Friday, June 30, 2006

Camp Project Runway

Well, my summer camping experiences were never this fun. Lucky campers at Timber Lake Camp in Shandaken, NY (about 95 miles north of NYC) got a chance to try their hands at Project Runway challenges without having to worry about being told that they were 'out.' Click here to watch their video.
Thanks, Mike.

Chloe in the Houston Chronicle

Click here for the article that tells of Chloe getting her car and showing her collection.

It also shows a bag much like the new Chloe Carry On with the Tim Gunn catch phrase. You can purchase this limited-edition tote (in signature Chloe blue) if you click here
Thanks Christopher.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Click Here - Chloe Dao Slideshow

Photographer Jonathan Wing generously shared photos with us that he was able to take from the press box at the Chloe Dao fashion show at the Art Institute of Houston. You can click here to see yesterday's show.
Thanks, Jonathan!

Santino at Vidiots

BPR's newest L.A. field reporter, Christine, sent us this fabulous report about Santino's appearance at Vidiots (A local video store.)

Santino at Vidiots - June 27, 2006

My husband and I attended the Santino / Season 2 DVD launch party at Vidiots in Santa Monica on Tuesday night. We live in Venice, and were really stoked that this event was so close to our place! We arrived early enough to get a seat pretty close to the front. Before long, the whole store was full of fans. It was a really nice turnout.

They had a large video screen set up and were projecting episodes of season 2. Before anything exciting happened, I went and bought my copy of season 2, so when it was time, I could quickly hop in line to meet Santino!

Click here to continue.

From The Houston Bureau - Chloe!

Did you know that BPR is so cheap, we don't even pay the cab fare for our ace field reporters? Such are the vagaries of blogging. There are some perks, though! One is the chance to wine and dine with your favorite Project Runway designers. Our trusty scribe Pleightx checks in from Chloe's party last night:
Pleightx and Chloe at the Art Institue of Houston.Chloe’s party was held at the Art Institute of Houston in a small white tent in the parking lot. The crowd mingled while sampling cocktails and canapés. The sponsors for the evening included the Art Institute of Houston, Time Warner Cable, NBC/Bravo and Saturn Motors.

After a few announcements, Chloe came out to warm up the crowd. She said this is a preview of her new Spring Collection. “Hope you like it. There’s even sportswear,” she remarked. We would also see some men’s fashion from her store mate, Adam Vuong and his Adam’s Apple menswear line.

The lights dimmed and the music started. The first group of eight models came out all dressed in white. These cool sporty looks had some pretty lacy and frilly pieces as well. Then the male models came out. The crowd (who were mostly female) erupted in a roar. Then Chloe's second group of girls came out. This time, there were a lot of bold colors, including some nice solid greens, blacks and colorful prints. After that, we had some more menswear. Then the last group of Chloe's girls came out. This time, the colors were a bit muted, with soft brown/beige/pink tones. There were lots of lacy, flowing, feminine contoured pieces – which we’ve come to expect from her. Compared to her OFW collection, this was quite a departure.

Click here to read the rest of pleightx's report from Houston, including Chloe getting the keys to her new Saturn Sky Roadster!
6 looks from Chloe Dao's Spring Collection.

New Blog Entries - Tim/Daniel Vosovic

Click here for Tim's Take: The Season 3 wrap party.

Click here for Daniel's Bravo Blog: The EW 'Must List' photo shoot.

Click Here - JustJared's PR3 Episode 1 Pics

You can click on each picture in his gallery for a larger view.

Thanks, Charlotte!

Angela's MySpace Blog

Season 3 contestant Angela Keslar has posted a blog entry at her MySpace site, touching on her experience from the filming of Project Runway:

...winding down from the project runway experience has been a full time job in and of itself!!!! i've been napping a lot, which is very uncharacteristic of my energizer bunny self. i still feel like i'm being watched, which is actually a good thing because you should always watch what you think, say and do.... in that sense, being on a reality tv show was almost like... a spiritual encounter. there's always an Observer whether or not we are aware of it. having a camera as your Observer, though, is a weird little trip.

Click here to read the whole thing...

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Poll Results "In" - Your Top 3 Revealed

We closed out our first poll and the non-scientific results have been tabulated. You selected Angela Keslar, Katy Gerdes and Robert Best as the Top 3 in PR3.

We'll check back with these results in the future and see how close the readers came. Meanwhile, look for our next poll on Saturday.

