Monday, November 30, 2009

Heidi Klum in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 12/1

Don't miss Heidi Klum tomorrow night at 10:00 on CBS in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Click here for details.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving with Gordana

Our family visits San Diego every Thanksgiving. Of course, I knew that Gordana had a boutique there so I contacted her to be certain that she would be in town for the holiday.

Well, guess what? Gordana graciously invited us over to her apartment where we met her charming and handsome husband, O.R. as well as her extended family.

It was a quick walk to the boutique - Goga.
Above is the little studio in the back where Gordana designs and sews. Below is Kaitlin wearing a Goga t-shirt and leather mini-skirt. We had a lovely day - THANK YOU GORDANA!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Rami Kashou Working on a Film

It's a short fashion film scheduled for a December release. This video is the teaser. Stay tuned...

Friday, November 27, 2009

Season Six Finale Party

BPR Field Reporter Jes Switaj was at the season six finale party and sends us this report - thanks Jes!!!

I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Project Runway Season 6 Finale party last Thursday. It was held at SL in the Meatpacking district in Manhattan. The party started at 9 with cocktails, mingling and all 3 finalists posting constant updates to their Twitter accounts. In attendance were Althea, Irina, and Carol Hannah (of course!) Nicolas Putvinski, Epperson and Logan Neitzel. Malan Breton from Season 3 also stopped by to say hello and to wish the designers luck.

There were probably about 100 or so people in attendance for the viewing party, watching anxiously! Although I had my own ideas about the outcome of the finale, I have to say that while watching, right up to the end, I just wasn’t sure who would win. You NEVER know what those judges are thinking! All three contestants did such an amazing job.

An impromptu after-party was held a few blocks away at Tenjune. A special guest showed up unexpectedly, Nick Verreos! At least, I wasn’t expecting him! It was a fantastic night and a great wrap-up of such a fun and crazy season! Congrats to all three designers for making it to fashion week, they ARE all winners!

From The Mailbox

Click here to visit Christopher Straub's website and to check out his Thanksgiving Sale.

Click here for photos of Heidi and Seal's baby Lou Samuel. Adorable!

Click here for information about Chris March's book, "I Heart Chris March." This would make a great gift for any Chris March fan.

Project Runway Season Three designer, Malan Breton will chair the "Broadway in South Africa" Holiday Party on December 14th. Click here for more information.

Click here to read recommendations for a better "Runway" from Racked.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

BPR Fan Favorite is Christopher Straub!

Congratulations to Christopher Straub for winning the BPR Fan Favorite! Click here to see the poll results. We don't have a gigantic check for Christopher, he has won our hearts with his charm and talent.
Thanks everyone for voting!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

More From The Mailbox

Enter to win this Kara Janx dress at InTouchWeekly. For more of Kara's designs click here.

Click here for a new interview with Project Runway Season Six designer, Ari Fish.

Looking for something to watch in between seasons of Project Runway? Please consider "Launch My Line" on Bravo. We will be covering the show here - it looks like a lot of fun.

Nick and Andrae Finale Vlog

From The Mailbox

Here's a clip of Heidi Klum at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. More photos here.

Attention New Canaan, CT: Christian Siriano will be at L'Armoire on December 4th. Click here for details.

Kara Janx is holding a sample sale at her studio in NYC on Dec. 2. Click here for details.

Kit Pistol aka Christina Scarbo is the stylist for Samantha Harris on "Dancing with the Stars." Click here for an interview with Samantha. A highlight: I have an incredible stylist named Christina Scarbo who has worked with me for the last four-plus years. She definitely knows my style and my body type; what works and what doesn't.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

From The Mailbox

Click here to visit the BPR page at Thanks especially to Mark Y and Tropical Chrome for your help with the finale quotes.

Click here to watch Kevin Christiana's "Make your own holiday fashion" segment on Rachael Ray.

Click here for an interview with Irina Shabayeva on Entertainment Tonight.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Irina Shabayeva on "Live with Regis and Kelly" in Las Vegas

Photo: Disney-ABC Domestic Television

Project Runway Champion, Irina Shabayeva created this wedding gown for Kelly Ripa in three days! Kelly and her husband Mark are going to revisit the chapel where they were married. Watch "Live with Regis and Kelly" this week for more from Las Vegas.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Carrie Underwood at the American Music Awards - and a note from Carol Hannah Whitfield

Photo: WireImage/Cohen

Carrie is wearing something very similar to Carol Hannah Whitfield's design!

Thanks to Kate, Carl, and everyone who sent this.

