Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

Team BPR wishes you all the best in 2008. Happy New Year BPRs!

From The Mailbox

Project Runway gets back in the groove this week with the broadcast of "Eye Candy" on Wednesday night. Don't miss the previews here and here, there is plenty to speculate on!

Meanwhile, there is a Project Runway marathon going on all day at Bravo. You can watch Season 2 followed by repeats of Season 4. This is a good chance for you to catch any episodes you may have missed.

Keith Michael has updated his website with his Spring/Summer 2008 Collection. Check it out!

The Dallas Morning News confirms the challenge and the guest judge for the next episode of Project Runway. Hurry up Wednesday!

Midseasonreplacements welcomes a new Project Runway recapper. Hi Brill!

This is a great time to catch up with Project Dollway which is getting down to the final few designers.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Problem With Chris

Chris March emerged as an early fan favorite right from the very first episode as we watched him huff and puff his way across Bryant Park. His affable nature, easy style and sense of humor have helped offset what has turned out be a very serious season of Project Runway. So it was no big surprise when most cheered his unexpected return in Episode 5. But now after the dust has settled we can't help but to ask - was it fair?

The producers had any number of options available to them when Jack fell ill, but to bring back Chris unconditionally was not only unprecedented, it was the least fair decision to the other designers. This wasn't a gimmicky move like bringing back Vincent and Angela in S3, who were required to win in order to keep going. He was eliminated fair and square in the "Trendsetter" challenge and given a free pass. We doubt any of the other designers will receive the same privilege.

Others have raised their eyebrows at this development as well. Here's BPR fave "riddiculus" at schnaufblog: I found it beyond tasteless that the producers didn't seem to waste an hour between saying goodbye to the sick guy and bringing back the happy-go-lucky guy. The King is dead. Long live the King. Also, if you want to do something tasteless, just go ahead and do it, don't try to justify it with crummy logic such as "We wanted to keep the level of competition high". That level doesn't exactly increase if you replace someone who has made it to round four with someone who didn't.

Jack Mackenroth didn't seem exactly thrilled about it, either. When asked about it by he said: I don’t like to badmouth other contestants because that’s just not my style. I understand why they did it, they had to fill a spot and he was the last one off. I don’t really think it’s fair. That’s all.

We understand that Project Runway is ultimately a game. But what has always set it apart from other reality competitions is its level of integrity and focus on the creative process. As much as we love Chris, bringing him back feels like a stunt and to make it to the finals, the remaining designers are going to have to beat him twice. It's a questionable call by the producers of the show we all love.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Amanda's Take

KP writes:

Dear Amanda,

I have been greatly perplexed by why the PR models so rarely smile, especially when walking the runway in the contestants' designs?!

The contrast between the "real women" episode last week was particularly remarkable, when most of the real women not only "worked" the runway with pivots and hip action, but also smiled and looked like they loved the outfits even though some may not have felt that way.

I can understand (somewhat) that there may be a tradition of stomping down the runways of New York during fashion week as part of a big city "mood" or trying to achieve some mysterious aura, but really, for the buying public and particularly for the Project Runway television public, it is so much more compelling to see a smile on the models! If a woman was really trying to stand out as a model on this show, I
would think she might at least try smiling, and thereby be more unique!

Think about Victoria Beckham -- she is the rare individual "famous" for never smiling -- but doesn't she just look like a b#%tch, causing people to ask about her lack of smile? That's not a good reason to be "famous."

Dear KP,

On Project Runway, as well as any fashion show in the business, you are there to represent the designer's wishes. The designer has a very specific look to his/her collection and has told the show's producer or will tell the models directly what they want to see on the runway. They have cast that fashion show (or chosen that one model) to best represent the collection they are showing. That is why some models are not hired every season for the same designer. So, if you are modeling
swimwear or lingerie, there is usually more of a smile on the girl's face because it is sexy and flirtatious. If you are showing a floor-length oscar gown, you want to be serious because that look is drop dead gorgeous. You, as the model, are the chameleon: changing your expression with each outfit and hair and makeup change. You understand the mood and project the overall product. When the designer says "no smile" that is what you do!

I think since Project Runway is a tv show, there is more room to smile. If you take a look at season 3, I smiled for the Miss USA challenge, "Fit for a Queen," because she will be smiling at the judges when she wears her gown. Some designers don't get that it is more of a fun tv show and less serious than fashion week (as far as
expressions go) and deliberately tell their model "no smiling!" I know that several other PR models in the past have smiled quite a bit. Probably because their designer was a little bit more relaxed! :)

I hope that answers your question, KP!

Happy Holidays, BPRs!

Much love,

Amanda Fields

Do you have a question for Amanda? Send it to Ask Amanda. Thank you Amanda for your "Model's Perpective."

Thursday, December 27, 2007

From The Mailbox

Nick Verreos appeared on Crowned last night. He helped the contestants choose the most flattering gowns. He was adorable. When does he sleep?

Minx presents her ode to Christian Siriano here. is asking fans for the most memorable lines of 2007. Let's submit our favorites from Project Runway!

