) Team M&L: April, Casanova, Michael D., Mondo, Peach and Valerie
Click for a larger view. All photos courtesy of ProjectRunway.com

You've seen the designs on the runway and now it's your turn to be the judges. This week you are Heidi Klum, Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and Georgina Chapman.

Click here to tell us who should have won.

Click here to tell us who should have been auf'd.

From the Mailbox

Click here for a "behind-the-scenes" tour of the Project Runway set with Heidi Klum.

Click here for Heidi's favorite things.

Click here for a new interview with AJ Thouvenot.

Click here for an episode 4 recap from GirlyShoes.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tim Gunn Isn't Having Any Of It

Tim puts an exclamation point on what was arguably the best epiosde of Project Runway in the Lifetime era:

"Sit down for a minute, AJ. I have a few words for Team Luxe. I fundamentally do not understand your behavior and demeanor and affect on the runway. I don't get it. I don't know why you allowed Gretchen to manipulate, control and bully you. I DON'T understand it. And AJ, you've taken the bullet and now I have to send you up to the workroom to clean up your space."

We love you Tim.

Reactions To Episode 5

It was Team Luxe vs. Team Underdog on Project Runway tonight and we witnessed a runway meltdown for the ages! And then Tim tops it off with his own takedown? It was all so very delicious. Post your reactions to Episode 5 here.

BPR Live Play By Play/Party Room

Project Runway Season 7 Designers join Seth Aaron Henderson at Portland Fashion Week

Jay Nicolas Sario and Jonathan Joseph Peters will join Seth Aaron for Portland Fashion Week October 6 - 10th. Click here for more information.

Malan Breton Spring 2011

Malan Breton will present his Men's and Women's Collections for Spring/Summer 2011 on Monday, September 13th 2010 11:00 am at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City during this September's upcoming New York Fashion Week.

Presented with a live 65 piece orchestra, the Chelsea Symphony, and dancers Brittany Franklin and Chase Finlay, the collections are based on the concept of American sportswear meets Paris Couture.

Malan's show is sponsored by Style 360 and Rado Switzerland.

Stay tuned to BPR for reports from this show!

New Christian Siriano Collection now Available at Payless

Photo: Getty Images/Payless

Christian Siriano's new collection for Payless is now available.

MTV.com provides us with a side-by-side comparison of the original runway versions and the Payless collection.

Click here to shop online. What do you think?

Christian will also be on "The View" this morning.

Tonight On BPR

Photo: Barbara Nitke/Lifetime Television
It's team challenge time on Project Runway this evening - everyone's favorite manipulated stew of design and drama. This time with a bit of a twist, two teams of six! So let's say we draw a line right between April and AJ and I think we have our sides picked. Hmmm - who do you like? Team BPR is on hand to cheer and jeer right along with you. Here's the skinny:
  • By popular consensus, we will continue to run our simultaneous play by play and party threads in the Cover It Live chatroom. Join Tbone and suzq as they describe all 90 minutes of the show along with the merry cast of party room regulars. We go live at 8:30 p.m. and all are welcome!
  • After the show, tell us what you really thought of the episode in our weekly reactions thread.

We hope to see you tonight on BPR!

Results In - You Were the Judge Episode 4

Our polls for Episode 4 are closed. You disagreed with the judges and felt that Michael Drummond deserved the win. Click here to see the results. You agreed with the judges and thought that Kristin should have been the 'auf.' Click here to see the results.

Check back with us tomorrow for our Episode 5 poll.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

There is Still Time...

There is still time to bid in the episode 4 designs. Right now, Valerie's design has the highest bid. Click here to see all of the auctions.

There is also still time to vote in our episode 4 poll. Did you agree with the judges?

Dish from "Tim Gunn's Golden Rules"

Click here to pre-order Tim's book - available September 7th.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

News from Nina Garcia

Photo: Chester Higgins Jr./The New York Times

Click here for a new interview with Nina Garcia from The New York Times.

Click here to order Nina Garcia's Look Book: What to Wear for Every Occasion.

News from Tim Gunn, Nick Verreos, Gordana Gehlhausen and Jesus Estrada

Photo: Tom Corbett

Tim Gunn's "Rules to Dress By" are featured in the October issue of Redbook Magazine.

Project Runway Season Six alums, Gordana Gehlhausen and Jesus Estrada are among the designers featured at "Project Ethos" in San Diego on August 26th. Click here for more information.

"Fashion's Night Out" on September 10th is expanding beyond New York. Nick Verreos writes about plans for the Los Angeles celebration here.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Weekend News

Photo: Mathew Imaging/WireImage

Christina Hendricks is gorgeous in a Christian Siriano gown at the 62nd Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards on Saturday.

Click here for Malan Breton's Musings.

Click here for more from Louise Black At Austin Fashion Week.