Update: Here is Carol Hannah's response -

Re: Carrie Underwood

Morning Laura!

I know! I've been getting swamped about this. I surely wouldn't do that to my own dress. Shorts? Really? But it does look extremely similar. It does seem awfully convenient that the pictures of the design have been floating around the internet for months, but I suppose coincidences happen. I would love to talk to her stylist!

I'm not sure whether to be happy/flattered or angry (for being possibly copied and so poorly at that!).

Did you know that the dress was also in Sky Magazine (on every Delta plane) a while back? Christopher stumbled upon it on a flight out here in September and snagged me a copy. It was the single picture they chose to represent NY Fashion Week. Yay!

So there you have it.

Have a good one!

Uncle Nick Is Everywhere

You can't walk 10 feet in the world of Project Runway without runing into its unofficial ambassador Nick Verreos. First, check out his post where he "invited" himself to Irina's finale party. Then don't miss his recap of the finale itself where he picks out his favorite three looks from each collection.
Thanks Nick!


One last trip down looza lane:

Eric3000 stayed until the bitter end...
Jordan Baker is unstoppable...
Red Poppy was not digging Heidi's threads...
Second City Style files the last quotes for the season...
Maxthegirl channels Confucius...
Watch Me Boogie gets in under the wire...
Jayne at least has her cocoa to soothe her...
It's the mysterious Q...
Click here for Lorraine!
Toyouke has already forgotten this season...

Thank you recappers! Season 7 is just around the corner, we'll see you again soon!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

When Bloggers and Models Collide: Part 2

Jennifer Eolin, aka "The New Old Biddy", takes to the catwalk at Shin's Korean BBQ in Part 2 of her quest to become a runway model. With Season 6 model Kojii Helnwein as her coach, how could she go wrong? Joining Kojii are two special guest judges that you don't want to miss. So, is Jennifer in or is she out?

Friday, November 20, 2009

BPR Podcast with Irina Shabayeva

Project Runway Season Six Champion Irina Shabayeva talks to BPR about the show and her plans for the future. Click here to listen.

BPR Podcast with Carol Hannah Whitfield

Project Runway Season Six finalist, Carol Hannah Whitfield talks to BPR about her experience on the Lifetime show and her plans for the future.

Click here to listen.

BPR Podcast with Althea Harper

Project Runway Season Six finalist, Althea Harper talks about her experience on the Lifetime show and her plans for the future.
Click here to listen. Thank you Althea!

Please Select Your Project Runway Season Six BPR Fan Favorite

Lifetime is not planning any "Fan Favorite" voting, but that won't stop us! Please select up to three designers as your favorites in season six. There is no prize for the winner, but lots of love.

Congratulations, Irina Shabayeva

"You are the winner of Project Runway." You heard that back in February. And thus we all waited 9 months for this win to be delivered. At that time no one had seen a single episode of the show. Both the audience and the judges were forced to look only at the clothing on the runway because we had seen nothing in the workroom. So in many ways this win feels very pure if that makes any sense.

You came to the finale with 3 wins under your belt and you brought us your interpretation of a modern warrior woman. Your point of reference was New York City and black was therefore the natural color choice. You told your story with a cohesive collection united by accessories and a play of textures. And it all looked expensive. Heidi Klum stated that your garments looked "modern with an edge" and that she would like to own a lot of the pieces. Michael Kors pointed out the showmanship you brought to the presentation and how you punctuated your show with the hats. Nina Garcia seemed very surprised by the t-shirts and how they brought an intimacy to the line. Your attention to detail was evident in every piece and the play of textures of the luxe fabrics kept the collection interesting. Congratulations on your win, Irina!

This post is only for positive words for Irina Shabayeva.If you have negative commentary or something to say about another designer, you may do so in our Reactions post here.

Photo courtesy of

Poll - Finale Season 6 - Your Turn to be the Judge

Photos: top row - Althea; middle row - Carol Hannah; bottom row - Irina.
Photos courtesy of New York Magazine. Click to see a larger view.

You've seen the designs on the runway at Bryant Park and now it is your turn to be the judges. This week you are Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia, Michael Kors and Suzy Menkes, Fashion Editor of the International Herald Tribune. It's time to tell us:

Please send your questions for the 3 finalists to Team BPR by 1:30 Eastern. Mark the subject line, 'Podcast questions.'

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Reactions To The Finale

Photo: Mike Yarish/Lifetime Networks 2009

We have a winner! Season 6 reached its dramatic conclusion tonight by crowning a new champion. Post your reactions to the finale here.

