Thursday, July 31, 2008

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Kelli Martin joined Nick Verreos and Raymundo Baltazar at FIDM Career Day. Love the hair, Kelli!

Click here
for another early recap of episode three from NYMag.

Join us tonight at Blogging America's Best Dance Crew, as we count down to the finale!

From The Mailbox

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Click here for Tim Gunn's Take on Episode Three.

Kenley answers burning questions here.

Click here for Jeanie Syfu's TRESemme blog. has posted a Q&A with Emily Brandle.

Trent loves Project Runway, and watched it while traveling in Paris. Nothing can stop a devoted fan.

Our friends at offer up a recap of episode three here.

Click here for Rya's MTV Recap.

Click here
for the Entertainment Weekly wrap-up.

Congratulations, Kenley

Your inspiration was a tiled wall in Times Square that you interpreted as a pattern with lines demonstrating movement. You took many risks this week and you were rewarded: you used a vibrant print, you used close-fitting, puffed sleeves and you used a asymmetrical retro silhouette to show your point of view with a nod to your photograph. This could have been a disaster in less-than-skilled hands but your meticulous finishing coupled with a fresh take on tulle charmed and surprised the judges. This was not, as Tim feared, a costume but a chic, young look suitable for a night in the city that never sleeps. Well done, Kenley!

This post is only for positive words for Kenley Collins or her work. If you have anything negative to say about him or another designer, please click here.

BPR Love for Emily Brandle

This week the results were a surprise and our readers are likely to not agree with the judges. Like the winner, you took a risk - you selected electric colors and created exuberant ruffles across the front to simulate the look of neon blurred in your photograph. It seems that your biggest sin was the placement of the fabric embellishments on your little black dress. No one can say that you played it safe and your dress was playful, saucy and vibrant clearly showing your aesthetic. You exited having shown strong pieces and left us wanting to see more, knowing that as an established designer, we will see it.

This post is only for positive words for Emily Brandle or her work. If you have anything negative to say about her or another designer, please click here.

Poll - Episode 3 - Your Turn to Be the Judge

Photos: (top, l-r) Blayne, Daniel, Emily, Jennifer, Jerell, Joe and Keith
(bottom, l-r) Kelli, Kenley, Korto, Leanne, Stella, Suede and Terri
Photos courtesy of Bravo. Click to see a larger view.

You've seen the designs on the runway and now it's your turn to be the judges. This week you are Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia, Michael Kors and Sandra Bernhard.

Click here to tell us who you thought should have won the challenge.

Click here to tell us who you thought should have been auf'd.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Reactions To Episode 3

Fourteen designers set off into the New York night to find the inspiration for their next design. Did you agree with the judges? Post your reactions to Episode 6 here.

Episode 3 Party!

Grab your raincoats and umbrellas party people, we're heading out into the drizzly night with Tim Gunn as we celebrate Episode 3 of Project Runway, "Bright Lights/Big City". Join friends and fans from across the globe in some snarky fun as we watch together. Come on in, the BPR party room is open for business!

BPR Live Play-By-Play: Episode 3

Tbone is at the virtual microphone again this week for live play-by-play coverage of Project Runway, S5, Episode 3. He'll describe the drama in the workroom and let you know who is in and who is auf. Comments under this thread are for you to read and Tbone to post. Have something to say? See the party post above!

While We Wait...

Hey - its longtime friend of BPR and jewelry maker to the stars Ken Fron on the Vegas strip showing off his new Jay McCarroll t-shirt. Hi Ken!

Here's an interesting article from Advertising Age talking about Bravo's partnership with the talent agency Pangea to represent its former reality show stars...

Nina Garcia is making waves at Marie Claire and she hasn't even started working there yet!

Michael Kors loves Shear Genius! And speaking of Shear Genius - tonight is the much anticipated Charlie's Angels challenge. We've got it all covered at BSG, come on over to our party tonight after Project Runway!

Project Courtroom: The Saga Continues

More juicy details have emerged from the ongoing legal battle between NBC Universal and the Weinstein Company over the Project Runway franchise. Get this:

In testimony in N.Y. State Supreme Court this month, movie/TV mogul Harvey Weinstein told the judge that the fashion mentor (Tim Gunn)wasn't paid anything in the show's first season.

Thats right, Tim worked for Harvey free of charge! Season 2 may have brought him fame, but not much fortune:

The second season wasn't much better for Gunn: He got only $2,500 per episode, according to testimony in the court battle, which pits NBC/Universal against the Weinstein Co., which owns "Project Runway," over taking Heidi Klum's popular show from NBC's Bravo to Lifetime.

The Weinstein Company got Tim on the cheap. But wait, there's more...

NBC/Universal president/CEO Jeff Zucker also took the stand in the court session. Zucker, who is supposedly friends with Weinstein and attended his wedding to Marchese designer Georgina Chapman, was questioned under oath about an e-mail he'd sent telling Bravo execs to show marathon reruns of "Project Runway" in the same time slot that Lifetime plans to air the new show's season in November. He was proud of the plan, explaining, "I'm a competitive guy."