Nina Garcia offers fashion advice for New Year's Eve at

Reader Cheri B is warning us about an online scam at "" I'm not providing the link - don't go there. As far as we know, Project Runway episodes are not available to purchase on iTunes, or on any other service. The premiere episode is available at the Bravo site, but no additional episodes have been posted. Devoted fans are uploading the episodes to YouTube and we are providing links as they become available. Anyone claiming to have episodes of season four to download for a fee should be regarded with the most serious scrutiny and skepticism.

Sign On San Diego is saying what we are all feeling....

The mailbox is filled with references to Heidi Klum being sued by Van Cleef and Arpels, but no one covers the story better than our friends at Counterfeit Chic.

Finally, there is still time to vote in our Who will go to Fashion Week? poll. Right now Kevin and Victorya are neck-and-neck for the fourth position so every vote matters. This poll will stay open until Jan 2nd. Thanks BPRs!

Preview Video - "Eye Candy"

Click here to see the other preview video for Episode Six.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Posh Spice to Judge Project Runway Finale?

Photo: Eamonn McCormack
The New York Daily News reports that Heidi Klum has "just about persuaded" Victoria Beckham to serve as the guest judge at the Project Runway Finale Fashion Show.

At this point, it's only gossip, but how do you feel about this?

If you select the third option, please let us know who you would like to see as the guest judge for the Project Runway Season Four Finale. Thanks BPRs.

Happy Birthday Emmett McCarthy

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas

Dear BPRs,

Thank you for another great year at Blogging Project Runway. You all make this site a true community by contributing your comments, your suggestions, your links, and your ideas.

We are especially grateful to our recappers, our fellow bloggers, our field reporters, our advertisers and to all of the designers from every season of Project Runway. We also thank Andy Cohen and everyone at Bravo for their support of BPR.

In addition, we are thrilled to have two new contributors for season four, Amanda Fields and Professor Anthony Cady. We are always looking for new features to present on BPR and these have been wonderful.

We are eternally indebted to our blogfather, The Manolo, who continues to advise and encourage us.

And of course, our gratitude to Tim Gunn for his generosity and kindness is immeasurable.

Merry Christmas to all with love from Team BPR.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Ask The Fashion Professor

Dear Professor Cady

Thank you for taking questions from Project Runway viewers. My question is this:

How realistic is it to expect designers to be able to make flawless samples of their designs? Is this common in the fashion world? Or, are there sample makers associated with most designers and design houses that perform the execution?

Secondly, what value is added to the competition through the designers on Project Runway executing their own designs rather than directing professional sample makers? I understand the need to know construction, etc. but, it seems like the show spends more time on sewing and time limits than on the actual design process.

The reason for my question is that I work in the world of product design (home decor and furniture) and never make samples myself. I present detailed plans and technical drawings to manufacturers who produce samples. I then critique the samples and have corrections/improvements made. Does the fashion world work in this manner?

Thanks again and happy holidays.

Best regards,


Oh Boy! This is a very interesting series of questions!

First - I am a fan of the show - at its best it is highly entertaining. Is it an accurate vision of life as a fashion designer? Not really.

In as much as the competition requires the competitors to produce finished work quickly - they really must understand construction and how to make a finished garment.

And in the Real World? Assuming they return to a day job in a mid or large fashion business they will never touch a machine again. Nor will they have to produce anything within 24 hours. Is their knowledge of finishing and construction useful? Yes - very. Any design job will require being highly detailed when communicating with factories - typically Asian.

All fashion designers, houses have sample makers or use factories that provide the sample making.

I had a jet lagged neighbor at the house this past weekend, just back from an Italian trade show, who is a high level knitwear designer for a very big fashion brand - her design team was awaiting samples from Hong Kong. She hasn't sewed or knit a thing in 20 years since graduating from FIT. Which is not to say that her job isn't exciting, interesting, well paid...

The value behind the competitors scrambling to complete their designs? It makes it more entertaining. Having a young designer yelling into a phone at an agent in Hong Kong about samples that haven't arrived isn't entertaining. It also takes weeks. Tough to edit.

To be fair to the producers and editors, condensing a contrived fashion competition into 30 minutes, less product advertisements, must be difficult.

The description of your job in product design is pretty much identical to that of any fashion product be it a jacket, gown, bag or shoes. Again, obsessing about the minute details of a product ain't sexy.

Do I think there are ways the producers could liven up the program and make it relevant? Yes I do.

Thanks for the interesting questions,

Anthony / FIT

Holiday Greetings from BPR

Thanks to Mike for creating this fun "ElfYourself." Click here and turn up your volume to enjoy the animation.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

From The Mailbox

Emmett McCarthy's Tim Gunn Talking Bobblehead is featured in the current issue of Star Magazine. Congratulations Emmett!

Jack Mackenroth is interviewed in Newsweek,The Washington Blade, and Queerty. (Don't miss the video of Jack's appearance on NBC News.)

Heidi Klum is scheduled to appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday December 28th.

In other Heidi news... she is being sued over the design of her clover-leaf jewelry by Van Cleef and Arpels. Thanks Mish.

Here is an interview with Steven Rosengard from AfterElton.

Philadelphia loves Jay McCarroll and so does BPR.

Chris March was recently spotted shopping at Authentiques.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Preview of Episode Six - "Eye Candy"

Attention Dallas!

