Monday, July 31, 2006

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Also, here is a PR article in Campus Progress. Thanks Dana.

Next, here is a video interview with Robert Best at the Barbie Convention.

BPR is mentioned in The Gothamist today, AND in Best Week Ever.

Click here to vote for your favorite silver fox! Thanks Lydia.

Another Episode 4 Preview!

(Click the arrow below to view.)

Thanks Jordan.

Also, click here for the AOL preview.

The AOL preview is the same as the Bravo preview, but in the interest of providing you, the fans, with the most complete Project Runway coverage, we present ALL three previews in one place. : )

Episode 4: "Immediately Dismissed"

The new Yahoo TV preview is up this afternoon and it provides plenty of fuel for the fire! Click here to watch what happens.

First, what are the sketches telling us with regards to this week's challenge?

And the big surprise: Kayne, Robert and Michael talking about turning someone in to the producers! Discuss...

"The Rules"

Many of you are asking "What are the rules?" in preparation for this week's much anticipated designer elimination. The only publicly available document we are aware of that mentions specifics of what's required of the cast is the 21-page audition application.

Much of the requirements in this application deal with confidentiality clauses such as revealing the outcomes of challenges and the like. There is also a $1 million penalty (!) for breach of contract.

Past season designers have mentioned that there is a list of items that are given to them that they can and cannot bring with them. We suspect that once they are cast, the designers are required to sign additional contracts and are given more specific restrictions. We are unaware of any of these documents being publicly available. Will Bravo release "the rules" this week? Stay tuned!

The Latest

First, the FourFour recap is up and it's a must read!

Here is a PR article from the Detroit News.

And here is a new story about the Haberman Fabrics contest that we first mentioned here. Tbone will be looking to say hello to all the BeePeRs.
Thanks, Sue Ellen.

This is the final day to bid on the autographed Tim Gunn t-shirt and the PR Launch Party Goodie bag on eBay. Remember all proceeds go to our BPR Parsons Scholarship Fund. Thanks for your bid.

Something Fun V - Daniel Vosovic Dress Up

BPR <3's I-Dress up. Click here for the latest installment featuring designs by Daniel Vosovic.

And, for those of you that are new to BPR or to I-Dress up, they also feature Jay McCarroll, Kara Janx, Chloe Dao and Santino Rice.

Thanks again Anna for telling us about this site!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Click Here For an Out.Com Interview With Robert Best

Did anyone meet Robert at the Barbie Convention?

What is This?

We can see who is in this photo - but where are they? What are they doing? Any thoughts?

This is from one of the previews. (It's at the very end of this clip.)

From The Mailbox

First, here is an interview with Katy Gerdes on and another from her hometown Pioneer Press. Thanks Paul and Justin.

Also, here is the original source of the DIY PR tour of NYC.

Budget Travel Online also has this article called "Ten New York Fashion Favorites," this one about shopping at Sample Sales, and of course, the Tim Gunn Makes it Work in NYC article.
Thanks, Ruthie!

Birthday Greetings From BPR

Saturday, July 29, 2006


There was plenty of material for our intrepid recappers watching "A Designer's Best Friend" (or is it "Doggie Style?), so lets get to it! Did your favorite make Page 1?

Top billing this week goes to Dan Renzi who wants to be just like.....well go see for yourself.

I'm wondering what The Manolo would recommend for one to be wearing on the feets while strolling about town with little Stanley....

We are loving the boys at Project Rungay...hilarious!

The Quiet One is a bridesmaid no more...

The judges at Beauty Addict Blog would make fine subs for MK anytime...

Schnaufblog scores page 1 on the first try with a very unique take from the linguistic front...

Winnie at a frat party? Priceless. BPR loves AJ!

Don't forget about our early recaps and of course our own Justin Couture...

More recap fun can be found on Page 2!

An Interview With Kayne Gillaspie about the Miss Universe Pageant

Hi Laura K,

In response to the e-mail, yes the dress Tara Conner wore was the exact dress Robert and I made on the show. I actually stayed in New York 4 days after we wrapped up taping to fit Miss Conner in the dress. We had a blast and she is such a great girl to work with. I received the questions from Bonita [Actually, Tbone sent these in ] that you asked about and well here goes....

Click here to continue.

Your Wish is Our Command

So many of you are speculating about this scene - does this help?

Also, does anyone want to guess what the challenge for next week might be?

Happy Birthday Dear Tim!