Ahh - the ruthless business of broadcasting. One day you're toasting the groom, the next you're planning his ratings demise. The bright side: we'll have plenty of Runway to choose from come November! Of course Harvey had to go and get personal:

Weinstein also testified that he "disliked Bravo management." That would surely mean Bravo/Oxygen/iVillage chief Lauren Zalaznick. More than one source used the H word in describing the relationship: "They hate each other."

Now, we've never met Harvey Weinstein and are pretty sure that we would cower and run if it did occur, but we have met Bravo's Lauren Zalaznick and can only state that she has been nothing but kind and supportive to the BPR community. How can you hate her?

Will NBC be successful in their lawsuit? Stay tuned for the next episode of Project Courtroom...

Previously on BPR: Project Courtroom, Act I


It's a big day in Project Runway world - not only are we counting down the hours to Episode 3, but its also the debut of Project Runway Phillipines! Thats actress Teresa Herrera doing her best Heidi and designer Jojie Lloren as Tim Gunn.

Back here stateside, we have the usual Wednesday suspects:
  • Project Runway prophet Alan Gratz has posted his popular weekly predictions for Episode 3. This week is new and improved, now with more Keith!
  • The Episode 3 party room opens up at 8:00 p.m. and after the show is over make sure to stop by the reactions thread to tell us what you think.
  • And of course Tbone will be toiling away as usual in the play by play booth as the episode airs at 9:00 p.m.

Lots of news to come - Happy Wednesday everyone!

Results In - You Were the Judge Episode 2

Our polls for Episode 2 are closed. You disagreed with the judges and felt that Kenley Collins deserved the win. Click here to see the results. You agreed with judges and thought that Wesley should have been the 'auf.' Click here to see the results.

Check back with us tomorrow for our Episode 3 poll.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Video - Project Runway Australia - Episode 4

Click here to continue.

For Fun...

Here are some great links to check out while we wait for tonight's episode of Flipping Out. Hi Chris K!

Click here to see the entries in the on-line challenge for episode one. "Make a garment from unconventional materials."

This is cute! Ten ways to celebrate Tim Gunn's birthday. has posted a great new interview with Nick Verreos.

The Burning Questions Blog asks Suede to explain why he speaks in third person.

Malan Breton suggests "WesFeld" as the name of Wesley and Daniel's future fashion line.

Tough Trivia Tuesday - Week Two

Welcome to Tough Trivia Tuesday!
Today's topic is Season Four T-Shirts.

1. Who wore a blue CAL t-shirt?
Bonus Question: What happens to the shirt later in the episode?

2. Who wore a yellow t-shirt with a Mustang graphic?

3. Who wore a black "Guten Tag" t-shirt?

4. Who wore a blue t-shirt that said "Bikes make me happy."?

5. Who wore a black t-shirt that said "Louisiana."?

6. Whose tan halter top has a giant lime green number 8 on it?

7. Bonus Question: Who wore a red, white and blue clown t-shirt in the Prom episode?

From The Mailbox

BPR friend and fellow blogger Miss Xaxa attended the Gender PAC Celebrity Cook-off in Chicago and met Nick Verreos and Ted Allen. Xaxa reports that Nick has fabulous skin and was hilarious and charming as the MC. Click here for more. Also click here for Hughman's Project Runway recap on Pink Navy.

The Denver Post
interviews Austin Scarlett.

Wondering what the designs really look like close up? Don't miss the SeenOn blog. Also, Episode Two auctions are going strong. Right now, Suede's winning design has the highest bid. Guess which design is the second-highest...

Happy Birthday to Tim!

Please join us in wishing Tim Gunn a very happy birthday!

Also, don't miss Tim on "Live With Regis and Kelly" this morning!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Preview Videos - Episode 3

Tim Gunn takes the designers on a field trip in Project Runway Episode 3, 'Bright Lights/Big City.'. Purists, note that if you watch the videos, you will see the judge in this outing.

Monday Morning Mailbox

There is still time to vote in our Episode Two Poll. Thanks again to The Scarlett for the fabulous image!

Click here for an interview with Joe Faris in the Detroit Fashion Pages.

AJ delivers her recap of Episode Two.

Nina Garcia balances Elle and Marie Claire, Bravo and Lifetime.

Rami Kashou Designs on Exhibit in L.A.

Photo Imaxtree

Six of Rami Kashou's Project Runway Finale looks are on exhibit at the Third Annual Outstanding Art of Television Costume Design at FIDM in Los Angeles. The exhibit will be open to the public from July 29th - Sept 28th, 2008.
Works from Bob Mackie, Nolan Miller, and TV shows such as Dexter, Pushing Daisies, Mad Men, Greek, and others are also included.

Click here for a brief video from the opening night party.

Click here for a second video.