From the Mailbox

This might be the voice of Malan Breton.

Thanks, Laura!

More on Kayne Gillaspie, this time from one of his many charming and adoring sisters:

Hi Scarlett,

...As a child I began competing in the pageant industry. Kayne was always my biggest fan. He would travel with me and help me with my gowns and competition clothing. When Kayne and I were teenagers I decided to get a little more serious and entered the Miss Tennessee Teen competition. I began getting some of my gowns from a local boutique that dressed a lot of girls in the pageant. The owner told me that he was interested in doing custom gowns but needed a talented sketch artist. I introduced my brother to him and everything fell into place. I can tell you that Kayne is a special person. Everyone who meets him loves him....

... It is driving our family crazy that Kayne will not tell us anything.....he is totally playing by the rules!!!


She also attaches the following pictures of more beauties from Oklahoma wearing Kayne's gowns. (The dresses in color are his; mouseover for details.)

Thanks, Andrea!

Finally, we received a correction for this post regarding Kayne. In the Miss Oklahoma USA 2006 photo we had highlighted the wrong runner-up. The photo you see now is corrected.
Thanks, Warren!

"We're going to have to ask you to leave"

So says Tim Gunn in what has become the most talked about promo for Season 3. But who does he say it to? One of the designers? Could it possibly be Clarissa Anderson, the mysterious missing model ?

It's a "scandalous first" for Project Runway! But what could it mean? Hmmmmm...........

With 2 Weeks to Go Until Season 3 ...

Don't forget the Chloe event tonight in Houston that we reported here. This is by RSVP only and it is now officially closed to more guests.

If you haven't yet voted in our Saturday Poll, there is still time. We'll close this week's poll at 8:00 Eastern. You get one chance to tell us who you feel will be the Season 3 top 3.

The Season 2 DVD was released yesterday; did you watch it yet? I saw the 'special features.' Any reactions? Still need to order it? Click here. Watch what happens!

Have you signed our Tim Gunn Sexiest Man Alive petition yet? Click here to do so. Let's make this work!

Finally, if you're having a PR3 Premiere Party in two weeks it's time to plan the food. A sample menu could include 'First Time at the Rodeo' Skirt Steak garnished with 'Cry and Cut' Caramelized Shallots with a side of 'Follow your Bliss' Potatoes and a 'Wok Off' Veggie Medley served with the McCarthy Irish Bread. Finish the meal with Santino Rice Pudding and an orange-frosted sugar cookie in the shape of Andrae's shorts. Your signature drinks could be a Timtini or a Float-in-Parade smoothie. Any other ideas? We'd love to hear them!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Chloe In The Chronicle

Chloe Dao is featured today in The Houston Chronicle, marking the release of the official Season 2 DVD. We found this nugget quite amusing:

Although host Heidi Klum named Dao the winner on Runway's March finale, and though it drew Bravo's most viewers ever (3.4 million), no one has sent her the second-season DVD, due in stores today.

"They are so cheap!'' Dao said with a laugh. "I'm even paying for my own air ticket to the New York premiere party for Season 3,'' which starts July 12.

Click here for more...

Season 2 DVD Release Today!

Saturday's Project Runway marathon certainly whetted our appetite for Season 3, but we will never forget Season 2. It will always be remembered as the time our great BPR family came together. What better way to celebrate than to get your copy of the official Season 2 DVD, being released today!

Here are some of the features: 14 extended episodes with never-before-seen footage, Outtakes and bloopers, "Wear are they now" featurette, Cast audition tapes, Tim Gunn's blog, and Season 3 casting call footage. If you order your copy through our Amazon link, a portion of the sale will go into our BPR Parsons Scholarship fund. Make It Work!

An Invitation from Emmett McCarthy

We've been hinting about this event and, at last, here is the invitation! I wish I could be there! That's Chloe, Kara, Nick, Emmett and Tim ALL TOGETHER in one spot on July 12th! Shoppers will have the to opportunity to purchase designs from all four of these favorites. Best of all, they will get to preview the fall collections.

Just to make this perfectly clear, please understand that Emmett is inviting ALL of our readers to this sale. You don't need a personal invitation. Please let us know if you plan to attend.

Dear Laura:

It is official!

Here is the e invite for our SALE event. Chloe, Kara, Nick and I will be having our designs to sell and take orders on fall. We will also be selling our custom-designed T shirts, and Tim will be making a special appearance.