A Visit from Tim Gunn
(Loosely based on the famous poem ’A Visit from St Nicholas’ by Clement Clarke Moore)

Submitted by Sophia from Stockholm, Sweden!

’Twas the night before showtime, when all through the room
The designers were frantic, envisioning doom
Their garments were hung by the workplace with care
In hopes that St Tim ’The Gunn’ soon would be there

The judges were nestled all snug in their beds
While visions of silk charmeuse danced in their heads
And Heidi in Manolos with five inch o’heels
Had just settled herself and her two baby Seals

When out in the hall there arose such a clatter
Some sprang from their sewing machines: ”What’s the matter?”
Away to the doorway they flew in a flash
(They jumped over remnants of Austin’s old sash)

The cameras, the lights and the crew were there, too
All ready to capture what now would ensue
When who, to their wondering eyes should appear -
But the man whose opinion they’re desperate to hear!

What a dapper old chap, so lively and fun!
They knew in a moment it must be Tim Gunn!
More rapid than eagles then everyone came
As he yelled out ”Designers!” and called them by name:

”Now Uli! Now Laura! Now Robert and Jeffrey!
On Vincent! On, Michael! On Bonnie and Stacey!
Now Angela, Allison, Bradley and Kayne!
On Katherine, Malan and on Keith (’Mr Plain’)!”

He was dressed in a suit from his head to his foot
The colorscheme masculine: 'ashes' and 'soot'
A simple but elegant shirt, and a tie
He looked like a well-groomed and fashionable guy

His eyes – how they twinkled! His glasses- how sparkly!
His stature resembling that of Charles Barkley
His droll little mouth was drawn up like a bow
And the hair on his head was as fluffy as snow

He told them he wanted them all to succeed:
”To make it in fashion – there’s no greater deed”
His smile was sincere, he was fair but direct
He earned every fashion designer’s respect:

”We’re lucky, we are, our dreams have come true!
A mentor with style - and such eloquence, too!”
And soon came the moment they’d longed for, but feared:
”Let’s see your designs.” And everyone cheered!

He walked ’round the room and went straight to his job
Critiquing designers (some wanting to sob)
And laying his fingers aside of his chin
He gave them a nod, or a frown, or a grin

To some he said: ”Hmm. This concerns me, no doubt.”
And that was a sign that they soon would be out
Then they heard him exclaim, ’ere he turned with a jerk:
”So good luck to you all. Carry on – make it work!”

Click here to pre-order your Tim Gunn bobblehead!
Please post your birthday wishes to Tim!

Friday, July 28, 2006

From The Mailbox

Don't forget that today is the day to meet Robert Best at the Barbie Convention in L.A.

Here is a fun Barbie article from TMZ. Thanks, Jeremy.

Last, here is a note from the Project Kayne Coalition!

Over 150 people attended a dinner and reception for Kayne and Warren at a local"hot spot" restaurant in OKC last night. The event was hosted by Top Hat Talent owner Nikki Calder and was attended by all the friends and families. It was a GREAT evening. Kayne graciously took pictures with all the young dancers and all the parents. He autographed shirts too!

I'm attaching two pictures just to give you an idea of the event.

Thank you.

Janice H

Justin Couture's PR Recap - Episode 3

We present another recap by BPR guest writer Justin Couture. You're about to enter snark infested waters!

Episode 3 or 'Doggonit Bravo didn't even tell Tim the title.'

We start with wacky music which historically signals a fun episode. Kayne is excited about immunity and Robert thought Malan was a good room mate. Katy didn't think anyone should have gone home so I wonder if she would have preferred that they should all move in with Angela and form a fashion co-op in O-HI-O making clothing out of hemp.

Heidi comes out wearing some sort of plaid top that looks very Ann Taylor sale rack, circa 1991 with a giant bow on one shoulder. She tells them that they will be designing something inspired by fashion's hottest accessories while everyone smirks at the bow. Really, it is quite smirkable. She tells them that Tim will fill them in before she sends Malan's model Moon away. That sounds much more poetic than it is actually. She tells them ominously that they have to get up early the next day before they have time for more smirkitude.

That night the designers try to figure out ideas like iPods or belts. Or belts containing iPods. Or belted iPods. We hear that Michael is excited and I'm hopeful that he will actually be in this episode.

Click here to continue reading.

Trish's Dish from Girlshop!

Just got in from Kara Janx's event - hosted by Girlshop Boutique. What a way to spend one of my long teacher/vacation summer days - cocktails, fashion and friends in NYC's West Village!