Christian Siriano at

A Behind-the-Scenes look at Christian's collection for

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Jillian Lewis, Fall 2008 Collection!

All photos by Russel Star.

Jillian's collection will be available very soon at Searle. We'll keep you posted. Congratulations Jillian, it's exactly what we were hoping for!

Click here to see more of Jillian's designs.

Easy Episode Two Trivia

Photo courtesy of

1. What is Jerry's biggest fear?
2. What's the quickest way to look cheap?
3. What is embroidered in gold thread on Heidi's blouse?
4. Who is the first model eliminated?
5. Which model is "golden?"
6. Who has leopard print tattooed on her body?
7. Who creates a "couture cocktail dress?"
8. Who suddenly appears in full makeup during a confessional?
9. If Heidi was "ten years younger," how old would she be?
10. Whose dress is Tim Gunn "really excited about?"
11. Who steamed a model?
12. What about Topacio seems to have changed from one scene to the next?
13. Who is on "Team Ugly Brown Fabric?"
14. Bonus questions: What season four designer could also be on the team?
What season three designer could also be on the team?
15. Which designer is "not really" concerned about time?
16. Which model looks "like Peter Pan?"
17. What's the most "overused word in fashion?"
18. Which two designers are wearing orange-red pants on the runway?
19. Whose dress was a "big disappointment" to Nina Garcia?"
20. Who just about "peed in her pants" upon seeing Natalie Portman?
21. Who held hands on the runway?
22. When Tim asks, "How is everybody?" what is Suede's response?
23. Who designed Wesley's underwear?
24. Who is "not really into asymmetrical?"
25. Bonus question: Who is using purple pattern weights?

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Weekend News

Heidi Klum has been tapped to co-host the Emmy Awards on September 21 with fellow "Best Reality Show Host" nominees Ryan Seacrest, Jeff Probst, Tom Bergeron and Howie Mandel. Our big question: who will Heidi wear?

Christian Siriano disses Season 5...

Here's an excellent article about Magical Elves founders Jane Lipsitz and Dan Cutforth that talks about the genesis of Project Runway, with insight from Tim Gunn...

Suede invited The Heidi Chronicles over to listen to Suede talk about Suede...

Harvey Weinstein takes one for the team...

Alison Kelly writes in to remind us that she's covering Season 5 at Bravo...

Last but not least: We're either crazy, nuts or both but we're planning to cover Season 2 of Top Design and resurrecting our long forgotten step-blog Blogging Top Design. The best news is that we've recruited the fabulous interior designer/blogger/BPR party animal Linda Merrill from ::Surroundings:: to lead the charge. Season 2 shows great promise with the Elves at the helm and an intriguing, experienced cast (including Mrs. Ricky Schroder). Season 2 debuts on September 3 at 10:00 p.m., filling the slot after Shear Genius ends. Stop by and say hello!

Online Video Challenge

Friday, July 25, 2008


The 'looza is growing by leaps and bounds:

Uncle Nick takes the S5 designers to school...
The Minx is on her A-game...
David Dust: Burnouts, Tango and Tuna Carpaccio...
Project Stunway gives some love to Terri...
It's the Other Eric3000 this week...
Lorraine is such a diva now she has her neighbor send in her recaps...
Is The Quiet One the only one to notice the Vosovic knock-off?
Miz Shoes and Things 1,2,3,...
The Grits to Glitz girls are all like What the?...
Memorable quotes from Second City Style...
Rya from MTV is groovin' ob S5...
Elise has seen better from PR...
Meiran is wondering where the coctail dresses are...
Maisy says brown is the new green...
Toyouke sees another repeat next week...
Epilonius calls him Pee Wee Merman...
JordanBaker is funny...
Cliffie assigns a theme song to each designer!

Have a recap to share? E-mail Team BPR to get in on the fun!

From The Mailbox

Click here to read about "Life after Project Runway" for Elle Magazine.

Attention New York: Rachel Zoe is making room in her closet and selling off celebrity style this weekend. Click here for more info.

Click here for the Entertainment Weekly Exit Interview with Wesley Nault.

Click here for the People Magazine Exit Interview with Wesley.

Time Out New York wraps up episode two.

This is cute - LiveJournalists are tackling the Project Runway challenges with their Barbies. Click here for the supermarket challenge.

So Many Contests - So Little Time

There are so many contests this year and we want our readers to be the winners! First of all, each week Bluefly has a 'Caption This' contest; the top comment will have a chance to win $100 in Bluefly loot. This week you are asked to caption the following picture (Click here to place your comment entry on Bluefly):

Bluefly also has 'The Designer ABC's Giveaway' with a chance to win $1000 in loot everyday. What are you waiting for? Click here.

