Wednesday, December 30, 2009

From The Mailbox

Photo: G Caballero/WireImage

Christian Siriano arrives at the opening of Klutch Nightclub on December 29, 2009 in Miami Beach, Florida.

Congratulations to Tim Gunn and Ellen Degeneres on being named PETA's "People of the Year." Click here for the full story.

Heidi Klum and Project Runway are included in Modelinia's "Major Model Moments of the Decade." Click here for the full story.

Twin Cities residents, you can celebrate New Year's Eve with Christopher Straub and Ra'mon-Lawrence Coleman. Click here for more information.

Click here for Logan Neitzel's tips on working with leather from eHow.

From The Mailbox

Photo: Eliesa Johnson for METRO Magazine

Click here for a new interview with Ra'mon-Lawrence Coleman from l'etoile magazine.

Click here for The Daily Beast's look back at "reality tv's first winners" including Jay McCarroll.

Here is more from Nick Verreos and "The Victory Project."

A Leanne Marshall Wedding dress has been posted on eBay. Click here to bid.

More from Leanne Marshall at "Islands of the World Fashion Week" here.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday Morning Mailbox

Photo: Yarish/Lifetime

Project Runway is one of the decade's "Unforgettable Fashion Moments" from

Nick Verreos is the Style Expert for "The Victory Project" at MSN. Follow along as women around the country achieve their fitness and style goals.

Project Runway Season 5 designer Blayne Walsh has a new blog. Click here for The Unicorn King.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Weekend News

Happy Holidays to all of our readers from Team BPR!'

Click here for Holiday Style Tips from Christian Siriano.

BPRs please welcome Carol Hannah Whitfield to her blogging gig on

Click here to enter a contest to win a $100 gift card for Mood Fabrics.

The Daily Loaf goes out on a limb with some early predictions about Project Runway season seven.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

From The Mailbox

Photo: Volker Fleck

Rami Kashou's Spring 2010 Collection is featured in the LATimes. Click here for more.

Althea Harper is among the designers showing at the Los Angeles "Focus" fashion event in January 2010. Click here for more information.

Daytonites can meet Althea at Therapy Cafe this weekend. Click here for more info.

eHow has published a series of diy fashion articles written by Project Runway designers. The series includes

"How to Make Old Clothing Look New" from Johnny Sakalis,

"How to Start an Online Clothing Business" from Louise Black.

"How to Fulfill Your Pro Designer Dreams" from Gordana Gehlhausen, and many more. Click here for the index. Thank you eHow.

Irina and Kalyn at their Marie Claire Photo Shoot

The Project Runway Season Six Winner's collection will be in the March 2010 issue of Marie Claire magazine.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

More Previews!

Plus a sneak peek at the S7 opener:

Monday, December 21, 2009

New Season 7 Preview

The Lifetime hype machine starts to heat up with"unprecedented talent", "unthinkable challenges" and what Tim calls "the biggest challenge in Project Runway history."

Just a little more than 3 weeks away!

Irina Shabayeva - Spring 2010

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Weekend News

The cast of Project Runway Season 7 is featured in the current issue of Us Weekly.

Click here to watch Laura Bennett on The Today Show offering suggestions for how to add "Holiday Sparkle to your Winter Wardrobe."

Click here for advice for holiday dressing from Tim Gunn.

Click here for a new profile of Christian Siriano from The Washington Post.

Click here to read about Nick Verreos and David Paul's tour of the White House.

Our best wishes go out to Althea Harper on the announcement of her engagement to Stewart Adam. The couple is planning a Summer 2011 wedding!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Chris March Talks to TVGuide About His New Book

Poll: Zoe Glassner and Ping Wu's Hat...

Is Zoe really that taken with the hat, or is she just having fun with us?

Seven 7 News

After the announcement of the Project Runway Season Seven Cast yesterday, bloggers and websites are offering opinions and information. Here are just a few:

Click here for the excellent, "Handicapping the Project Runway Season 7 Contestants" from The Huffington Post.

Click here for news about Jesse LeNoir from the Orlando Sentinel. "Actor Plays Fashion Designer on TV" LOL.

Click here for Trent's look at S7.

Great responses in the comments at

Entertainment Weekly.

Here's a look at the cast from the NY Daily News.

From The Mailbox

Emmett McCarthy and Kevin Christiana served as judges at a recent fashion event in Boston. Click here for more from

Minnesotans can celebrate New Year's Eve with Christopher Straub and Ra'mon-Lawrence Coleman. Click here for more information.

Christian Siriano presented a trunk show at a boutique in Winnetka last Thursday. Click here for details.

Finally, don't miss this charming stitched portrait of Tim Gunn, available at etsy.

Christopher Straub on ShopNBC This Morning

Project Runway season Six designer Christopher Straub will be on ShopNBC today. You can watch him live from your computer by clicking here, or click here to shop for Christopher's designs.