Click here to continue.

Click Here For Bettie's Transcript of Tim's Podcast For Episode Three

Thank you Bettie!

Jia Santos Released From The Hospital


Some of the details associated with this story have the potential to become a major spoiler. Since we have reported on the accident PR3 model Jia Santos was involved in previously, we felt it was important to give everyone an update on her condition. We are thrilled to learn that she has been released from the hospital and is doing much better.

We are not allowing comments on this thread and please do not comment on this story elsewhere on our main site. Most readers prefer to watch the show without knowing what might happen, so please don't ruin it for them.

If you would like to know more about this story, click here.

BPR Interview With Katherine Gerdes

The competition was stiff on the runway for "Doggy Style" and although Katherine Gerdes ended up on the bottom, she's not going down quietly. BPR caught up with Katherine today from her home in Minnesota where they are still in disbelief...

BPR: Hi Katherine! So what was the reaction from your family and friends about your auffing?

Katy: They were shocked… and then pissed! I don’t think any of them expected me to be kicked off on this episode, even after they had seen the runway and the judging. We’ve been having viewing parties at my parent’s restaurant each week and there were around 70 people last night. Let’s just say there was lots of booing and yelling at the screen! Having everyone there to support me has been amazing and I appreciate everyone who came!

BPR: Do you have siblings? What are their names?

Katy: I have a younger brother (Nathan) who is 14, but about 4-5” taller than me! He’s on my audition video making fun of how little I am and how I get asked if I’m older than 16 when I sit in exit rows on planes! He’s a super smart kid and can build all sorts of crazy robots and what not… watch out because he might take over the world some day!

BPR: You entered RISD as a photography major, what turned you on to fashion design?

Katy: I really loved photography and I still do, but I was more into the technical side and working in the darkroom rather than focusing on being all “artsy” with my photos. I had been making clothes for myself since I was 14, but they were never “cool” clothes to other kids so I didn’t even consider that I could be a fashion designer! I just happened to take a winter session course (short semester in between 1st and 2nd semesters) in fashion design at RISD and my professor Jennifer was really supportive and actually upset that I wasn’t considering fashion as my major! I give her all the credit for convincing me to switch into apparel design.

Click here to continue reading BPR's interview with Katherine. You won't believe who her favorite cast mates are!

From The Mailbox

First, here is an interview with Tim Gunn. Thanks, Diana.

Next, here is a article about a DIY Project Runway Tour.They totally copied our idea! Thanks everyone who sent this, sorry I was slow to post it!

Brigham Barnes tackled the last challenge with with hilarious results! Be sure to add your comments.

Tim Gunn is scheduled to be on both the Today Show and Conan next Thursday, August 3. How does he keep up with this schedule? Thanks, Bonita.

Entertainment Weekly has a great interview with Katherine Gerdes. Thanks Andrea.

Here is Tim's Gunn's perspective traveling in style. Thanks Project Rungay. : )

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Early Recaps: "Doggy Style"

The Manolo sings us an ode to Michael Kors....

Shawn at Getting to Maybe is groovin' on Uli...

Tiffany at Previously On is groovin' on Michael...

Amber sees Bradley as.....Richard Dreyfus!

Moi's dog is cuter than yours....

Every dog has its day with Miz Shoes...

Mags thinks its all Vera's fault...

Tammy thinks Katy just needed a little jewelry....

Toyouke gives us a little less flash this week....

Jen can hardly wait for next week!

Jayne and Jeff go toe-to-toe...

Erin at The Gaze checks in...

Malan still leads on the The Lipstick Mystic scorecard!

Have a recap to share? E-mail Team BPR by Saturday to be included in our weekly "Recapalooza" post.

Speculation for Episode #4

Reading through the "reactions" comments reveals that much of the reaction is actually speculation! So - as your BPR Team always strives to respond to the readers - I am setting up a post here for you.

It seems that most of the discussion centers around several topics: 1. Why doesn't Michael get more air time? 2. Who will be asked to leave? Why? and When? If someone is asked to leave before the conclusion will one team be short-handed? Will they bring back one of the aufed designers? Your comments are very insightful - I especially appreciate those of you who are checking the color of the wall in the background and what exactly everyone is wearing when Tim makes his pronouncement. What exactly is Tim carrying in his hand? Hmmmmmm....

Feel free to re-enter your episode #4 speculations here even if you've said it before.