TRESemmé and "Project Runway" Season 4 winner Christian Siriano are challenging you to “get fierce” with your hair. Create, capture and submit your most fierce hairstyle and enter for the chance to win your very own Christian Siriano custom design. The winner will also receive a two-night, all-expenses paid trip for two to the fashion capital of the world — New York City! You and your guest will also meet with the TRESemmé Project Runway styling team to get a fierce hairstyle to match your haute new outfit. Got fierce hair? Enter now. Not so fierce? This is the perfect excuse to step it up. Click here to enter. There are weekly winners in addition to the grand prize.

And as long as you feel lucky, don't forget to check out this week's auctions on Episode 1's winning look by Kelli Martin last week went for over $1000 (source)! Click here to bid on the looks and maybe have a piece of Runway of your very own.

Finally, American Express, Saturn and L'Oréal Paris want to send you the Project Runway finale show at Fashion Week. Yes, those coveted tickets could be yours along with airfare, hotel accommodations and a makeover to get you prepared for Bryant Park. Click here for the Fashion Fly-Away Sweepstakes.

BPR Podcast with Wesley Nault

Laura K. interviews Wesley Nault, the designer eliminated from Episode 2 of Project Runway Season 5. He talks about the "Grass is Always Greener" challenge and mentions collaborating with fellow designer Daniel Feld.

Click here for the podcast.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Evening Mailbox

Image from

BPRs I couldn't wait until tomorrow to share this recap with you from Don't miss the Keith-O-Meter!

Nick Verreos will be in Chicago on Saturday. Click here for details.

Cleveland is proud of Suede!

Finally, MTV's America's Best Dance Crew is on tonight and Team BPR's ABDC Blogger, Nancy T is hosting a live-post! Please join us for the fun - this is a great show and it is entering the final weeks. Things are getting very exciting!

Amanda's Take - Episode Two

Season Three model and BPR fave, Amanda Fields offers up her take on Episode Two. Thanks Amanda!

With the lack of advertising for the 5th season, I don't think anyone expected someone like Natalie Portman to come sashaying out from behind the scrim. All I can say to that is BRAV-O, Bravo. She is extremely intelligent and beautiful as well as fashionable and earth-conscious! Also funny to see her size in relation to Heidi. She is petite!

I want to know who she was wearing. Didn't she look amazing in that green dress?

This was the episode of the season that I know I would have wanted to be a part of.. the MODELS get to buy fabric at MOOD for the designers!! You know I was sitting on my couch in my fabulous West Hollywood apartment going .. "I want to be there!" Haha, not really, these designers are fun but they are no Uli, Jeffrey, Laura, Michael or Kayne!

Click here to continue.

The Recap of the Manolo!

From the desk of The Manolo:

Stella is the toughest talkingest biker-rocker chick since
Leather Tuscadero! The Manolo expects that later in the season we will be introduced to her “gang”, the Stella-ettes, the group of sarcastic tough girls who aggressively chew gum and smoke cigarettes at the same time. Look for them to extort lunch money from one of the indistinguishable mousey/nerdy brunettes in the girls’ room after algebra class.

Click here
for the whole thing.

From The Mailbox

Click here for Tim's Take on Episode 2.

People Magazine notes the relationship between Wesley Nault and Daniel Feld. Thanks Sabrina.

Nick Verreos will be showing his Spring 2009 Collection at the "Islands of the World" Fashion Week in November.

NYMag's The Cut
offers a quick recap of last night's episode.

Jennifer Ripkin at offers her look at episode 2. sends in another early recap of episode 2.

Congratulations, Suede

Tim didn't really give you the challenge this week; your model did. She bought contrasting-colored fabrics and wanted you to add tulle to create an eco-friendly frock. Immediately you started to cut bias strips and you began to weave and layer and sew. You had a vision, one that would make your client happy while expressing your aesthetic. The resulting flirty cocktail dress won the approval of Natalie Portman who called it, "sweet and fun and young and really unique and special." Michael Kors pointed out that you had the same fabric as others but you had manipulated it to create something completely different. You not only won the approval of the judges, you also won the hearts of the moms watching the show when you mentioned how happy yours would be for your win. And as a bonus, your dress will be sold on Bluefly (click here to order this limited-edition dress).

This post is only for positive words for Suede or his work. If you have anything negative to say about him or another designer, please click here.

BPR Love for Wesley Nault

Often in the BPR Love post we mention how fabric selections undo the designer but this week those choices weren't yours. Your model opted for shiny fabric that would be unforgiving on the sewing machine and she bought very little of it. You took a risk by creating multiple details on your dress and Natalie Portman expressed that she liked the little tie at the neckline. You established yourself early on to be a favorite with our readers and we believe that we got to see your young, girlie, sexy point-of-view in just two garments. What a great opportunity this was for you - we just know that there will be more coming your way after the exposure you received on the show. And we can't help but notice that you looked adorable on that runway with your jacket, your shorts and those red shoes. (You can see his exit videos by clicking here.)

This post is only for positive words for Wesley Nault or his work. If you have anything negative to say about him or another designer, please click here.