Fashion In Detroit Video

Here's a look back at Joe Faris, Kevin Christiana and others at "Fashion in Detroit." The next event will be March 19 - 20.

More information here.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Season 7 Designer Links

We do the Googling so you don't have to!

Click here for the official press release.

Ben Chmura on Facebook and MySpace
Jesus Estrada on Facebook
Seth Aaron Henderson Website
Mila Hermanovski on Facebook and Brave New Frock Website
Christiane King Website and on Facebook
Jesse Lenoir on Facebook and House of Kilroy MySpace
Anna Lynett photos, plus she is "buildng a collection"
An article featuring Maya Molina-Araujo (Maya Luz). More here and here
Janeane Marie Ceccanti Website and on Etsy and she blogs!
Jay Nicolas Sario on Friendster
Jonathan Peters on Facebook
Pamela Ptak Website
Emilio Sosa on Facebook and an article in NY Magazine
Amy Sarabi on Facebook
Anthony Williams on Facebook
Ping Wu Website

If you have a Season 7 designer link to share, please send it in. More to come - stay tuned!

Jesse LeNoir - Designer Bio

Click here to continue.

Jay Nicolas Sario - Designer Bio

Click here to continue.

Janeane Marie Ceccanti - Designer Bio

Click here to continue.

Emilio Sosa - Designer Bio

Click here to continue.

Christiane King - Designer Bio

Click here to continue.

Ben Chmura - Designer Bio

Click here to continue.

Anthony Williams - Designer Bio

Click here to continue.

Anna Lynett - Designer Bio

Click here to continue.

Amy Sarabi - Designer Bio

Click here to continue.

Project Runway Season 7 Cast Revealed!

Click here for more!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Nina Garcia at Target

Tim Gunn at the 2009 Design Fair

From The Mailbox

Photo: Charles Beckwith

BPR friend Charles Beckwith covered Epperson's Show at Harlem Fashion Row here.

Project Runway Season One finalist, Wendy Pepper offers formal wear advice here.

More advice on how to "fix" Project Runway here. These are all sounding the same aren't they? BPRs, do you have any NEW suggestions?

Monday, December 14, 2009

From The Mailbox

Photo: Perry Hagosian

Click here for the latest fashion tips from Tim Gunn at

Click here for more from Nick Verreos at The Corcoran.

Click here for a feature about Project Runway Season Six designer Christopher Straub from CityPages.

Click here for a feature about Rami Kashou from the Los Angeles Times.

Jay McCarroll - Looking Good!

Obviously, the "Celebrity Fit Club" program is working for Jay! (The new season premieres on February 14, 2010.) Click here for info about Jay's class at Spool in Philly.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Friday, December 11, 2009

Kara Janx on TV

From The Mailbox

Reports are coming in from Nick Verreos's trip to Washington DC. Here is a story from the Washington Examiner where Nick names the SECOND lady of fashion in DC.

Here is an account from "The Capitol Fashionista."

More here from "Convince Me DC." A highlight: Nick is working on a deal with QVC...

Click here for a new interview with Christopher Straub.

Click here for a Smithsonian Channel video of Tim Gunn. Before you watch, ask yourself what Project Runway item do you think deserves a place in The Smithsonian?

Malan Breton Homme is featured in the current issue of BlackBook Magazine.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Kit Scarbo on Trends to say "Hi" and "Bye" to

From The Mailbox

Islands of the World Fashion Week | Leanne Marshall of Project Runway from Factio Magazine on Vimeo.

Leanne Marshall recently showed her Spring/Summer 2010 collection at the "Islands of the World Fashion Week" in The Bahamas.

Click here for a new interview with Carol Hannah Whitfield.

Click here for a fellow blogger's account of Christian Siriano's recent lecture at the Corcoran.

Click here to read about Irina Shabayeva's visit to Macy's in Orange County. Don't miss the slideshow.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

From The Mailbox

The Project Runway Wii video game will be released on March 2, 2010. Click here for details. The game will include video versions of Tim Gunn, Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia and Michael Kors as well as the top eight designers from season six.

Click here for a new interview with Irina Shabayeva.

Project Runway Alum Rami Kashou's BETWEEN THE LINES Spring Summer 2010

This film, directed by Stuart Lessner offers a live picture of Rami Kashou's Spring Summer 2010 Collection. Click here for Rami's updated website.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

From The Mailbox

Click here to read about Nick Verreos and Gilles Marini at a recent Rodeo Drive event. Who wore it better?

Joe Faris helps the band "Avienne" achieve a new look. Click here for the video.

Project Runway Season Five designer Emily (Brandle) Harteau will be selling her designs at a holiday event in Los Angeles this weekend. Click on the flyer below for more details.

Today is the last day to vote in the "People's Choice Awards." Click here to vote for your favorite reality show.

Heidi Klum Barbie

Are you looking for a special gift for a Project Runway Fan? The Heidi Klum Barbie is available at

Also, today is the last day to vote in the "People's Choice Awards." Click here to vote for your favorite reality show.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

From The Mailbox

Photo: Astrid Stawiarz/WireImage

Irina Shabayeva and Kalyn Hemphill were at Macy's in Herald Square yesterday to promote Irina's collection for Macy's.