Photo from Nick Verreos

Uncle Nick picks Isabella Blow for the win...
Eric3000 makes Ivy some Eggs Benedict...
Laura Bennett thinks the hats are ridiculous...
Carol Hannah is all riled up...
Katnap is a fabulous newcomer...
Second City Style always delivers...
Maxthegirl pages Dr. Gretchen...
Brian may have some panty nightmares...
The Democracy Diva breaks it down...
Brigitte thinks the designers were scared by Treacy...
Lorraine may as well just go ahead and put a title up...
Jordan Baker needs a big sunhat...
And Toyouke is the anchor.

ETA: Karis sees it from a newcomers perspective and Red Poppy knows her millinery.

Thank you recappers! If you have a Project Runway recap to share, e-mail the link to Team BPR by Saturday. See you in seven.

Friday, August 20, 2010

BPR Podcast with Kristin Haskins Simms

Project Runway Season 8 designer, Kristin Haskins Simms talks about her experience on the show.
Click here for the podcast.
Thank you Kristin!

Poll - Episode 4 - Your Turn to Be the Judge

Photos: 1). A.J. 2). Andy 3). April 4). Casanova 5). Christopher 6). Gretchen
7). Ivy 8). Kristin 9). Michael C 10).Michael D. 11). Mondo 12). Peach 13). Valerie
Photos courtesy of ProjectRunway.com. Click to see a larger view.

You've seen the designs on the runway and now it's your turn to be the judges. This week you are Heidi Klum,Nina Garcia, Michael Kors and Philip Treacy.

Click here to tell us who should have won.

Click here to tell us who should have been auf'd.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Reactions To Episode 4

Photo: Barbara Nitke/Lifetime Television
It was a heady competeition tonight on Project Runway as the 13 remaining designers squared off in a unique and inspiring challenge. What did you think of the judges decision? Post your reactions to Episode 4 here.

Episode 4 Live Play By Play/Party Room

Attention party room and play by play fans! This week, we are combining the two threads into the Cover It Live application in an attempt to bring everyone together in one post. All are welcome to join Tbone and suzq as we watch Episode 4: "Hats Off To You" together. Come on in, we won't bite!

Results in - You Were the Judge

You agreed with the judges this week, selecting Andy's garment as your favorite.
Click here to see the results.

However, you disagreed with the auf, choosing Casanova's gown as your least favorite.
Click here to see the poll.

From the Mailbox

Jack Mackenroth is the co-executive producer on a new docu-drama called The Queens of Drag: NYC. The series premieres on September 8th. Click here for more information. Click here for the trailer.

Nina Garcia is having another boy! Click here for more.

Click here for Nina's "Top 10 Must-haves For Fall."

Click here for a new interview with Jason Troisi.

Project Runway Season Six designer, Christopher Straub will be at the Orlando Home Show 2010 in October. Click here for more information.

Louise Black at Austin Fashion Week

Project Runway Season Six designer, Louise Black presented a trunk show at Feathers Boutique yesterday. BPR's own Frank Hui attended the "Austin Fashion Week" event and sends us this report. Thanks Frank!

All photos: Frank Hui
Dear BPR,

My roomie Rick and I have been attending a few Austin Fashion Week events. Luckily most are open to the public for free. Been lots of fun. Someone like Louise, who's a quirky doll, fits right in to the Austin mix of being professional and being eccentric.

Austin Fashion Week pairs up a designer in fashion, jewelry or accessories with a specific boutique or salon for their mutual promotion. Louise had a trunk show at Feathers Boutique along with wild wigs from Coco Coquette. Here is one of Louise's corsets.

Click here to continue.

Tonight On BPR

Photo: Barbara Nitke/Lifetime Television
It's a challenge "that tops all others" tonight as the Project Runway designers are tasked with creating a dress around one of 13 amazing Philip Treacy chapeaus. Heidi is excited and so are we! Here's the plan for Episode 4 "Hats Off To You":
  • We are once again combining the weekly play by play and party posts, this time entirely within the Cover It Live application beginning at 8:30 p.m. Tbone and suzq will provide live coverage of Episode 4 and all are welcome to add their own bits of snarky humor as we watch together.
  • After the show, tell us what you thought of the new episode in our reactions post. Don't hold back!

Another Thursday means another new episode of Project Runway. We'll see you tonight on BPR!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Amanda's Take - Season 8 - Episode 3

Project Runway Season Three Model, Amanda Fields is back with her "Model's Perspective" on Episode 3. Thank you Amanda!

I absolutely love challenges on Project Runway that involve working with materials that aren't fabric. It gives the viewers a new perspective into the design process and takes the designers out of their comfort zone. It's fun too as a model to show up and find out you are wearing something more complex than your average cocktail dress. For some models it's not so fun though because these "unconventional" materials can be quite uncomfortable to wear. It can also be annoying because you sometimes need to stand in the outfit once you are dressed. No sitting - for hours.

April's model Millana must be commended this week! She let her designer know in the fitting that the dress was poking her in the face as she moved and it was sharp. I'm not sure if April altered this to make Millana more comfortable or not, but this model really wore it well because she didn't let the audience know it bothered her AT ALL. I also loved her hair styled straight, sleek and modern. Do I perhaps see a little Iman in her? She really came out of her shell this week in my opinion.