We have late notice for all of you Elisa fans: Elisa and partner Moe Nadel will present "A Story of Creation: Boy Meets Girl," tonight (!) from 7 to 9:30 at the Dallas Contemporary, 2801 Swiss Ave. Free. 214-821-2522 (call ahead; seating limited).

We're looking for last minute field reporters. Let us know if you plan to go!

Poll - Who Will Go To Fashion Week?

At the beginning of Project Runway Season 4, with nothing to go on but instinct and hype, you told us who you saw going to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in February. You selected Jack Mackenroth, Rami Kashou, Christian Siriano and Victorya Hong as the likely final four. As we now know, Jack self-eliminated due to an illness but three of your choices remain!

We've seen 5 episodes - enough to form opinions of how the judges respond to the remaining designers as well as the contestants' ability to create fashion forward, well-executed garments. It's time for a new poll - you may vote for four.

Click here to see all of their garments.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

From The Mailbox

The mailbox is filled with questions about the schedule. The next new episode is on January 2nd. It's called "Eye Candy." Many of you are recognizing the location, hearing Elisa say "chocolate!" and speculating about the type of challenge that this might be. Of course we will be posting previews as soon as they are available and we will return with TBone's live-posting as well as our party post on the 2nd.

We don't know why there is a hiatus just when the season is gaining momentum, but this two-week break has been built into the schedule and we are certain that the show will return with a very strong second half. Please stay tuned to BPR because we will continue to post news items, links, polls and interviews. We will also continue our very popular "Ask the Fashion Professor" feature during the break.

There is plenty of news about Project Runway Canada. Hasn't it been great? What has made it great? The challenges? The designers? Iman? I can't quite explain it, but there is something really special about the show. I loved the finale.

A story about Evan Biddell ran here in Saskatoon, where it is -12 degrees celsius today.

The title of this press release is "Addicted to Biddell."

Here are a couple of questions with the finalists.

The Winnepeg Sun has a nice interview with Biddell.

More Biddell here. Sorry if I am repeating these!

Meanwhile, here in the USA:

De Novo has an interview with Steve Rosengard.

Catch up with midseasonreplacements and the "Shoulderpads of Doom."

The Fug Girls seem to be suggesting that the shoulderpad challenge could have been addressed like this!

Video - Project Runway Canada - Episode 11

The adorable MsRoyalT has an early Christmas present for you all - the finale of Project Runway Canada Season 1. Enjoy!

(NOTE: If one of the videos does not play, refresh the page. Every segment of the episode is still active - there are just so many people watching this at the same time!)

Click here for the rest of the episode.

Click here for Rondi's recap of the finale.

If you've not been following Project Runway Canada from the start, click here for MsRoyalT's complete playlist of Season 1. Be prepared to become addicted - it is THAT GOOD! (That should keep you busy until the return of Project Runway Season 4 on January 2nd.)

Here is a countdown of the show from a fellow blogger.

More here, and here.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

BPR Interview With Jack Mackenroth

He didn't leave because of his design work. He wasn't asked to leave for breaking the rules. It was simply an unlucky break.

We have a special place in our hearts at BPR for Jack Mackenroth. Long before his casting on Season 4 he was a frequent commenter here and
we cheered him on in his first attempt to make it onto the show. Now that he's gone, we can't help but what wonder what might have been. BPR chats with Jack in the wake of his emotional departure from PR:

BPR: Jack, we feel like we already know you! What would you like us to know that you are sure we haven't read before?

JM: Hmmm. Well actually I'm very sensitive and I'm a lot wackier than I was portrayed on TV. Christian, Kevin, Kit and I we're howling 24/7. I have NOT had a nose job! Lots of bloggers seem to think I have. I would admit it proudly if that were the case.

BPR: Do you have any dramatic training? We loved the Flashdance spoof. Any interest in pursuing an acting career?

JM: Possibly. I'm considering everything that comes my way. I'm not really an actor but I would love to do another reality show with some of the other contestants or with Top Chef Dale like you have suggested. I have no dramatic training-I just watched Flashdance about 200 times when it came out. And then I came out. Hee.

BPR: Would you, could you, will you try again for Season 5?

JM: I can audition again but there are no guarantees. Of course they can't promise me anything because a lot can happen between now and then. When the time comes I will have to think about it long and hard. The whole Project Runway thing has been amazing but it's also taken over my life. If I did do it next time I would be in it to win it.

Click here to continue reading our interview with Jack Mackenroth as he talks about that cameo in the SATC movie, his thoughts on some of the other designers and who his dream client would be!

From The Mailbox

FabSugar has posted part three of an interview with Nina Garcia. Nina shares her thoughts on Fashion Bloggers (!) as well as the Project Runway designers whose clothes she would be most likely to wear:
"Laura Bennett, Daniel V. Emmet Mcartney, Kara Janx and all of the past winners." (This is a direct quote - I DO know how to spell Emmett McCarthy. Hopefully they will fix it.)

Here is the latest from Nick Verreos at Uber, and more from Nick about his recent appearance with Jeffrey Sebelia at

The LAist has posted a great interview with Kit Pistol.

No new episode tonight.... What will we do?