Just a reminder - please do not put links in the comments, just e-mail them to your team. We will post them more prominently so that everyone can see them.

Congratulations Uli!

Congratulations Einstein too!

Let's send some BPR love to Uli!

Macy's Herald Square Window

You can see Uli's dress in the window today at Macy's in Herald Square. They are also featuring last week's gown by Kayne and Robert.
Thanks Miss Tanya!

Hmmmmm... since there was a delay featuring the 'Fit for a Queen' dress, does mean that Tara Conner wore the actual dress made during the challenge?

Podcast/iTunes for Episode 3

MANY of you can't find Tim's Podcast this week. Click here for a direct link to the mp3 of Episode 3. Note that there is a slight glitch in the recording - it pauses briefly at the start.

Also, iTunes has the episode up earlier this week.
Click here to find it.

Don't know the title yet? It's cute. Highlight the following to see it: Doggy Style.

REMINDER - Two Events Today

Kara Janx reminds us that you can still RSVP here to attend her event at Girlshop TODAY. She also tells us that darling Malan Breton and intriguing Keith Michael are scheduled to attend!

Also, don't forget that you can talk to Daniel Franco today between 2 and 3 Eastern through the popular Ring My Bell site. The number to dial is (323) 603-6212 and you can watch him answer the calls live. Click here for details and then, during the program, click on the 'Open in QT Player' button.

Where's Michael Kors?

Many of you have been asking this question in our comments. Here's what we know:

Back in April we linked to a story from Fashion Week Daily which said that "Michael Kors will not be available for the first four tapings of the third season of Project Runway due to prior commitments to production on his clothing line..."

Just before filming began in May, Women's Wear Daily mentioned in an article about Vera Wang that "The designer will have an even wider audience when she fills in for Kors for a few episodes of "Project Runway."

Based on this earlier news, we were surprised to see Michael Kors present for the first runway judging. The production schedule must have been adjusted to accommodate him. Our best guess is that he will be out for at least the next two episodes as well, with Vera Wang filling his shoes until his return.

ETA: According to Andy Cohen, Michael will return on August 9 for Episode 5. Thanks Andy!

Your Turn To Be The Judge III

This week you get to be Nina Garcia, Heidi Klum, Vera Wang and Ivanka Trump. We have two polls for you. Click here to tell us who should have won. Click here to tell us who should have been out. Each day you can vote in each poll until it is closed.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Reactions to Episode 3

The judges have spoken! Post your reactions to Episode 3 here.

Episode 3 Party!

Welcome back to our weekly Project Runway snarkfest! Everyone is invited to post their predictions, insights and observations during tonight's airing of Episode 3. Remember to keep it clean and have fun!

Tbone's Live-Post of Episode 3

Is there anything better than a Wednesday night with a new Project Runway episode scheduled to air? (Don't answer that, Moi!)

Stuck in a hotel without Bravo? Cable TV on the fritz? Working late on the west coast? Follow along with Tbone's live play by play of Episode 3 here. Remember, this thread is for Tbone only. Party animals report above!

About Your Comments...

Every once in a while it becomes necessary to remind newbies about our commenting guidelines. Last week we had 49,146 first-time visitors. Welcome everyone!

In addition to our guidelines, I have a couple of requests. If you notice a comment that is outside of our guidelines please immediately send an e-mail with a 911 in the subject line and a description of where to locate it. Every comment arrives as an e-mail and we read every one, but there are times when 500-800 comments are posted in an evening and it is hard to catch up, so please help us out. One of us is usually standing by.

The BPR Team is Laura K, Scarlett and Tbone. We are fans just like you. We do this as volunteers and for fun. We are not paid by anyone. We present the material on BPR that you - the fans - provide to us. We try to find answers to your questions, but we have no influence or "insider knowledge."

Remember just to state your case and let it rest. No need to argue, we are all friends here. We welcome all opinions. They are all valid. We don't expect everyone to agree, we just expect everyone to be polite.

Also, if you regret something you have said in a comment, please let us know if you would like us to delete. With the HaloScan system you can not delete your own comment, so consider carefully before you post. Be sure to "preview" your comment before posting. OR if you have misspelled or misrepresented something, just let us know and we can fix it. Everyone makes mistakes. We can repair damage very easily. This is better than posting a second comment that says "Oh I meant to spell Alison with one l, not two."

Seeing double? Please do not refresh the page after you have left your comment, this results in duplicating your comment. Wait about 30 seconds.