Click here for a new interview with Christian Siriano.

A highlight: SL: Bravo announced earlier this year they were working with you to develop a possible reality series. What's up with that?
CS:: Well, we do have something in the works, but there's nothing concrete.

SeenON! is offering "chic pieces from Project Runway finalists" on sale just in time for holiday shopping.

Christopher Straub's original sketch is available on eBay as a "Buy it now."
Click here to purchase.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

The New Old Biddy is Back

Jennifer Eolin is back to share what happens when "real people" wear Project Runway clothes. Click here for her post.

Friday, December 04, 2009

From The Mailbox

Click here for Tim Gunn's "Ten Red Carpet Looks I Love" from Entertainment Weekly.

Click here for a new interview with Tim from Liz Claiborne's "It's Time to Talk" event.

Click here for a video presentation by Shirin Askari encouraging textile designers to submit entries to a design contest.

Click here for a little slightly spoilerish scoop on Holly Ridings - one of the models to be featured in Project Runway season seven - and of course, Models of the Runway season two. Also look for Holly on "Launch My Line."

San Diego, don't miss the Threads show this weekend with Gordana Gehlhausen.

More From Rami Kashou

Here is another teaser from Rami Kashou's Film Project.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

The Carol Hannah Collective

Photo from

Carol Hannah Whitfield, Logan Nietzel and Rodney Epperson celebrate the move into their new, shared Manhattan work space. Check out the cute story on her move as she watches the boys do all the heavy lifting. Carol Hannah says on her blog:

We have been scheming on the idea of a mutual work space for a rather long time. After searching for weeks and trying to pin down the details of three very busy people’s lives, we finally found our space.

Champagne in a beer mug? That's all kinds of awesome! You can read the whole thing here.

Christian Siriano on Good Day LA

Lunch With Tim Gunn

"Lunch with Tim Gunn" is one of the auction items that you can bid on here to benefit the "True Colors Fund." Good luck to all, and please send photos if you are the lucky winner.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

From The Mailbox

Irina Shabayeva and Katie Sticksel will be at Macy's in Orange County on Tuesday. Click here for details.

Click here for a new interview with Gordana Gehlhausen from San Diego News Network. Gordana will be at this weekend's THREAD event.

Joe Faris's Fashion in Detroit returns March 19-20th, 2010. Click here for more information.

Project Runway Season Four designer Sweet P is now working for the junior fashion house Trixxi. Congratulations, Sweet P!

Whose Shoes?

Taking a cue from our Blogfather, The Manolo, here is our version of "Whose Shoes Wednesday."

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

From the Mailbox

Project Runway Season Four designer, Jack Mackenroth is featured in this World Aids Day PSA.

Nick Verreos will be at The Corcoran in Washington DC on December 9th. Click here for more information.

Kara Janx is having a trunk show starting tomorrow in NYC. Click here for info.

Happy December!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Heidi Klum in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 12/1

Don't miss Heidi Klum tomorrow night at 10:00 on CBS in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Click here for details.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving with Gordana

Our family visits San Diego every Thanksgiving. Of course, I knew that Gordana had a boutique there so I contacted her to be certain that she would be in town for the holiday.

Well, guess what? Gordana graciously invited us over to her apartment where we met her charming and handsome husband, O.R. as well as her extended family.

It was a quick walk to the boutique - Goga.
Above is the little studio in the back where Gordana designs and sews. Below is Kaitlin wearing a Goga t-shirt and leather mini-skirt. We had a lovely day - THANK YOU GORDANA!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Rami Kashou Working on a Film

It's a short fashion film scheduled for a December release. This video is the teaser. Stay tuned...

Friday, November 27, 2009

Season Six Finale Party

BPR Field Reporter Jes Switaj was at the season six finale party and sends us this report - thanks Jes!!!

I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Project Runway Season 6 Finale party last Thursday. It was held at SL in the Meatpacking district in Manhattan. The party started at 9 with cocktails, mingling and all 3 finalists posting constant updates to their Twitter accounts. In attendance were Althea, Irina, and Carol Hannah (of course!) Nicolas Putvinski, Epperson and Logan Neitzel. Malan Breton from Season 3 also stopped by to say hello and to wish the designers luck.

There were probably about 100 or so people in attendance for the viewing party, watching anxiously! Although I had my own ideas about the outcome of the finale, I have to say that while watching, right up to the end, I just wasn’t sure who would win. You NEVER know what those judges are thinking! All three contestants did such an amazing job.

An impromptu after-party was held a few blocks away at Tenjune. A special guest showed up unexpectedly, Nick Verreos! At least, I wasn’t expecting him! It was a fantastic night and a great wrap-up of such a fun and crazy season! Congrats to all three designers for making it to fashion week, they ARE all winners!