Season 6 Finale Party!

Bust out those champagne flutes party people, the bubbly is on ice! Tonight Project Runway crowns a new design champion and the PBR party room is all decked out for the occasion. All are welcome to join in to cheer and jeer Althea, Carol Hannah and Irina as they present their finale collectins at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in NYC. Several of you joined us for this event in the tent in February so we will keep a sharp eye out for any BPR sightings.

It's finale party time!

BPR Live Play-By-Play: Season 6 Finale

Althea Harper Spring/Summer 2010

Althea Harper presented her Spring/Summer 2010 collection during Fashion Week. Click here for a behind-the-scenes video.

All images courtesy of Althea Harper. Thanks Althea!

Click here to continue.

Diana Eng on Cake Boss

Project Runway Season Two designer, Diana Eng recently appeared in an episode of "Cake Boss" on TLC. The task was to create a robot cake for a hacker event and Diana was a guest at the party. Click here for the episode. Thanks Ed!

The Gratz Report: Finale Edition

Alan Gratz, our resident Swami of the Runway has just posted his exclusive, insiders look from the Season 6 finale. This time, he's not just prognosticating in his pajamas, he was actually there!

Taking one last look into his crystal ball, he has made his pick for the win. Click here to find out who.

Thank you Alan for making Season 6 more fun!

Tonight On BPR

Photo: Mike Yarish/Lifetime Networks 2009

It's a big fashion face-off tonight on Project Runway as Althea Harper, Carol Hannah Whitfield and Irina Shabayeva show their finale collections and shoot for the Season 6 crown. BPR is ready!
  • We'll open the BPR party room a bit early tonight at 9:00 p.m. All are welcome to join in the fun as we watch the finale together. Maybe we'll even see a few BPR's in the crowd!
  • Tbone and suzq will call the finale play-by-play begiining at 10:00 p.m.
  • After the show, tell us what you really think in our reactions thread.

Will Season 6 end with a bang or a thud? Join us tonight to find out!

Top 5 Looks: 1st Place

One of the lessons we've learned over the years with Project Runway is that you don't necessarily have to win to end up a winner. Rodney Epperson, or simply Epperson as we came to know him is certainly a case in point. The elder statesman of Season 6 was a constant source of calm wisdom during his run and truly one of the nicest guys ever cast. He also showed that he was a pretty damn talented designer as well.

In "Lights, Camera, Sew!", the 11 remaining designers were asked to pick from five different film genres and invent a character that lives in that genre to design for. None of the designers wanted Western, including Epperson. But with his name drawn last out of the magic bag, he had to figure out a way to "make it work".

Many designers could have been foiled by the task at hand and boxed in by the constraints of the genre. But Epperson was able to let his creative spirit shine and came up with a character that had a modern parallel. "My concept is a beautiful lady, and her husband is off to war. She has to take care of the land and she has to become a lot tougher."

Epperson designed a denim dress with a large, seductive ruffled collar and neckline. A big highlight of the outfit was a wide leather belt and matching holster. "There's a gun under there, just in case", as he stated on the runway. The judges loved it and although he was a strong contender for the win, he lost out to Nicolas Putvinski's Ice Princess.

Then again, maybe it was all about Matar. Look at that photo up there. Do you want to mess with her? Me, neither! Matar owned this look and ended up modeling three of the Top 5 looks in our poll.

Congratulations Epperson, you designed the BPR Top Look from Season 6!

Results In - Your Predictions for the Finale

Last week we asked you two questions prior to this evening's episode; we wanted to know who you felt SHOULD win Season 6 and who you felt WILL win Season 6 of Project Runway. You could only vote once in this poll so we know that lots of you had opinions. You selected Carol Hannah Whitfield as the designer that should win and Irina Shabayeva as the designer that will win. You can click here to see how you voted.

Our readers selected Jeffrey Sebelia as the designer that would win in Season 3 (click here), stated that Christian Siriano would win Season 4 (click here) and predicted Leanne Marshall as the victor of Season 5 (click here). Will your predictions be accurate for Season 6? Will Irina triumph? Stay tuned tonight!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Project Runway Designers Support The Cinderella Foundation in Washington DC

Korto Momolu, Zulema Griffin, Ra'mon-Lawrence Coleman, and Jerell Scott joined forces on November 8th to present a charity fashion show in Washington DC. Click here for the story.