In general we will set up two live-posting threads on Wednesday nights. One for the "party" where everyone is welcome to chime in and one for Tbone or another single voice. Afterward we will start a "Reactions" post for your impressions. We will NOT title it the "Congratulations Kayne" or whoever wins post in consideration for our west-coast readers who haven't seen the episode yet.

Thanks everyone, we have very carefully considered what would make this the very best experience for all of our readers. Thank you also for your patience with Newbies. We love our Newbies. Welcome one and all!

The Team Challenge

After reading many many opinions on this I am trying to distill an actual position on Team Challenges. There's something not right about they way they work on Project Runway and it wouldn't be that hard to fix.

Click here to continue.

A Note From Jeffrey Sebelia

Hi Laura,

After reading the re-cap I would like to voice my concern about Justin's remark that my JonBenet comment was somehow "unfortunate." What is unfortunate to me is what happened to that poor little girl and how many other girls and young women are victimized in many ways by the child and pageant world. I would like you to know that my comment came from an empathetic place and was also part of a greater explanation as to just how uncomfortable such things make me feel. I am a victim of SEVERE childhood abuse and without going into detail would like you to know that my feelings on the subject run deep and that I am never afraid to speak up when given the opportunity.
I think Justin's little column is entertaining and in the spirit of trashy T.V. have a good laugh even at the insinuation that I chose Alison because of her looks and not because of her talent, skill and like-minded design tastes. Alas, Justin...touche! I know you don't have alot to work with...and I remember my first writing gig.
Always in awe of the power of T.V., Jeffrey

Hi Andy!

Those are some nice shades you've got there....

Nice try, but we're not buying. Now we know for sure what WON'T be tonight's hot fashion accessory!

From The Mailbox

We have to tip our hats to Bonita Lynch, Bravo's Press Manager for Project Runway. PR is getting unprecedented coverage in the media these days. Here's the latest:

Heidi Klum's cover in Jane Magazine is now out...

Tim Gunn and Parsons are featured in the latest Metrosource magazine...
Thanks Justin!

Angela Keslar has a very interesting interview today in the Columbus Dispatch that you don't want to miss... Thanks Brenda!

ETA: Tim Gunn is scheduled to be a guest tomorrow on Live With Regis and Kelly. Could this be the kickoff of the "Ask you to leave" media campaign? Thanks Paul!

Results 'In' - You Were the Judge II

Our Poll Results are in for Episode 2. 63% of you thought that Angela should have been out. 65% of you agreed with the judges that Kayne should have won. Click on each photo to see all of the results.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tying Up The Loose Ends....

The "NOW who is the villain?" poll is still open. Keith, Angela and Vincent are all battling it out for this one. May I interject right now to say that we here on the BPR Team do not really believe that ANY of our wonderful designers is a villain. When Heidi mentioned in an interview that we had a great villain this season we just thought we'd have fun and try to guess who she meant. We adore all of the designers of course. They make Wednesday nights so fabulous for us!

The Speculation posts have been a lot of fun with all of your suggestions. It seems that most of you are thinking the "Hottest Accessory" is a dog. However, iPod, baby, sunglasses, cell phones, bicycles, skates and many other possibilities are out there. You all are really clever with your ideas.

If it turns out to be a dog, I'd like to give credit where credit is due: Our own Rosebud came up with this in our Challenge Suggestions post.

Here is the link to our "Challenge Ideas for Season Three" post. And here is Rosebud's idea:


The challenge, at first, seems simple enough and a bit familiar: design complementary spring ensembles for a Los Angeleno socialite and one of her best friends. When the contestants walk into the workroom, they are given two surprises: not only will they be designing for Nicole Richie, but also for her Pomeranian pooch, Foxxy Cleopatra. Will the designers be able to create a chic outfit for their star client and something equally fabulous yet practical for her canine pal for an upcoming animal charity event? This challenge will test their creativity and design skills on new levels.

1:57 PM, January 28, 2006

I am certain that the Executives at Bravo are far too busy schmoozing with celebrities in the Hamptons to have time to read our little blog. It is abundantly clear this season that Bravo has absolutely no interest in blogging. No interest at all. None.

Okay, I'm done. Not bitter. Really.

Daniel Franco on Ring My Bell

You can call Daniel Franco on Thursday, July 27th between 11 and noon PST (or between 3 and 4 EST) through the popular Ring My Bell site. The number to dial is (323) 603-6212 and you can watch him answer the calls live. Click here for details and then, the day of the program, click on the 'Open in QT Player' button.
Thanks Steven.