Dimitry Chamy is designing the graphics for Tim Gunn's "Quality, Taste and Style" T shirt. I am not sure how many to make, but we can take orders!


Monday, June 26, 2006

Click Here For a Interview With Santino Rice

Thanks Timophile!

ETA: Don't forget the Santino event on Tuesday. He's going to be at Vidiots at 302 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica, California at 8:00 pm on the 27th of June. There promises to be behind-the-scenes gossip and video clips shown of the Season 2 DVD released that day. You can call (310)392-8508 for more details.
Thanks, Christine!

Model Drama?

Look at this page from the newly launched Season 3 site. We know there are 15 designers. But I'm counting 14 models. Could be a goof. (Look at the birthdate for any of the models here and you can see that they still need to do some work.) But ask yourself why didn't they just do 3 rows of 5 models? Could they really make an error this big?

Are there really 14 models to 15 designers?

Quite Keen on Kayne!

We have it from a reliable source that Kayne Gillaspie designed the gowns in 2006 for both Miss Oklahoma USA, Robyn Watkins, and the first runner-up, Melissa Linduff (shown just below in color). That same source tells us that in the 2006 Miss Oklahoma Teen USA pageant, the winner, Morgan Woolard, and ALL FOUR runners-up wore Kayne's gowns (shown in the lower, large photo).

We also hear from another source that had the opportunity to meet Kayne that, while he looks serious in the Bravo photos, he was "...all bubbly and had that Southern Belle charm about him, you just wanted to have a mint julep with him, while he was putting beads on Miss Oklahoma."

BPR reader Jean writes this report on the Purple Sash Event last week and sends us the photos below of Kayne's creations.

Thanks, Jean!
Photos courtesy of Jean Warner, PhD of Kayne Gillaspie gowns
We hear that Kayne reads BPR. We are looking forward to getting to know him and we will be watching for his upcoming website.

Young, talented, handsome and charming ... all reasons why beauties with brains in Oklahoma are all quite keen on Kayne!

ETA: Thanks for the correction, Warren.

Click Here For Trish's Mini-Tour Report

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Chloe Party! - Click Here

The Art Institute of Houston is hosting "an evening celebrating the premiere of Season 3 of Project Runway and Houston’s own Chloe Dao, winner of Season 2!". This 'Art of Runway' event happens June 28th ... that's right ... this upcoming Wednesday! Chloe will also be debuting her new collection at this event. But you need to hurry! Only 200 are invited. Click here to RSVP and enter the promotional code "Chloe". Houston BPR field reporters, report for duty!

Dfilm Contest: Grand Prize Winner!

The winning entry from TheQuietOne (aka Jill) simply made all of the judges laugh out loud. It features Tim Gunn (as a snowman) and a behind the scenes look at what really happened during The Makeover challenge. Congratulations Jill, you are the BPR Dfilm Contest Grand Prize Winner!

And special thanks to our guest judge and prize sponsor Kenneth Fron. Jill gets her choice of any necklace from Kenneth's online catalog. Ken has been a great friend to BPR and we love his unique, one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry.

And thanks once again to everyone that entered. You brought many smiles to Team BPR with your wit and filmmaking talent! odds on PR#3

Do people really bet on reality shows? Well, please don't. It's fun to look at the odds, though. Here are the current favorites on

Odds On: Who will win Bravo's hit reality tv series "Project Runway 3"? Any wagers placed after outcome becomes public knowledge will be graded as No Action. No refunds. No over limit wagers. All wagers will be graded based on results as posted on If more than one contestants wins, all wagers will be graded as No Action. Max $100.

Bradley Baumkirchner 3/1

Robert Best 5/1

Laura Bennett 14/1

Malan Breton 17/1

Bonnie Dominguez 9/1

Stacey Estrella 4/1

Katherine Gerdes 19/1

Kayne Gillaspie 13/1

Ulrike "Uli" Herzner 9/2

Alison Kelly 18/1

Angela Keslar 7/1

Michael Knight 12/1

Vincent Libretti 16/1

Keith Michael 7/2

Jeffrey Sebelia 10/1

BPR PR3 Designer Scavenger Hunt #1

More fun for us while we wait for Season Three! This is an internet scavenger hunt. We will post a photo and you try to locate it and identify the PR3 designer who created it. Okay?