Rami Kashou Design Featured in Harper's Bazaar

Queen Rania of Jordan is wearing a Rami Kashou design in the December issue of Harper's Bazaar. Congratulations Rami!

More From the Mailbox

Project Runway model Katie Sticksel talks to Tanya from CelebBuzz.

Tim Gunn will be on Oprah tomorrow for a "Makeover my Man" segment. Click here for more info.

Join the Season Six finalists tomorrow on Twitter! The designers will be answering viewer questions and providing exclusive dish. Click here for the details.

From The Mailbox

Neil Patrick Harris tweeted about Tim Gunn's appearance on "How I Met Your Mother" yesterday. Here is a link to the exchange. Thanks everyone who forwarded this.

Our friends at Newsday have posted an update on Carol Hannah Whitfield. She is sharing an apartment with Althea Harper and Malvin Vien and studio space with Logan Neitzel and Epperson. Keeping it all in the Project Runway family...

The Seattle Times has an update on Blayne Walsh. Thanks for the shout-out, Blayne.

Top 5 Looks: 2nd Place

In the mind-numbing, bewildered world that was Season 6, this is the kind of work that it took to get kicked out of the competition.

In "The Art of Fashion", the final 5 designers were taken on one last field trip. The challenge was simple, and one familiar to PR fans. Using The Getty Center as their inspiration, they were to create a design of their choice. With two days and $300 to spend, it was an opportunity for the designers to spread their wings, show what they could do and make a case for why they belonged in Bryant Park.

No one came closer to expressing her inspiration better than Gordana Gehlhausen. Using Monet's "The Portal of Rouen Cathedral in Morning Light" and drawing upon her own spirituality she created a beautiful layered dress that mimicked the shape of the cathedral and the colors of the painting. When Matar walked this down the runway she looked like an ethereal princess. "I wanted to create something regardless of the judges" Gordana said, foreboding what was about to come, "I wanted to create something that I'm in love with, and I love this." So did we.

And then there came a series of developments that insulted the intelligence of Runway fans everywhere. In the judges deliberation, Nina had the audacity to state "I do not know who Gordana is as a designer", apparently forgetting the fact that she was present for barely half the challenges in Season 6. And after she was sent packing, we were presented with an insipid post-production voiceover from Heidi, blathering on about how Gordana will only grow as a designer from this experience, adding insult to the injury.

Sorry, Heidi. No amount of backtracking could make up for this injustice. Gordana was shafted - you knew it, she knew it, Tim Gunn knew it and we knew it. Tomorrow we will cheer on Althea, Carol Hannah and Irina as their finale collections walk the runway in Bryant Park, but we will also be mourning Gordana's absence.

Gordana, we wish we had a magic wand that we could wave and grant you that show in Bryant Park that you deserve. Instead we can only give you a spot in our Top 5 Looks, sending our love and appreciation for a job well done.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Top 5 Looks: 3rd Place

It usually pays off to be a bit ambitious as a designer on Project Runway. Even if everything doesn't come off as well as you would like, the judges will generally give you credit for pushing yourself and taking your design to another level. And when you match that ambition with skilled execution and impeccable taste like Shirin Askari did, the rewards can be sweet.

In "We Expect Fashion", the 15 remaining designers were asked to make a pregnancy chic outfit for guest judge Rebecca Romijn. Shirin made a hand-braided waistline on a gorgeous burgundy silk jersey to create a form fitting, elegant dress that was spectacular in its own right. But she didn't stop there. She topped the look off with a sophisticated (and fully lined!) wool jacket that complemented the dress perfectly.

The guest judges, all of whom had been pregnant and knew first hand what the challenge called for, loved this look and awarded Shirin the win. Monique Lhuillier told her that she should get into the maternity business, so tickled was she by the design. The win gave Shirin immunity and helped establish her as an early front runner in Season 6. Her road to Bryant Park would ultimately get derailed, but she did find a spot on your Top 5. Congratulations Shirin!

A New Interview with Tim Gunn

Click here for the interview from the Los Angeles Times.

A highlight: Owing to the fact that we couldn't reveal to the audience who the finalists were, we wanted to tape their introduction before the audience came in. We had to do a pre-fashion show, and we taped the whole thing. Through the miracles of editing, it's going to look as though the designers are speaking to the audience, but there isn't one. We did the whole show; it was great.

Then a volunteer at Bryant Park declared that the models should get out of their looks — it takes forever to get them into them, up over the head with the hair and makeup. I was distracted by something, then I'm paying full attention backstage and the models are getting undressed. I said, "Halt! What is happening here?" The head dresser said, "I'm getting them out of their clothes." "Why?" "Well, they're going to steam them." That's when I said, "I am about to lose it, and everyone's going to stay in her clothes! PERIOD."