Images By Request

We've had some special requests for images. At the left you'll see a picture of Kayne Gillaspie as a child. Thanks Michelle.

Below you see the Robert Best sketch from the 'Fit for a Queen' challenge that Tara didn't select. Yes, it is stunning.

From The Mailbox

This Thursday evening from 6:30 - 8:00 P.M. is Kara Janx's appearance at Girlshop Boutique, 819 Washington Street, NYC (Between Gansevoort & Little W. 12th.) This requires an RSVP so be sure to e-mail and let Kara know that you will be there. Don't forget your cameras. You might see Emmett too!

Speaking of Kara, she has a new blog up at the Bravo site. It's a wonderful and fascinating look into the life of this talented designer.

Also be sure to check out Nick's blog for a look behind the scenes at the Miss Universe Pageant.

BPR is mentioned in this "sketchgate" article on
Thanks Celia, Eva and Marianne.

Preview Video - Hottest Accessory

Click here for Yahoo's latest preview of the upcoming Episode 3.
Thanks Sallahdog.
Including AOL and Bravo's video, that is the third preview this week!

Monday, July 24, 2006

More BPR on eBay!

Click here for the latest eBay auctions to benefit the BPR Parsons Scholarship Fund. The first item is a Tim Gunn T-shirt autographed by Emmett McCarthy, Chloe Dao, Kara Janx, Nick Verreos and Tim Gunn himself. This item was signed at the EMc2 sale and event on July 12th. Thanks Emmett!

The next item is a "Goodie Bag" from the Project Runway #3 Launch Party at the Buddha Bar on July 11th. This item was generously provided by friend of BPR Jack Mackenroth. Thanks, Jack!


This week is the MTV episode of MADE in which a teenager, Dylan Wood, from Ann Arbor, Michigan fulfills his dream of becoming a fashion designer (click here for schdule). Season One favorite Austin Scarlett appears to judge the results. The next showing is Tuesday at 12 noon, then Thursday, 10:30 a.m. (both Eastern). For some 'MADE in the Making' videos, click here, then click on the 'Dylan' link to see deleted scenes (including this one with Daniel Vosovic.)
Thanks Kayla

Click here for an article in the Detroit Free Press about the episode and click here for another article in The Ann Arbor News.
Thanks Patrick.

Meet Bonnie Dominguez!

Attention San Diego! This just in:

Mixture artist and Project Runway: Season 3 designer, Bonnie Dominguez, presents 'The Ladies' at Mixture. Stop by the showroom for an opportunity to see Bonnie's art work and talk to her.

Bonnie has been a Mixture artist for over a year now. She has been painting as a passion as well as showcasing her art for over 10 years.

This exhibit is in conjunction with 'Kettner Nights' in San Diego's Little Italy District. All galleries and shops on Kettner are open late to showcase arts and culture of San Diego's artist scene.

time: 5:30 - 8:30
date: Friday, July 28
location: Mixture 2210 Kettner Blvd. San Diego, CA.

Any San Diego field reporters out there? Stop in and give Bonnie some BPR love. Thanks Bonita!

Chloe's Elle-a-bration!

Ace Field Reporter Pleightx visited Lot 8 for the celebration on Saturday. Here is his report. Thanks Pleightx!

Chloe’s Elle-a-bration!

PR 2 winner, Chloe Dao, had a little sale and celebratory event at her Lot 8 store this past Saturday. I popped in, said hi and asked her to sign a few copies of the Elle magazine with her winning spread.

I didn’t want to take up too much of her time because she was pretty busy assisting other customers. But I did ask her to sign an extra copy for the BPR scholarship fund auction. She graciously obliged and said, “Here, let me give you a Lot 8 T-shirt too!” The T-shirt is white with the Lot 8 logo.

I asked her what she thought about the new season so far. She was surprised there was so much drama already, and we’re only on episode 2. She said she probably likes Robert Best the best. She said she met Malan when she was up at Emmett’s Trunk Sale and thought he was a sweetheart.

We went outside to take a quick picture of her standing in front of her new car. She then gave me a hug goodbye and said, “Tell everyone at BPR I love them.”

From The Mailbox

The Kara Janx original from her fashion week collection that was worn by Gina Tognoni at the 2006 Emmy Awards is now available on eBay. One Hundred Percent of the proceeds benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation.
Thanks Liz.