When you find it, please don't reveal - just post "I found it!" in the comments. Okay? The first one is pretty easy - here you go:

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Entertainment Weekly Party

Apparently if you are IN Entertainment Weekly, you are invited to their parties! Emmett McCarthy was kind enough to send me some photos of this event. Thanks Emmett! Before I posted I wanted to identify this lovely girl with Daniel Vosovic. Here is his response:

Laura, the girl is a good friend of mine, Alexi Tavel. She's Petra Nemcova's personal assistant and right-hand girl with her charity "Happy Hearts Fund." I needed a date who can roll with that crowd without too much fuss, and she has more than enough experience... though she did need a new dress. Cue Tim saying "make it work," give me a night, a few yards of fabric and she's got a new summer dress - perfect for the occasion/weather (which was so hot I almost fainted)!

It was such a crazy night - Christina was hot as can be - and I actually befriended Stacy and Clinton from TLC's "What Not To Wear" and the four of us spent the rest of the night dancing and drinking the night away! Needless to say the entire night was a blast - I'd tell you more but I have to keep the juicy stuff for my new blogs!
Much love,
D xx

Kara/Daniel V. - EW "Must List" Update

Here's the Entertainment Weekly annual 'Must List,' two-page spread featuring Kara and Daniel Vosovic. Click on the picture to see a larger view, then click again for a size that is more readable.

Thanks, Kara.

Also, don't forget to check Daniel Vosovic's Bravo blog and his Outzone blog for recent updates.

Project Runway Marathon Party!

Lets's a beautiful, sunny summer Saturday. What to do?

Go to the beach? Nope.
Work outside on the garden? Maybe tomorrow.
Plop yourself down in front of the TV for 11 straight hours of Project Runway? Now we're talking!

We'll keep this party post up all day for you die hard PR fans who will be watching. Post your reactions and comments as we relive Season 2. And keep your eye out for the Season 3 promos. We should see clips of the new cast in action!

ETA: With this new system you can only comment once within twenty seconds. Don't comment and then immediately comment again. If in doubt, type a little longer message. Hit 'refresh' to see the new comments.

DFilm Contest Runner Up: "My Tim Gunn Fantasy"

Let's just say that BPR regular Fluffsters has quite an active imagination. Check out the scenario she's dreamed up between her and Tim Gunn, complete with candles, bubblebath and tiny pomeranians!

And don't forget to tune back in tomorrow as we reveal our Grand Prize winner!

A New BPR Feature - Saturday's Poll

Each week on Saturday we'll try to ask you for your opinion on a Project Runway issue. There will be different voting parameters each week (how many choices, how often you can vote). On Wednesday mornings we will close that poll and post the results. Our findings will not be scientific but you, the people that love the show most, will have your say. Sound interesting?

So, for our first poll we are asking you the question, 'Who Will Be Season 3's Top 3?' None of us have seen the show and only just this week were exposed to their photos, biographies and websites. Unless you were actually on the show, none of us have anything to go on but instinct!

In this week's survey, you get one vote to select your top 3. So, go ahead and give it a shot. We'll check back in on the results at the end of Season 3 when we find out who the top 3 really are!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Kara/Daniel V. - EW Must List 2006

(Click on the picture for a larger view.)
Our readers noticed that Trent over at Pink is the New Blog featured a page from Entertainment Weekly's Summer Double Issue of June 30-July 7. Inside the magazine is an article about Kara Janx and Daniel Vosovic having made Entertainment Weekly's Annual 'Must List.' They are amongst the '113 people and things we love right now' according to that magazine.

Thanks AJ & Haydee for noticing the article.

Thanks for the scan, Kenneth!

DFilm Contest Runner Up: "Woman of Mystery"

Another sci-fi feature is on tap today as we continue counting down our favorites from the BPR DFilm Contest. And who better to be featured in a sci-fi flick than Season 2 fashion techno-geek Diana Eng? Grab your box of Sno-Caps as Miss T bring us "Woman of Mystery".

News From Emmett

Dear Laura:

Your daughter Kaitlin and her friend Mandy just visited my EMC2 Boutique. They tried on dresses, jackets and coats that we will be selling at the boutique and at our upcoming event on July 12th.

We thought you would love to have a sneak preview of a few of the new styles.

Upper Left, Kaitlin in a geometric dress, Right, Mandy in a white summer frock, Lower Left, Emmett loving the visit

Click Here For An AOL.Com Interview With Santino Rice

Thanks, Michelle.

Welcome Newbies!