Poll - Episode 2 - Your Turn to be the Judge

Photos: (top, l-r) Blayne, Daniel, Emily, Jerell and Jennifer
(center, l-r)Joe, Keith, Kelli, Kenley and Korto
(bottom, l-r) Leanne, Stella, Suede, Terri and Wesley
Photos courtesy of Bravo. Click to see a larger view.

You've seen the designs on the runway and now it's your turn to be the judges. This week you are Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia, Michael Kors and Natalie Portman.

Click here to tell us who you thought should have won the challenge.

Click here to tell us who you thought should have been auf'd.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Reactions to Episode 2

The designers were asked to go green in this challenge in a Project Runway "first". Did the judges make the right call? Post your reactions to Episode 2 here.

Episode 2 Party!

It's a green theme this evening at the BPR bar as we celebrate Episode 2 of Project Runway. We've brought in our best recycled furniture and remodeled with the latest energy efficient fixtures.

Let's go trash the place, shall we?

All are welcome to watch along with PR fans across the country as we snark our way through another new episode opf PR. It's a Wednesday tradition at time!

BPR Live Play-By-Play: Episode 2

Tbone is back again for live play-by-play coverage of Episode 2: "Grass Is Always Greener". This post is all those living in a pale, Bravo-less world who can't wait to find out what happens. Comments under this post are for you to read and Tbone to post. Have something to say? See the party room above!

While We Wait...

Here are some items of interest to help pass the time:

TV Guide follows up with some of your Project Runway designer favorites in this Where Are They Now piece. Can you guess who is "designing new packs of Camel cigarettes"?

Christian Siriano fans ain't putting up with "girlicious"...

Joe Faris could only watch the premiere with one eye open...

Kenley Collins grew up on a tugboat ? Of course she did...

Austin Scarlett is getting much deserved attention after his appearance last week...

Nick Verreos always gives a good interview...

Bluefly Presents the Christian Siriano Collection

The Christian Siriano collection is now available at Bluefly and it is ADORABLE! Click here to shop!


Greetings Project Runway fans, it's our favorite day of the week! Tonight the Parsons catwalk will be graced with Senator Padme' Amidala herself, aka Natalie Portman. She will be on hand this evening to guest judge Episode 2: "Grass Is Always Greener" where Tim promises us a "Runway first"! Ooh, such mystery and intrigue...

Natalie seems well suited for this season's green themed challenge, having recently put her signature on a collection of vegan inspired footwear. Let's see if the S5 designers can deliver. Here's the menu:
  • The BPR party room opens at 8:00 p.m. and Tbone will have live play-by-play at 9:00 p.m. After the show airs, let us know what you think in our weekly reactions thread.
  • The party continues after the show at Blogging Shear Genius. Tonight's episode looks to be must-see as the stylists are presented with a meaningful, touching challenge.
  • Our superlative speculative specialist Alan Gratz has predictions about tonight's proceedings. Think he's right?

Counting down the hours...happy Wednesday!

Video - Project Runway Australia - Episode 3

The perfect thing to keep your mind off whatever could cause Tim to say, "Holla at yo boy?" Watching Episode 3 of Project Runway Australia, brought to you again by kimmikimmileon is the answer.

Click here for the rest of the episode.

Results In - You Were the Judge Episode 1

Our polls for Episode 1 are closed. You agreed with the judges that Kelli Martin deserved the win. Click here to see the results. You disagreed with judges' choice and felt that Stella Zotis should have been the 'auf.' Click here to see the results.

Check back with us tomorrow for our Episode 2 poll.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Preview Videos - Episode 2


Lines that are destined to be classics are uttered in these previews for Episode 2 of Project Runway Season 5. This outing is titled, 'Grass is Always Greener.'

Tuesday Mail

Click on image for larger version

Attention Houston: Chloe Dao is having an 8th Anniversary party for her Lot 8 boutique and you're invited! The party features a retrospective exhibit, Chloe's Fall 2008 fashion show and a trunk show. Let us know if you plan to attend, we would love a field report.

Big Christian Siriano news: he will be
designing a couture collection that will be showcased in the upcoming film "Eloise in Paris". We can't wait to see that!

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette has
an excellent interview up today with Korto Momolu, who is quickly establishing herself as an early favorite.

We love our fellow bloggers. We especially love fellow bloggers who happen to be Project Runway designers!
Jennifer Diederich has a blog, make sure to stop by and say hello. You can also check out her new website, MySpace, and this interview in the Syracuse Post-Standard.

The Project Stunway girls are back in business!

And finally Dear Bravo, where are the Episode 2 previews?

Tough Trivia Tuesday - Week One

Welcome to the first edition of BPR's Tough Trivia Tuesday. Today's topic is "Season Four Food and Drink."