Ask The Fashion Professor

Today we have two questions from our readers - first, from Scotty:

Dear Professor,

What is the difference between pattern and texture in fabric? I know that, for example, corduroy is texture, but what would, say, herringbone be?

Thank you for your time!


And another from Ellen K:

Every time I hear 'silhouette' I think of shadow, which is not, I gather, what is meant in fashion terms. Is the silhouette how tightly the garment fits, viewed
from the front?
Thanks, again! you're really educating the non-fashionista crowd, here.
Ellen K.

Click here to read Professor Cady's responses.

Do you have a question for Anthony? Write to Ask the Fashion Professor.

Results In - You Were the Judge Episode 5

Our polls for Episode 5 are closed. This week marked a Season 4 first - you agreed with the judges on both the win and the 'auf.' You felt that Christian Siriano deserved the win. Click here to see the results. You thought that Steven Rosengard was the right choice for the 'auf.' Click here to see the results.

Check back with us tomorrow for a new poll - we're going to ask you who you now think will be in the Final Four of Season 4.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Katy's Take

Season 4: Episode 5 “What’s the Skinny”

I loved the concept of this challenge and it was definitely the best episode of the season so far (and not at all because of the drama with Jack and Chris)! It’s a topic that almost everyone can really relate too and we can all look up to and respect these women for what they’ve accomplished. Also, wouldn’t you love to be able to remake your old clothes into something fresh and new to wear? I always hate having to get rid of something I used to love because it either doesn’t fit or it’s out of date.

As for the Jack/Chris topic, I knew it was coming, but I was really sad to see Jack leave. The stress of the competition is hard enough, but also having to deal with a health issue (and a visible one at that) is out of the question. I’m glad that he was able to make the decision for his health, but I would have loved to see him on the show more and I think he had a lot more talent to give to the competition. Assuming there’s a season 5 of PR, I think Jack should definitely get an invite back onto the show!

I was also glad to see Chris come back since I didn’t really think he should have been kicked off the previous week, but I’m a bit confused to the “reasoning” that Tim gave about why they brought him back… to say that it was to “keep the level of competition” didn’t quite pass with me. Under this reasoning, don’t you think it was REALLY unfair for them to not replace the missing teammate for Alison and Jeffery when Keith got kicked off? At least in this episode, it was each designer for themselves, so with Jack leaving, he wasn’t hurting anyone else’s chance.

Also, while I totally believe the above, I can’t lie and say that I haven’t thought about how it probably would have been ME that they would have brought in to replace Keith’s spot (since I was the last one kicked off before the cheating issue). Too bad they didn’t…oh well… maybe I can come back if they ever do a “Second Chance” season of past PR contestants. :)

Click here to continue reading Katy's Take as she takes a closer look at each design from "What's The Skinny?".

Monday, December 17, 2007

Ask The Fashion Professor

Dear Fashion Professor,

My daughter is interested in fashion design. I already have a sewing machine. Can you recommend a couple of how-to books for beginners?

Mom of Five

Dear Mom of Five,

At several Christmas parties that I managed to get invited to this has been a common question - How can I help my child, grandchild, niece/nephew, boyfriend, dog/cat learn design?

The simple answer is have them draw, read, think and sew.

You already have the machine. For those that don't have a machine, I'd suggest They have a good selection of Brother machines (Wink!) with various features - read the comments carefully - both positive and negative.

A good starting book is Simply Sewing by Judy Sadler. The book introduces basic sewing techniques (hand and machine) and has directions for 12 items, including a makeup bag and a skirt made from old jeans. Also available thru Amazon.

And go from there. Helping a child or adult work thru a project can be a wonderful and rewarding experience for all involved .


BPR Interview With Steven Rosengard

Anyone who remembers Steven Rosengard's audition from the Season 3 Road To The Runway special would never guess that he posessed such incredibly crisp wit. He brought much needed levity to the Parsons workroom in Season 4 where he not only showed off his talent for design, but also his good nature. Steve checks in with BPR and shows us that he really is one of the good guys.

BPR: Hi Steven, we were sorry to see you go! Was it harder watching it on TV or living through it the first time?

SR: No, it was actually really funny watching it! My friends kept telling me every week, "You're giving me a heart attack every time you're up on that stage during the eliminations!" I had a lot of friends with me and they were all freaking out, and it was funny to watch. It gives you this odd God Complex to see all the people frightened and you know the outcome! i just roared when everyone said, "Oh, it's so sad!" happened a half-year ago!

BPR: If you could do it over again, what would you with that wedding dress?

SR: If I had the entire challenge to do over again, I would have gone into Heidi's bag of buttons and remixed them so that she wouldn't call my name first! But seriously, I know the fit wasn't the best on the dress and the collar was being just a bit wonky, but I stand by design. I don't think there were a lot of other things to design given all those variables:her lifestyle, her type of work, the original dress, and her personl style.

BPR: What did you think about Chris coming back?

SR: I was so glad to see him! We always made each other laugh and sometimes we'd say such foul things to each other and then laugh all over again.

BPR: What is the best advice that Tim Gunn gave you?

SR: The funny thing is that I don't remember getting a lot of advice, which might explain why I was on the chopping block so much! I just remember working on the wedding dress and him saying, "well, best of luck with that."