Welcome one and all to the BPR community. This is a fun place where we are not only avid fans of the show, but also are friendly toward one another. We have a very low tolerance for in-fighting amongst each other. Please do not use our comments as a venue to pick a fight or bully other commenters. We are all friends here.

While we tend to have our favorites (ask Jan the Dan Fan!) we do not disparage or criticize any of the designers or personalities on the show. There are other sites where this is perfectly acceptable and we enjoy those sites very much, but we are trying to present something different here at BPR. This is a place where all of the designers are supported whether they are first "auf" or Grand Prize Winners. Please be polite. No name-calling. Thank you.

Another policy we insist upon is no vulgarity. I am a mom with five children and they read BPR. I don't want to be ashamed of anything appearing here. Also we have learned that the moms of our designers are reading too. As a mom I can only imagine how heartbreaking it would be to read something unkind about one of my children. Please remember that we are a family-friendly site. There may be some questionable content on the Bravo site or on some of the sites for which we provide links. We can't help that, but we do carefully monitor what appears on BPR.

Although your comments appear right away without any screening, they are monitored and can be edited or deleted at our discretion. We encourage lively discussion but no personal attacks, please. Also, once your opinion is stated, you don't have to continue to reaffirm. If someone else has another opinion just let it be. We like seeing the different opinions - all are valid and important to BPR. If everyone agreed on everything, our blog would be boring.

If you feel that your comment has been edited or deleted unfairly please do not leave another comment complaining about it - just e-mail the team and we will be happy to describe what we saw as the offense.

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We also have a solid "No Spoilers" policy here. Speculation is fine, but please, if you think you "know" something ahead of time, just keep it to yourself. Thanks.

Also, please do not put links in the comments. If you have something to share with the BPR community, please e-mail it to the team and we will consider posting it. Perhaps we will even place it in a comment, but let us decide. Just as each designer has a "point of view," so does BPR. Please allow your team to choose which items to feature. Spammers will be reported to HaloScan and you will find that you will be unable to comment on any site that uses this service.

Also, your team has carefully and deliberately avoided some articles and news items which were nothing more than ugly gossip, half-truths or just embarrassments to the designers. If you post links to these in the comments, then all of our efforts are in vain. Thanks for understanding.

Also, please stay on topic. If the topic is "Congratulations, Michael" then this is not the place to say that "Vincent should have won." Get it? We will have a "reactions" post for that as well as a poll where you can enter your opinion. Stay on topic, please.

We don't expect you to agree with all of these guidelines. You might think they are unreasonable and ridiculous, but we still expect you to adhere to them. If you spot a violation of these guidelines, please send a 911 to the team. We can delete or edit comments as necessary. Let us know exactly which post and about where the offending comment is located.

We hope to have long-lasting friendships with the Project Runway designers and with one another. You may realize later that the impression that you have of one designer or another will change over time. It's hard to take back what you have said, so please consider your comments very carefully.

So, welcome all. Thanks for joining us. We really love Project Runway and know that you do too!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Keen on Kayne?

Attention Oklahoma City BeePeRs! Want to see designs by Kayne Gillaspie? It's kind of late notice but we just found out about this event. Purple Sash - A Celebration of Courage "An Elegant Evening of Dinner, Fashion and Silent and Live Auctions Benefiting the YWCA of Oklahoma City" tonight at 7PM at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum. Tickets are $150. Please let us know if you attend.

A Note From Chloe Dao

Hi Laura,

BPR is amazing. I can't still believe how fast you guys are about getting info. I just wanted to thank BPR for posting about my online shopping. I am definitely adding more pieces to sell online. It has taken us much longer to get the shopping section up b/c it is not only about having the shopping available online it also about setting up production to actually deliver the merchandise.

Please be patient with all of us. As much as PR has given us publicity all of us are still very small individuals trying to "Make It Work" in the big world of fashion. It does take awhile to establish a good foundation. Emmett is an exception, he is simply too amazing in his ability to kick butt in the real world of fashion.

Y'all have been completely wonderful in the support of PR designers. I sincerely thank BPR.

P.S. I am excited as you are about PR3. Can't wait.

Thanks again,

Chloe Dao

News From Nick

Hey Laura:
How are you? It's my "Summer Break" and I am busier than ever. Sat. was the FIDM Graduation and I was invited to present an Award and when they called my name , like 2000 people went WILD!!! You would have thought I was Kelly Clarkson--CRAZY!! And today I did another event at FIDM for 500 high school seniors--also went crazy--I will try and get footage/photos for my blog ASAP.