Click here to continue.

There is Still Time...

...to bid on the Episode Three designs. Right now Andy's winning design has the highest bid. Click here to see all of the auctions.

There is also time to vote in our episode three polls here. Did you agree with the judges?

News from Michael Kors, Tim Gunn and Nick Verreos

From left, with Lance LePere, his boyfriend; with his mother, Joan, on her wedding day in 1974 (he helped customize the dress).
(Photo: From left to right: Patrick McMullan; Courtesy of Michael Kors)

Click here for a new Michael Kors profile from New York Magazine.

In anticipation of Tim Gunn's Gossip Girl appearance, Movieline presents his "Three Best TV Cameos."

Click here for more about back-to-school shopping from Nick Verreos.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Episode 4 Preview Video


From ZAP2it.com - a new preview of episode 4.

Tim Gunn to Guest Star on Gossip Girl in October

Click here for the story from TVGuide.

As I watched the clip I thought I spotted Blair in a Seth Aaron Henderson design...

A closer look proves that is not quite the same dress!

Trivia: Blair wore which Project Runway designer's green dress in 2008?

From The Mailbox

Mondo Guerra is the pride of Denver.

Season Six designer Louise Black will be presenting a Trunk Show at Feathers Boutique in Austin tomorrow night. Click here for more.

Nina Garcia offers fashion tips from her new book here.

Episode 4 Preview Video

Monday, August 16, 2010

From The Mailbox

Click here for a recap of episode 3 from Katnap.

Project Runway Season Four designer, Kevin Christiana will be designing artwork for your in-flight tray tables! Click here for more information.

Click here for more from Nick Verreos and The Rockettes.

BPR Exit Interview with Sarah Trost

Sarah talks about the last challenge and what she wishes she had done differently.

Click here for the podcast.

Tim Gunn's Video Recap - Season 8 - Episode 3

All Tim Gunn - All the Time

Tim Gunn's advice for "Making it in the Fashion World" is here in Marie Claire.

Tim will be at Kate Spade 454 Broome St. for "Fashion's Night Out" on Sept. 10th. Click here for more information.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Photo courtesy of Eric Hormell

Wow - the recappers are out in full force this week with plenty of snarky goodness for your Sunday reading pleasure. Now about that photo up there:

Eric3000 has a history with the jumpsuit...
Uncle Nick pegs AJ as Olivia Newton-John...
Laura Bennett thinks Gretchen poisoned Ivy...
Carol Hannah refuses to dislike Gretchen...
Maxthegirl wonders about Gretchen's chopsticks...
Lorraine was wrong about her title...
Elisa calls out Casanova for stuffed-puppycide...
Red Poppy struggles to spell spell auf wiedersehen...
Jordan Baker has fallen for the Gretchen edit...

Second City Style has all the best quotes...
Brigitte thinks Casanova is being kept for characther...
Miz Shoes has an ode to Jason...
Karis watched Project Runway for the very first time...
Ji Hyun liked how valerie defended Gretchen...
Annie Barrett fills in at EW.com...
And Toyouke closes it out as usual.

Thank you recappers! If you have a recap to share, e-mail the link to Team BPR, deadline is midnight Saturday. See you next week!

Weekend News from Tim Gunn, Nina Garcia and Jay Nicolas Sario

Don't miss Tim Gunn's Episode 3 recap here.

Nina Garcia discusses fall 2010 fashion trends here in the NY Daily News.

Are you a Project Runway designer who is exhausted and just ready to go home? Click here for advice.

Jay Nicolas Sario will be a featured designer at "Fall Fashion in the Park" on September 10th in San Francisco. Click here for more information.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Episode 3 Online - "It's a Party"

Click here to watch.

News from Suede

Dear BPR,

Just wanted to follow up with some photos of the SUEDEsays™ for eCraft ™ dresses I designed using the new eCraft by Craftwell. It is designed for paper cutting but thinking outside the box I used the machine to create these three looks.

1) Butterfly Felt Dress. - I custom designed the tropical filigree pattern on the bodice to resemble lace. I used felt over the reverse side of charmuse to create this dress - along with a healthy dose of tulle. The butterfly skirt shows how 3-d effects can be utilized instead of always cutting things out.

2) Glitter Disco Mini Dress - I created a lace slip dress as the base and used the eCraft to cut out hundreds of circles and then stitched each one on by hand.. YIKES talk about a challenge!!!

3) Upside Down Tree Dress - I created a linen bustier style bodice and covered it with self adhesive wood veneer using the eCraft to cut those customized shapes that fit perfectly into the style lines. Then I made a raw silk skirt and created customized vine-like leaf shapes using the eCraft. Then I stitched the leaves down all over the 8 gore handkerchief hem line skirt to give it the perfect GAGA meets MADONNA look. Suede is sooo ready to dress the girlz!!!

Sending you lots of luv!!!


Click here for more from Suede!