Click here to continue reading our interview with Steven Rosengard as he touches on his potential future as an interior designer, a housewife, or both!

From The Mailbox

Do you think that the fabulous models from episode five were able to keep their new garments? Apparently not. I hope that they are bidding on them though!

Tonight is the two-hour finale of Project Runway Canada! Hasn't it been a great season? (Seriously? I loved the umbrellas.) Here is an interesting look "Behind the Seams" at the filming of the show.

Newsday goes out on a limb with their predictions for the final three.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer features a new interview with Steve Rosengard and another with Tiki Barber. Thanks Frank.

Guess who was married over the weekend?

Last, here is a cute Tim Gunn encounter from a fellow blogger.

Amanda's Take - Episode Five

Here is yet another episode without the models!
We have women who have recently lost a significant amount of weight and that is definitely to be admired. I liked this challenge and it was interesting to see the transformations of the outfits. (Some of the re-worked outfits didn't look like they used much of the original materials at all!) I especially liked Kit's and Rami's!

Since we have these lovely women on the show this week - who do not model professionally - I really don't think it is right for me to "rate" their walks! You could definitely tell a difference in the women who loved their clothes and the ones who didn't.

Now to answer some burning questions!!

Laura K e-mailed me questions you, readers of Blogging Project Runway had for me about the models and the overall project runway experience.

Here they are!

1. How are the models chosen to appear on Project Runway? Was it really through an ad on Craig's List?

NO!! The models are chosen at a casting. Just like you would go to for any fashion show - except this was on camera. You come in the room at Michael Kors' studio and chat with a casting director. They look at your pictures and have you walk for them. Then they take some polaroids. They cast the show with the models they REALLY want earlier on, then find out that some girls don't want to sign the contract or just don't want to do it and they have to replace them, and replace them.. and you are left with girls who are either not busy models or the few who see it as an amazing, intelligent time-investment to create more work for you in the future! Just so you know, I knew I was in the show 12 days before it started filming. Some girls found out the DAY BEFORE. Good to know I was in the Season 3 "Original Cast."

2. Did you sign a contract to appear on Project Runway? Was the contract with Bravo, Weinstein or someone else? Is it true that the models work for no money?

I am not at liberty to discuss this. This kind of thing is better answered by someone like Michael Rucker or Andy Cohen. I can tell you that there is a one year confidentiality agreement.

You cannot disclose any results from challenges or talk about what happened on the set until AFTER it has come out on TV. There is a substantial fine for breaking that. They just need to protect the suspense level of this hit show!

Click here to continue.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Recapalooza - Part 2

Eric3000, with special appearances by Tempest Bledsoe, Kirstie Alley and transvestite princesses!
Killervirgo is back this week with his screencapping magic...
The Quiet One took time out from her Christmas shopping for us...
schnaufblog has backformations, Gunnisms, and fierceness...
Mags: Jllian the soft-spoken robot...
Glowy Box returns after a week off...
Toyouke never takes a week off...
Alison was bored!?
And Amanda too!
Elisa comes in just under the wire...

Thanks recappers - see you next year!

Ask The Fashion Professor

Hi Professor,

What does it mean when the judges/designers talk about 'cohesiveness' in a collection. For instance, one of the collections had similar colors(Sweet P, Steven, and Kit) but was called out as not being cohesive.

Ellen K

Hi Ellen,

Interesting question! Cohesiveness!

The judges were critical of some groups lack of cohesiveness - the 3 garments didn't look alike in some way. When designing a collection it is common to have some element that is consistent - a silhouette (slim), a fabric (tweed), a specific garment (pants), a trim (zippers), a color (navy), a trend (what I noted in brackets are some currrent ones that you'll see soon out in the real World).... Remember, the whole point is to sell product. So a line needs to show cohesion that a customer, editor, buyer, store will understand - and buy.

In terms of Project Runway - as much as people seem to feel group challenges are unfair - they are a very good predictor of success for a designer. A designer, no matter how talented, that can't work well with others and can't focus - McDonalds is hiring...

Makes good entertainment though!


Project Runway Canada Finale Viewing Party

Attention Toronto! F-list is hosting the only Toronto viewing party. Click here to register for F-list and to RSVP for this free event.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Shop Malan Breton for the Holidays

Nothing makes us happier than reveling in the accomplishments of Project Runway designers - especially the designers that have become our friends!

Season 3 designer Malan Breton is one of the many success stories to emerge from Bravo's hit reality show. He has recently created his online store to satisfy the demand for his glamorous take on fashion. Have a hard-to-shop-for person on your holiday list? Or is someone agonizing over what to get for you this year? Point them in the direction of Malan's accessories. There are handbags and clutches that would satisfy any lady on your list. Please note that the 'Madison,' 'Melrose,' 'Holly' and 'Taylor' bags sold out the first shipment in 2 hours and will not be available in time to be under the tree - envy the ladies that receive these coveted gifts!

You can never have too many bags! You will have no concern about size or needing to make a return! What could be easier? Malan's bags are accessible and timeless - a perfect combination for holiday giving. Malan can guarantee shipping for Christmas if orders are placed by Wednesday, December 19th.

We here at BPR love Malan Breton and we wish him continued success with this new venture.