...David and I are prepping for the LA Billion Dollar Babes event this Friday and Saturday at the Sony Studios in Culver City. There will be TONS of Nick Verreos/Nikolaki tops, dresses, pants, jackets, all DRAMATICALLY reduced!!!We will have samples for sale of Tarah's dress which she wore in Miami when I saw her, as well as the dress Heidi will wear for the PR interview!!!! Warn your avid readers to get there early because if the NY Sale was any indication, my 2 racks were almost empty by the beginning of the second day! I will be there Friday night and Saturday afternoon to "meet and greet" my Nick Verreos-ites!!!

I am scheduled to do a TV Guide Show interview Friday afternoon at Hollywood & Highland(Kodak Theater) for the release of the DVD.

...Thanks again for all your support....

All my best,

DFilm Contest Runner-Up: "Second Chance"

Santino proved to be a popular character in our DFilm contest. In "Second Chance", director Adam D sets up a post-Project Runway encounter between Santino and Chloe. Lights, Camera, Action!

A Note From Katy Gerdes!

Hi Tbone!

Great to hear from you. I'm a big fan of the website! Your support for all the designers is amazing and very much appreciated!

As you know I can't say much, but I can let you know that I'm in a relationship and have been dating him for 6 years now!

...I'm also working on a website which will hopefully be launching soon (in time for PR3). It'll have portfolio sketches/pics, bio, journal (aka blog), and some fun stuff that I can't divulge right now! I'll be sure to let you know as soon as it's up and running.

Katherine Gerdes

Thanks again for your interest and support! You guys rock! Keep in touch.

ps... the whole name thing is a bigger issue than I ever expected! My family and friends all call me Katy, but my line is called "Katherine Gerdes" and Katherine is more my "professional" name which is why we went with that on the show. Plus, it was more fun to hear Tim say "Kaaaatthhrine" than katy! :)

A Note From Angela Keslar!

nice to hear from you... this is all so overwhelming and exciting and fun fun fun.... i am so thrilled to have been included in this season and look forward to the upcoming year. i will think about anything else you might be interested to know and e-mail you....
take good care~~~~~~ angela

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Click Here For A Link To A New York Post Story About PR#3

Click Here For Chloe's On-Line Store!

Sure, we'e excited about Season Three, but we would never neglect our Season Two designers! Chloe's On-line Store is open at last.

Also, Emmett & Chloe will be at Martha Clara Vineyards on July 15th. Website has details here. Thanks, Michael!

Official Bios For ALL Season Three Designers!

Bonita Lynch, Press Agent for the Season Three Designers graciously provided BPR with biographical data on each of them. This really complements the information provided to us by our readers and by the designers themselves. We are off to a great start. I feel like I almost know the designers already. Don't you? Ready to choose a favorite? Thanks Bonita.

Click Here For A PR3 Notice in EW Popwatch

Edited to add: Here is the Reality TV World announcement.

A Note From Alison Kelly!

Well, that certainly didn't take long. We've heard from our very first Season 3 designer! Just looking at the photos, Alison Kelly appears to have great potential as a Season 3 heartthrob. So naturally, we asked her about her status! Here's her response:

If I have a boyfriend, he knows who he is. The question is, do I?

Thanks Alison - We look forward to learning more about you soon. Click here to see her website.

DFilm Contest Runner Up: "Madras Moon"

Our first DFilm feature comes to us from Downtown MB with a little Project Runway meets Star Trek spin. The judges loved the title and it made us smile. So sit back, grab your popcorn and click here for "Madras Moon".

With 3 Weeks to Go Until Season 3 ...

The Season 2 DVD is being released next Tuesday. Now is the perfect time to preorder your copy here!

Want an avatar next to your name in our new commenting format? Click here to learn how it is done.

And how great would it be to meet Nick? He's at the Billion Dollar Babes event this Friday and Saturday. Click here for details and here to RSVP. I can tell you from personal experience that you won't regret going!

You could also meet Santino at an event this Tuesday. He's going to be at Vidiots at 302 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica, California at 8:00 pm on the 27th of June. There promises to be behind-the-scenes gossip and video clips shown of the Season 2 DVD released that day. You can call (310)392-8508 for more details.
Thanks, Christine for alerting us about this!

Finally, send out your invitations for your Season 3 premiere party.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

BPR DFilm Festival

Hot off the presses!