1. Which brand of bottled water is shown throughout season four?

2. How many Reese's Peanut Butter Cups did Christian claim to have opened?

3. What brand of bottled beer is Rami drinking in the apartment during the "What a Girl Wants" episode?

4. What leftover candy was still evident on Kevin's worktable during the "What a Girl Wants" episode?

5. What is Jillian eating on her way out of the apartment during the "What a Girl Wants" episode?

6. Which designer (apparently) carries a bear-shaped squeeze bottle of honey in her purse?

Monday, July 21, 2008

Jay McCarroll's Line on QVC

I just bought this coat! Isn't it fabulous? I haven't seen Jay yet on the program, but several pieces are available at

Monday Afternoon Mailbox

Catching up on some old stuff:

Mariah Carey as finale judge? Please.

Despite all of our moanings about the lack of pre-show hype, Project Runway's ratings for the premiere were the highest ever...

Heidi Klum's legs are insured for more than $2 million, but one is worth more than the other...

You asked for it! BPR reader Rob started an online petition pleading MTV to bring back Jim Cantiello's "Project Runway in 60 Seconds"...

Here's a late recap from Midseason Replacements...

Out with "Project Runway", in with "Fashion House": "Fashion House" (wt), a creative competition program based on the British format of the same name, replicates the workings of the fashion business through a fashion house. Teams of designers will live together and work to create not just a single item of clothing but an entire, cohesive line. These collections are created on deadline and are presented to commercial buyers with the opportunity of having the designers' line mass marketed.

We're still waiting on the Episode 2 previews. Stay tuned!

Jay McCarroll - Tonight on QVC

Get your credit cards ready, Project Runway fans. Season 1 winner Jay McCarroll is making his QVC debut tonight sometime between 9 and 11 P.M. Eastern and his offerings are sure to sell out pronto! According to an inside source, here is what is scheduled to go on sale:

  • Checkerboard Coat (as seen in the film 'Eleven Minutes'*): gray version, berry version
  • Circle-print, Scoop-neck Silk Tunic: multicolor (black, fuchsia, aqua, turquiose, red)
  • Silk-blend, 3/4 Sleeve Sweater with Ombre Metalwork (shown right): winter white version, fuchsia version, turquoise version.
  • Striped, Cowl-neck Sweater with Pockets: grey version, berry version, teal version
  • Circle-pattern, Quilted Ski Vest: fuchsia with turquoise lining, turquoise with black lining
  • Double-front Pocket Pant: black version, burgundy version.

You should be able to check the QVC website (enter search term 'Jay McCarroll') sometime during the show to also place your order - but the sweater shown above is already available.

Chloe Dao is also scheduled to appear again on QVC as well - probably around 8:30 p.m. Eastern. You can enter the search term 'Chloe Dao' at QVC.

*Speaking of 'Eleven Minutes,' the Cinema Diverse Film Festival in Palm Springs has a showing this Sunday, July 27 at 4:00 pm in the Camelot Theatres. More screenings are coming in the following cities: Providence, Rhode Island; New York City; Austin, Texas; Calgary, Canada, Washington DC; Chicago, Illinois. Check the 'Eleven Minutes' website for the dates as the information becomes available.

Caption This

Photo courtesy of

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Easy Episode One Trivia

Photo courtesy of

Gearing up for Tough Trivia Tuesday, I thought an easy trivia contest would be fun - no prize for this one - sorry!

1. Besides Jerry, which other designer accessorized with yellow gloves?
2. Besides Project Runway, what do Suede and Heidi have in common?
3. What is the name of Kelli's store?
4. What brand of champagne did Tim and Heidi serve on the roof?
5. What is the name of Emily's line?
6. Who was applying deodorant in the kitchen?
7. Which two designers wore leopard prints to Gristede's.
8. Which designers were wearing hats at any time in this episode?
9. Who wears a pink tape measure?
10. Who wears a lime green tape measure?
11. Who is wearing blue fingernail polish?
12. Who was the first designer finished?
13. Who wore a red flower on his lapel?
14. Who wore a yellow flower over her ear?
15. What color is Blayne's suitcase?
16. Which designer can "make a 3-piece suit in like an 8-hour period?"
17. Who designs for Saudi royalty?
18. Who made a dress from playing cards?
19. Whose design did Heidi describe as "butt ugly?"
20. Whose design did Austin describe as "hideous?"
21. Who modeled Austin's cornhusk dress?
22. Was was Korto's "Wow factor?"
23. What does it say on the back of Blayne's t-shirt?
24. What did Korto use as a buckle on the front of her dress?
25. How does Tim Gunn greet Austin Scarlett in front of Gristede's

From The Mailbox

Here is a clip of Kevin Christiana on the Today Show yesterday:

Regular readers will recall that we posted something a while back about Sarah Jessica Parker developing a Project-Runway type show about artists. Well, here is a little bit more about it. Stay tuned...

Moi adds her recap of episode one.

The Miami Herald has posted an interview with Kenley Collins.

Video - Episode 1, Season 5

We recognize that many of our readers love Project Runway but are unable to view their favorite show on our favorite network. Season 5, like Season 4, is neither featured on iTunes or Amazon Unbox and so we are featuring the show, this week brought to you by neolimmik83, with the hope that eventually episodes will be available for purchase.