PS. If Mr. Scarlett is reading this, the 'Touring Bag' in white is on my list!

Weekend News

First things first. After what was easily the best episode of Season 4, it appears as if Bravo plans to kill the momentum by putting Project Runway on a two-week hiatus. Episode 6 "Eye Candy" will premiere on Wednesday January 2, based on the next entry deadline at Fantasy Runway. Pay no attention to the online schedule at Bravo. They appear to have "What's The Skinny" and "Eye Candy" confused.

Great news for Tim's Take fans! Bravo has posted Tim's Take for Episode 1. We hope Tim can bridge the gap over the holiday until the next new episode.

Jack Mackenroth gives great interviews and right now he is all over the place. Don't miss his recent conversations with OutzoneTV and Newsweek. Also, an online petition has been started to bring back Jack. And can it be true? A new reality show featuring Jack and Dale! New York Magazine has some scoop.

Steven Rosengard his getting his fair share of love as well. Here's his exit interview with, an interview with OutzoneTV and don't miss his take at the Burning Questions blog.

Here's a new Q&A with the fabulously glamorous Laura Bennett at Parent's Magazine. Thanks to BPR reader Scott for the link!

Don't miss Laura Bennett starring in "Case Clothed" on iVillage. It's a monthly comic strip illustrated by Robert Best - and of course, it is fabulous.

Some of the original designs done by Rami Kashou for ANTM are now up for auction at ebay! Thanks Susan.

Video - Episode 5

For those of you without access to our favorite network, we give you Episode 4 from the beneficent parselforce.

Click here for more of the episode.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Shop What Happened

Once again, Bluefly is helping us to recreate the look of the winning garment. This week it is Christian's outfit for Kerry - the black shirt, tan tank, cropped jeans and fierce boots. Hmmmmm.... that seems far too easy. Let's try to do it on a budget!

Click here to continue.

Click Here For Jay McCarroll's Recap!

Video - Project Runway Canada - Episode 10

The latest fix in our Project Runway Canada addiction from the generous MsRoyalT:

Click here for the rest of the episode.

If you've not been following Project Runway Canada from the start, click here for the MsRoyalT's playlist of all episodes in order. Be prepared to be addicted - it is THAT GOOD!

Click here to read Rondi's recap.

Project Runway in 60 Seconds - Episode Five

James Cantiello never fails!

Ask The Fashion Professor

Dear Professor,

Is there something innately difficult in working with poly acetate / satin / lace? Why did Steven seem to dread it?


Dear Derek,

Here's the scoop on the whole poly acetate lace satin wedding dress thing and the dread Steven had of it.

It's a difficult fabric to run thru a machine - slippery and shifty. It is also difficult to make seams that are clean and flat. It wrinkles. It is hard to cleanly alter by hand. When pressed it smells toxic. It can get dirty easily. Put a whole bunch of it into a wedding dress and bead it and you have a mine-field.

Steven was smart to use as little of it as possible - he made that decision quickly - how he used the rest of his time is where the trouble was.


Anthony Cady / FIT

Do you have a question about something that you saw in one of the episodes? Or even a general sewing question?
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The 'looza busts out a little early this week:

Nick Verreos had his own ideas about what to do with that wedding dress...
Dan Renzi's little brother cracks me up every time...
Tiffany is back from Paris and recapping PR again...
Our friends at Second City Style have pulled out all the one-liners...
HorridFabulous: Now available at a Dress Barn near you...
Moi sees shades of Season 2...
The Minx: Jack and Mr. Bean?? Oh, my...
Bay and Amy can't agree on anything as usual...
Project Stunway delivers again...
Welcome The Modern Gal to the 'looza this week...

Stay tuned, there's more to come!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Jay and The Manolo!

We always look forward to these two. First, The Manolo:

From the beginning it was good. Witness the moment when the models were paired with the designers. As the choices were made, some of the designers (Elisa in particular) seemed truly happy to meet the model, while others (Jillian, Christian, Victorya) could only manage the most forced of smiles. Such marvelous suffering on the faces of such shallow peoples!

And joy of all joys, Jay McCarroll has an early precap concerning last night's poll:

i called my friends. no one answered. i grabbed my keys and i ran over to my neighbor rachel's house. i called michael rucker, one of the shows producers. "please tell me i'm not a loser". "tell me i'm special". "tell me i'm beautiful". "tell me i'm the most specialist sexiest man alive, sexier than brad pitt, smarter than albert einstein". my neighbor rachel had to slap me and put ice on my forehead for i was about to faint. is this how daniel franco felt....twice.

From The Mailbox

Attention New York: Tim Gunn is appearing today at 6:00 PM at the Roosevelt Field Macy's in Garden City. For more information click here. Please send us photos! Thanks Roz.

TVGuide gives a big cheer for the return of Chris March.

Can you guess what the Newsday "Tim Gunn Highlight of the Week" is? I know, too easy!

Be a VIP Today at Emmett McCarthy's EMc2

We Have a Winner!

This time there was a clear winner; one player got all answers correct in the Fantasy Runway game for Episode 5. There is no need for a walk off this week!

AMW - you've won!