Congratulations to Tara Conner, to the new Miss Universe and to "Our own Kayne Gillaspie" on a great pageant last night. We were kidding about Kayne passing out when Tara made the top five. Apparently it does happen! Thanks Ken.

Here is a great article about Alison Kelly. Thanks Justin.

Jay McCarroll and Santino Rice are featured in Details magazine in their reality television article. To see a video about the photo shoot, click here, then click on the button in the middle that says 'Reality Stars - click for video.' Thanks Sue Ellen.

But wait - there's more!

Check out the August issue of InStyle magazine where Kara Janx's kimono dress appears under "What's Hot!" BPR readers already know this of course.

Thanks Kathy.

And there is a new video preview of Episode Three on AOL. Click here and then scroll down a little to locate it. It's different from the Bravo preview. Keith is pretty funny. :) Enjoy!

Robert Best Illustrations - circa 2002

It is no secret that we are great fans of fashion illustrations here at BPR. We are told that these are from Robert Best's collection from Fall 2002 Click here to see the first, click here to see the second (modeled by Grace!) on the runway.
Thanks David.

ETA: And here's a new interview with Robert from today's Boston Globe.
Thanks Archie.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Miss Universe Party!

Anyone watching Miss Universe? Post here!

We are watching for Miss USA of course, Tara Conner, hopefully in Kayne's gown! Also, Santino Rice will be a judge. Nancy O'Dell may be wearing one of Nick Verreos's gowns and Brook Lee may be wearing a NIKOLAKI as well. Also, be on the lookout for Miss Puerto Rico - she is a friend of our own "friend of BPR" - Elier Aubret. All in all it sounds like a great evening for Project Runway fans. Don't be shy - post here!

A Note From Katy's Mom!

Katy? Kitty? Katherine? Or is it Kaaaaatherine the way Tim says it? Anywho, this is Cyn, Katy's crazy mom (yep, the one in her application video), looking for that guy that asked about her high school "leopard" car. She'll just die when she sees this on BPR but here are TWO pics for ya---one on her on top of her "kittymobile" and another in her "fashionista tie dye" days. LOL---she knows I adore her and here in Minneapolis we're all excited about ALL the great designers on PR...we LOVE BPR!

Awww... We love Katy too, and Katy's mom!

Heidi's Dress - Auction Benefits Children

Click here to bid on Heidi's dress that you saw on the intro of every episode of Season 2. This auction benefits children's charities through the Clothes Off Your Back organization, including Cure Autism Now, an autism research foundation - a charity that has personal significance for me. This is a wonderful charity and it's fabulous to see Heidi supporting it.

Welcome Joygo!

BPR is please to present another exclusive recap of Episode 2. This one is from Joygo. Enjoy....go!

Project Designer - Grand Prize Winner!

Friend of BPR Chris Rogers has an on-line contest called Project Designer. It is similar to Project Runway because the designers have weekly challenges but they have to draw the entries rather than sew them. Examples of these challenges included: "Little Black Dress," "No More Fairy Tales," and "Sweet Dreams."

Chris set the top three finalists into slide shows:




Cycle Three Grand Prize Winner LadyLucrezia (Pam) sat down with Chris for an interview. Click here to continue.

Saturday, July 22, 2006


Recaps! Get your recaps here!!

Monday Morning Update: FourFour is Up!

Uncle Nick is a natural at this...

The Manolo has called for Hasselhoff as the next guest judge!

Our friends at Beauty Addict Magazine have a panel review of each weeks designs. See if you agree!

The industrial sites don't always do justice to recaps, but Mark Harris at clearly shares in our Project Runway addiction...

Season 3 contestant Katy Gerdes offers her unique insight to "Fit for a Queen"...

Longtime BeePeR and Wednesday night party queen Moi; checks in...

I know first-hand how difficult live-blogging can be. Shawn makes it look easy...

BPR fave AJ is back in fine form at Naturally Blonde...

Amber has deservedly developed her own cult following...

Attention recappers - Bravo has a new contest just for you! We would love to see some of you chosen as finalists. Click here for more...

Still haven't had enough? There are lots, lots more on Page 2!

A Nick Verreos Original at Miss Universe!