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Weekend News

An anonymous commenter suggests that the "blossoming romance" in season five will be Daniel and Wesley. We'll watch what happens.

Logo brings us Kevin Christiana and Jack Mackenroth on The Heidi Chronicles.

Adorable. I would watch the Jack and Kevin Show...

The Quiet One adds her recap.

Here is Eric's.

You have chosen Season Two as your favorite season of Project Runway. Will Season Five top it?

Finally, the auctions for episode one garments are underway at

Videos - Meet the Season 5 Models!

Project Runway Season 3 model extraordinaire Amanda Fields didn't feel that we got an opportunity to get to know the Season 5 models. (Click here for her report.) Since one of the models will leave the Runway on Wednesday and it seems that we will see even more of these ladies in that challenge (spoiler alert if you click on this link), it is appropriate that we take a little time to get to know them. Click on each picture to watch a brief introduction video.

Do any of you happen to have their MySpace information so that we can add their links to the sidebar? Contact Team BPR with the address!

Videos - Christian Siriano Talks to Bluefly

Our friends at Bluefly talked to Project Runway Season 4 winner Christian Siriano about his newfound success and his catchphrases:

While you're waiting for the July 23 debut of Christian's line at Bluefly, you can 'Shop What Happened'*. You can also win a $100 Bluefly gift certificate and a shout-out by just giving them the best caption to this picture.

*Bluefly also offers you a challenge. Think you can recreate a better version of the Episode 1 winning dress by Kelli Martin? Have at it!

Friday, July 18, 2008

How Did He Do That?

Photo courtesy of

Daniel Feld's plastic cup design is receiving a lot of attention and will probably go down as one of the most memorable designs created for this challenge, even though it didn't win. (Remember Michael Knight's coffee filter dress?)

But how did his model, Elena, get in and out of the dress? Was there a zipper? Did it somehow just fold around her and stay up? There was definitely a muslin lining.

Hmmm Let's investigate!

Here he is working on the dress -

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Rami Kashou Attacked

The rumors flying around the internet are true, Project Runway Season Four Finalist, Rami Kashou was injured last night. It was an unprovoked attack and the perpetrator is in jail. Rami went to the hospital for treatment and is now home and recovering. He was struck with a beer bottle in the face, injuring the side of his forehead and his nose. The police were there within minutes to arrest the attacker and to collect witness reports. Paramedics also responded instantly and took Rami to the hospital.

ETA: I just got off the phone with Rami. He says that this will not slow him down in any way and he is grateful for the support of his fans.


The 'looza returns! Old favorites and newbies alike kick the season off with wit and wisdom:

The Minx busts out the Wedgie-Cam...
Are you one of David's Dust Bunnies yet?
Lorraine is one of our favorites...
All Or Nothing is a talented newcomer to the 'looza...
The Grits To Glitz girls are talking again...
The Fug Girls take on Season 5 at New York Mag...
Chris March takes over for Jay McCarroll at Elle...
MTV hasn't given up completely on PR...
Miz Shoes starts the season in fine form...
Cliffieland calls Joe an affirmative action hire...
Second City Style collects the memorable quotes...
One Girl's Opinion is back for more...
Elisa Camahort: Project Runway is a harsh mistress...
And Toyouke reclaims her usual space...
ETA: AJ is one of the originals and one of the best...

Thanks to all of our fabulous recapping crew. Have a Project Runway recap to share? Send the link to the BPR team to get in on the fun!

Korto - Via Her MySpace Blog

Korto Momolu of Project Runway Season 5 talks about her Episode 1 garment:
the tablecloth dresses

all I have to say is yes...i used a tablecloth...but it was the baddest dress to come from paper. try sewing tissue paper on a industrial machine and see what happens. for a plan b dress it rocked!...too bad whoever took them didn't put those asparagus back in the right place...loved my dress though! as for my jeweled veggies it was gonna b tears had I forgotten them. thanks to everyone that watched..cheered...supported...and prayed for me! go arkansas....liberia represent! and canada will never be dry again!


Project Courtroom

The fur started hitting the fan yesterday in New York State Supreme Court as testimony began in NBC's lawsuit against The Weinstein Company over the Project Runway franchise. Interesting details have emerged as big dogs Jeff Zucker and Harvey Weinstein took to the stand:

Thursday's daylong hearing before Judge Richard Lowe in Manhattan featured testimony from Zucker, Weinstein and others on two motions, including a preliminary injunction request from NBC that would prevent Weinstein from moving the show to Lifetime before the case is fully tried. The second motion, from Weinstein, asks for a dismissal.

NBC appears to be hanging their case on a power meeting held in January 2007 at the Four Seasons in Los Angeles:

Zucker testified that during the meeting, he and (NBC's Marc)Graboff secured from Weinstein a verbal promise of a right of first refusal to match any offer that Weinstein received to move the program to a competing network.