Please write to Team BPR, subject line "I WON THE SIGNED TIM GUNN TALKING BOBBLEHEAD" and we will tell you how to claim your prize!

Thanks go to Emmett McCarthy for donating the prize.

By the way, Kevin Christiana had the best hair this week.

Congratulations, Christian

Your confidence and determination have served you well each episode but this time you brought your hip aesthetic to the everyday woman. Your client gave you multiple limitations (no dress, skirt, color, pattern, etc.) so you were challenged to reinvent a basic jeans/black top combo. You quickly created a fresh look with innovative horizontal pleating that made the lady strut down the runway with self-assurance. We jumped up and down with you when you got to meet Sarah Jessica and you showed us your leadership skills at the helm of 'Team Star.' And fierce? You not only design it - you live it.

This post is only for POSITIVE words for Christian Siriano. If you have comments or opinions about other work please visit our reaction post here.

You can click here to send BPR love to Jack.

BPR Love for Steven Rosengard

Without a doubt the garment you were asked to transform presented the greatest challenge. Faced with a polyester/acetate beaded lace wedding gown you made the decision to only use the bridal fabric as a trim. You found yourself on the chopping block for the first and only time this season. Your client seems to have been pleased with the results that certainly fit her newly svelte figure but you knew the construction issues would trouble the judges. You will be missed in the workroom where your wry comments could relieve the tension among your fellow designers. Your dry humor in the confessional earned you many fans as did your sophisticated fashion.

This post is only for positive words for Steven Rosengard. If you have anything negative to say, please click here.

You can click here to send BPR Love to Jack.

Poll - Episode 5 - Your Turn to be the Judge

Photos: 1. Christian, 2. Elisa, 3. Kevin, 4. Victorya, 5. Chris, 6. Jillian, 7. Kit,
8. Steven, 9. Rami, 10. Sweet P and 11. Ricky
Photos courtesy of Bravo. Click to see a larger view.

You've seen the designs on the runway and now it's your turn to be the judges. This week you are Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia, Michael Kors and Patrick Robinson.

Click here to tell us who you thought should have won the challenge.

Click here to tell us who you thought should have been auf'd.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

BPR Love For Jack Mackenroth

Longtime BPRs remember that we profiled Jack first when he auditioned for Season Three. We were captivated by his charm, his smile and his talent.

Even though he didn't make it on to that season, we were delighted to learn that he would be in Season Four. He was an early favorite and demonstrated his skill especially in the menswear challenge where many of the designers faltered.

Jack was smart to use his shorts as a pattern and also generous to share with other designers.

We loved seeing him carry Christian into the workroom. Jack was always entertaining.

One of our favorite things about Jack is that he has embraced the on-line community of fans. He has a definite presence with his website and regular updates on his MySpace account. He is accessible to his fans too - appearing at EMc2 on Sunday.

Every day brings dozens of links to on-line articles about Jack. It seems that there is a ton of interest in the handsome designer - far beyond Project Runway.

He even has a "walk-on" role in the highly-anticipated "Sex And The City" movie!

When the news about a relationship between Top Chef's Dale Levitsky and Jack broke we were thrilled. This is a compelling story. Dale lives in Chicago and Jack is in New York. What will happen? Wouldn't it be great if Bravo followed their story?

BPRs can you invent a reality show for Jack and Dale? What would you call it? What would it be about? Would you watch?

This post is to leave positive comments for Jack and to suggest ideas for a new Reality Show featuring Jack and Dale (We are serious about this!!!) Thanks BPRs.

And for fun, watch Jack in his Flashdance spoof below (please 'favorite' this video - it is one of the top rated comedy videos of today):

Reactions to Episode 5

Well, it was indeed a tearful farewell to Jack. And what a surprise to follow! Post your reactions to Episode 5 here.

Also, if you have any questions for Anthony Cady, the "Hunky Fashion Professor" please address them to Ask the Fashion Professor.

You can click here for Tim's Take.

Episode 5 Party!

Tim says he has a surprise for us tonight. We love surprises in the BPR party room! From the looks of it however, we might be crying in our beer as we discover the fate of Jack Mackenroth. We know he is sick. But will he stay or will he go? Join your fellow addicted PR fans from across the land as we celebrate Episode 5 of Project Runway Season 4. Everyone is welcome, come on in!

BPR Live Play-By-Play: Episode 5

If the previews are any indication, we are going to need a box of hankies to get through this episode. Join Tbone once again as he provides live play-by-play coverage of Episode 5. If you find yourself on the road without Bravo this evening, this post is for you. Remember, comments under this post are for you to read and Tbone to write. If you have something to say, report to the party room above!

From The Mailbox

Chloe Dao's design worn by Heidi Klum in the Project Runway Season Four Premiere is available at Lot 8. Thanks Patrick.

Have you caught up with all of the episodes of Style Studio? Get advice from Nick Verreos on looking 10 pounds lighter!

TwoP has a great recap of the Trendsetter episode. Thanks Brie.

The print version of this article in Time magazine includes a photo of Laura Bennett and her family! Thanks Nancy T.

Here is a story about Tim Gunn's visit to Kansas City.

Video - Austin Scarlett on Real Housewives

Play Fantasy Runway!