Hi Laura,

Looks like Kayne won't be the only one with a gown in the Miss Universe Pageant! Luckily we won't be competing against each other, I will have a Gown on the Hostess Nancy O'Dell of Access Hollywood. I am thrilled and excited (I am a Pageant Boy at Heart, ya know!) so unless she does a huge "Hollywood Switch-a-roo" look for my dress to be worn on Sunday night on NBC! She will wear two styles of gowns (she's doing an outfit change!) and one of them will be mine. Tomorrow I will find out if I can release the description of the gown, at least. ...I just would love for everyone to watch and send me their support through the TV screen!


From the Mailbox

First here is a screencap of Keith's sketch for Tara Conner. Thanks, Justin.

Click here for an US Weekly article that tips us off that Laura Bennett was pregnant with child #6 during the filming of PR3.
Thanks Charlotte and Jeannie.

Click here
for an article in People magazine that translates Jeffrey's neck tat.

Click here for a People magazine article about the show.

Thanks Jill.

There is still time to sign up for Nick Verreos's "How To Break Into The Fashion Industry" class at the Learning Annex. This class is on Tuesday. Thanks Sue Ellen.

Here is an article about Daniel Vosovic designing the uniforms for the Nylo Hotel chain. Thanks Juliana.

How long before Jan notices this?

The Latest From Vincent Libretti

Dear BPR,

I recently got a call from H.A. Arnarson, who has been nominated for an Emmy for his editing on "survivior"....he will be up against the editor of "project runway." INSANE ....! i'll be doing a dress for his girl, Dana Del George, she's quite a beauty- guess this reality thing follows you around..ha.

Now the rest of the story...

"Looks like i didn't give angela enough stuff to do"


The editing didn't show angela ruining the lining.
She didn't know how to match up notches.
She didn't know that interfacing goes on the wrong side of the garment.

oh well ....had to recut and sew it myself--- FRUSTRATING....?

Yes, of course the viewers could see my frustration - just not why....

She says her designs are mistaken for Yves St. Laurent's.
Well, Yves St. Laurent knows where the interfacing goes!

Still, i wish her all the best.


Want to Meet Robert Best?

Project Runway 3 designer Robert Best will be signing dolls at the 21st Annual National Barbie Doll Collectors Convention on Saturday, July 29th at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles. Robert Best will be in the Convention salesroom (which will be the largest Barbie doll salesroom on earth - 25,000 square feet of nothing but tables packed with Barbie items from 1959 to the present) from 10:00am to 2:30pm. Admission to the salesroom is open to the public; tickets are $8; children under 12 - $2.00. The hotel's address is 2025 Avenue of the Stars, L.A., CA 90067 and phone is 310-277-2000. It is in the heart of Century City, right next to Beverly Hills.

For more information on the doll signing, and the Barbie dolls that have been designed by Robert Best, go to: this site.

If you are looking for a specific Barbie be sure to check out BPR reader Joe Blitman's website.

How about a Los Angeles Field Reporter?

Justin Couture's PR Recap - Episode 2

We present another recap by BPR guest writer Justin Couture. Let this serve as your snark warning!

Episode 2 or 'Vera Wang doesn't do sound bites.'

The show starts with Angela remarking to no one in particular that it had been Stacey's turn to go. Since she's putting on makeup maybe she's talking to the pretty girl in the mirror. Jude Lawless/Keith says, while tracing a dress, that he doesn't care about immunity. Okay, I made the tracing part up. He was working on a trend report. For the show. For himself. Anyway, Malan says, without any sign of irritation, it is a great day and he's happy. Must be better Feng Shui at the Atlas so I'm thinking he's got better Chi or something.

Back on the runway Heidi brings out the models and announces that they are competing, too and reminds them that they will never appear on Sports Illustrated, wear angel wings for Victoria's Secret or marry someone with a record contract with Warner Brothers. The models get switched around and then Heidi tells them that they will design for an icon of American beauty. They are shocked and awed to see Tara Conner, Miss U.S.A. although I suspect if she didn't have on a crown and banner only Febreze-sniffer Kayne would have had a clue to the identity.

Tara tells the designers that the evening gown will be 1/3 of her score in the Miss Universe pageant. Kayne says he is fricking excited but I suspect that any opportunity involving rhinestones and sequins produces a similar effect. In his mind I think he is having a dream sequence in which all the designers lift him into the air and then go into a snappy dance number while he sings about fulfilling his destiny. Anyway, Heidi tells Miss U.S.A. to get changed and to meet the designers in the workroom. I think Heidi doesn't much like Tara of the Tiara.

Click here to continue reading.