In exchange, Zucker testified, NBC approved the accelerated scheduling of seasons four and five of the show and agreed to move the series off Bravo -- possibly to NBC or USA Network for season six and beyond.

The prospect of Project Runway moving over to the main network would have been exciting. Harvey had his own classy take on that meeting however:

Harvey Weinstein vigorously disputed Zucker's testimony however, declaring at one point, that, "I'd rather cut off my arm than give them a right of first refusal." He summed up the Jan. 15 meeting as a "divorce proceeding."

...Weinstein testified that he wanted to cut ties with Bravo after season three, because the network "ruined the relationship," by copying the Runway format with shows like Top Chef and Shear Genius, and refusing to pay increased license fees, forcing Weinstein to produce Runway at a $230,000 per episode deficit.

This one sounds worthy of Court TV! Read the whole thing.

BPR Podcast with Jerry Tam

Laura K. interviews the talented Jerry Tam, the founder of FORM and the Project Runway Season 5 designer eliminated during Episode 1, 'Let's Start From the Beginning.'

Click here for the podcast.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

More News

Reality Worlds collide! Kara Saun is costuming the dancers on America's Best Dance Crew!

For your weekend plans, Chris March will be in San Francisco and Emmett McCarthy will be in The Hamptons. Please let us know if you can get to either of these events. We'd love a field report.

MTV suggests "Which stars would wear it best."

Click here for an interview with Jerry Tam. sizes up the contestants.

The Washingtonian offers a recap of episode one.

Amanda's Take - Episode One

Season Three model and BPR Fave, Amanda Fields is back with her take on the season five models - thank you Amanda!

Hello BPR readers! I absolutely love you all and have missed writing in each week!

Here we go!

Instead of making comments on a repeat challenge, I will go straight to the fashion show and give it to you straight!

First of all.. no name on the screen for the models. Just the designer's name and the materials used. So I will have to resort to giving you the designer's name when referring to the girls!

My number one favorite model this season is...

Kenley Collins's model.. HOT HOT HOT!! Beautiful face, toned body and walked out there beating all the other girls hands down. So graceful and powerful!

There are others that do well, but I am giving this model all my props.. I want you to win, whatever your name is!

Click here to continue.

The Recap of The Manolo - Episode 1

Photo courtesy of

Our blogfather, The Manolo has posted his recap of "Let's Start From The Beginning."

Manolo is worried about Tim....

And poor Tim Gunn, he looks so tired and oppressed, as if the demands of being the kindest, smartest, and most sensible person on television have finally taken their toll. Please, dear Tim, take the few weeks off and go to Bermuda, and let your mighty brain rest and recover. You are the national treasure and these desperate times require you to be in top form.

"Let's Start From The Beginning" Episode One Video Recap

Did you miss the first episode? Here is a quick recap. (Also handy for our recappers to pick up screencaps!)

Afternoon Quickies

Click here for Tim's Take.

Andy Cohen's "After the Sew" program from last night with Austin Scarlett and Jerry Tam is now available for everyone to view. Click here. Don't miss the question that comes in at 13:00 mark!*

Washington Post fashion editor Robin Givhan is hosting a live chat about last night's Project Runway premiere at 2:00 p.m. Click here to participate.

We're out of breath today!

*Not a cardmember? Try this: Enter your name (or any name), enter an expiration date (05/11 for example) and then use the phone number 1-800-528-4800.


Our friends at TRESemmé are all about the fun this season and they want to get YOU involved. They have launched their latest contest in which you submit a photo of your chicest coif in order to win fabulous prizes. Click here for prize details and the rules and click here to enter (and to see your competition). We think our readers are the biggest Runway fans and we would like nothing better than to see one of YOU win the Christian Siriano custom-made garment.

TRESemmé is also sponsoring the Online Challenge. See the video below for the brief:

Click here to enter and click here for the rules.

Have fun and make it work!

Congratulations, Kelli

Imagine standing in front of Gristedes hearing from Austin Scarlett the brief for this challenge after an early morning wakeup call from Tim Gunn. Surreal? You bet! You kept your wits and remembered the key word - Innovation. You shunned fabric - no tablecloth or shower curtain for you! You remembered the phrase "Don't bore Nina" and you created a closure in the back fashioned from spiral notebook binding and a belt festooned with thumbtacks. The finishing details? Impeccable - no sloppy hem for your garment! You listened to Tim when he admired the skirt but expressed concern for the bodice. You remembered that Michael Kors likes a thoughtful approach so you used a material, vacuum cleaner bags, that was already pleated. And yet, by dying and bleaching the bags to make a pattern and burning the coffee filters to create lace, you managed to give us a taste of your point of view. Clearly you took all that you had learned from the first four seasons of Project Runway and synthesized the concepts into your first frock, one that Heidi had to think looked expensive. Well done, Kelli!

This post is only for positive comments for Kelli Martin or her garment. If you have anything negative to say about her, her work or another designer, please click here.