Time once again to get your picks in for the BPR league Fantasy Runway contest! We have another autographed Tim Gunn bobblehead at stake for this week's winner! Here's the skinny:
  • If you haven't already done so, register right now for Fantasy Runway, it's free and fun. Returning users can simply click on the 'Returning Users Login' tab on the bottom of the home page.
  • Grand Prize is a trip for two to the TRESsemme finale viewing in New York. This is a random drawing - anyone who registers can win!
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  • After you enter your picks for the week, make sure to click the 'submit' button. A new screen pops up confirming your choices.
  • It doesn't matter how many points you have or if you've never played before, anyone who belongs to the BPR league can win our weekly prize. The league member with the highest number of points this week wins.
  • If there is a tie, we will have a walk-off trivia challenge amongst the finalists tomorrow as soon as the scores are posted. First finalist to answer the trivia challenge wins!
  • For those of you that host viewing soirees, check out the 'Party Central' feature on the Fantasy Runway site. Just submit your picture; the best photo will win a TRESemme package of products.

Thanks again to TimGunn and our good friend Emmett McCarthy for donating this wek's BPR league prize. Good luck BPR's!


Bravo is in full hype mode for tonight's episode of Project Runway: "It's something so emotional, so shocking, the runway may never be the same", according to the previews. What will Jack's fate be?

BPR will be on hand this evening to find out right along with you. The party room opens at 9:00 ET, Tbone has live play-by-play coverage at 10:00 and the reactions post goes up immediately following the conclusion of Episode 5.

Those of you looking for help with your Fantasy Runway picks today do not want to miss our resident handicapper Alan Gratz. He has outdone himself this time with a great, detailed post on all things MRSA as well as his weekly predictions of who is in and who is auf.

But you know what we are really looking forward to, don't you? It's the return of Tim's Take! Just another fun Wednesday at BPR...

Results In - You Were the Judge Episode 4

Our polls for Episode 4 are closed. This week, for the first time you agreed with the judges and felt that Jillian Lewis deserved the win. Click here to see the results. And also, in a Season 4 first, you disagreed with judges' choice of Chris March for the 'auf.' Click here to see the results.

Check back with us tomorrow for our Episode 5 poll.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

"Tim's Take" Returns This Week!

Hi Laura!

Things have been CRAZY, good, but crazy.

I was in Kansas City last Thursday for Liz. There was a terrible blizzard that lasted from day into evening, but we still had 250(!) people show up. I was stunned.

Great news! Bravo will receive and post Tim’s Take. 405 will appear tomorrow night (or Thursday morning) after the show.

I’ve gotta run!!


An Invitation From Emmett McCarthy

What's Going On Here?

Is Sweet P's button drawn first? Or is she last again?

"Kit... are you expecting the black banding to mitigate the exuberant color of the fabric on your table?."

Please join the speculation.

From The Mailbox

This limited edition T-shirt is now available from Alison Kelly.

Mo Rocca spends five minutes with Tim Gunn here.

If you would like to hear Tim's advice about how to "mitigate an exuberant butt," (and you know you do!) you can watch the longer version below:

Don't miss Part Two of Uber's interview with Rami Kashou.

More from Jack Mackenroth at AfterElton.

Kara Janx is offering a 10% discount and free shipping to on-line shoppers.

And ack! We almost forgot the link to The Minx recap this week!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Katy's Take

Season 4: Episode 4 "Trendsetter"

Yowza… I don’t know when it happened, but my recap somehow got really long this time! Sorry! I’ll keep this intro short (Ugly trends? Teams? It makes for a good challenge, but I’m glad I didn’t have to go through it!). Before I start though, I do have one question that reader "Tundrababe" would like me to answer:

Q: “Those shoes are really cute, and so is the top. Haha - I think they're really reaching in their interpretation of overalls though! I've also wondered about how they pick the accessories. Hopefully a designer like Katy will see this post and fill us in!”

A: When it comes to shoes and accessories, it’s basically a free-for-all situation. Although there wasn’t much fitting in the time that I was there, most designers started pulling different shoes and accessories as soon as they knew what the challenge was and what their fabric looked like so they would have options when the models came in. So far this season, the Bluefly wall looks MUCH more interesting and well stocked then our Macy’s wall. Personally I thought the Macy’s wall was really bad (especially the shoes!) and didn’t have much variety. Also, there weren’t any “standards” for shoe sizes. You basically grabbed the shoes you wanted and hoped that your model could walk in them (which wasn’t always the case).

A personal story about the shoes… on the episode I got kicked off on, I described my dress as simple and sporty and then got criticized by the judges for putting Amanda in heels (this didn’t make the final episode cut). I explained that I had used the most basic/cleanest style of heels on our accessory wall knowing that heels didn’t really fit the look I was going for, but the judges weren’t satisfied. They thought that I should have put her in flip-flops or cool sneakers, and suggested that since those didn’t exist on the accessory wall; I should have used my own sneakers on my model! The problem with that? Most models are aprox a size 8-9 and I wear a 6, so I’m pretty sure there was no way for Amanda to squeeze into my shoes. Anyways, that’s just a personal story on how the judges really do take into account the overall “styling” of the model and not just the clothes. :)

Click here to continue reading Katy's Take as she critiques each team collection.