Preview Video - Finale Part 2

Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Morning Mailbox

Photo: Jerritt Clark/WireImage

Happy 24th Birthday to Christian Siriano! Click here for more photos from Christian's Surprise Party in NYC on November 14th. Christian's actual birthday is Wednesday - so let's celebrate all week.

Click here to bid on Christopher Straub's original sketches on eBay.

Paste Magazine has included Christian Siriano and Sweet P in it's "Ten Best Fashion Designers of the Decade." Click here for the article.

Here is another recap of the Finale - Part 1 from The Huffington Post...

...And Here is Cliffie's.

Tim Gunn on "The Biggest Loser" This Week

It's Makeover Week on "The Biggest Loser" Tuesday at 8:00 on NBC. Congratulations to all of the inspiring "losers!"

Top 5 Looks: 4th Place

Gordana Gehlhausen had been there and done that. As the line of divorcees introduced themselves on the runway in "A Fashionable New Beginning", they all stated how long they had been divorced. "Three months", said the first. "Congratulations!", retorted Gordana. She knew where these women were coming from and it helped inspire this winning design.

The nine remaining designers were challanged to transform their clients' wedding dresses into something chic. Using only the lining from her client Annie's dress, Gordana hand dyed the fabric and cut it into strips. She created an asymetrical neckline and frayed the edges between the strips to produce this fantastic dress that Michael Kors called both elegant and edgy.

This challenge really struck home for Gordana and she poured her heart into the work. With her hands stained from dye, Gordana called home in tears to connect with her family. We already were cheering her on this season but that scene just made us love her more.

All season long we scratched our heads over the inexplicable criticism over Gordana's work. Heidi still had to qualify the judges' love for this look by saying "You did a good job this time". Heidi and Co. would get their last licks in before it was all over, but this time, Gordana walked away a winner. Congratulations Gordana!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Read 'em and weep:

Uncle Nick predicted this weeks ago...
Eric3000 - where Tim experiences a little hearing loss...
Jordan Baker is an angry baby ferret...
Maxthegirl is feelin a little bit queasy...Miz Shoes is barely hanging on...
Lorraine has a cup of tea ready for CH...
Watch Me Boogie just loves Irina...
Red Poppy is still hanging in there...
Second City Style has all the best quotes...
I've always been curious about Toyouke's monkey...

Only one more episode left! Can you feel the excitement?

Top 5 Looks: 5th Place

Photo: Mike Yarish/Lifetime Television

BPR begins its countdown to the Season 6 finale by rolling out the reader's choices of the Top 5 Looks from Season 6. Making the cut at #5 is Carol Hannah Whitfield's design for X-Tina in "Sequins, Feathers and Fur, Oh My!"

For this challenge, the eight remaining designers were tasked with producing an extravagant stage look for Christina Aguilera in the design spirit of guest judge Bob Mackie. Working out of her comfort zone, Carol Hannah was able to artfully work black feathers and sequins into what Irina called "cheap, crappy Halloween type fabric". The result was a winner.

The self taught designer from South Carolina consistently produced great looks week after week but notched her only win with this gorgeous gown. It was an important point in the competition and would help propel her and model Lisa Blades all the way to Bryant Park. Congratulations Carol Hannah!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

"Finale Part 1" Caption This

Caption this: Tim Gunn, an apron and biscuits - surely that combination is inspirational.

Episode 13 Online - "Finale Part 1"

Don't forget that you can watch Project Runway Episode 13 Online by clicking here at or On Demand with your cable provider.

Friday, November 13, 2009

From The Mailbox

Project Runway has been nominated for a 2010 People's Choice Award! Click here to vote for our "Favorite Competition Show."

Although, Sara Rae did not disclose whether or not Project Runway Season Eight would return to LA, Tim Gunn does confirm it in this interview in the Los Angeles Times.

NyMag's The Cut reveals that Irina's "Reasons to Love New York" are perhaps taken from one of their features....

BPR Interview with Project Runway Executive Producer, Sara Rea

Sara Rea describes how decisions are made for our favorite show and what we have to look forward to in season seven. Thank you Sara!

Click here for the podcast.

From The Mailbox

Anyone else wonder what happened to this dress?

People Magazine is also running a "Who Should Win Project Runway?" poll. Click here to vote.

Click here for a new interview with Christian Siriano from The Los Angeles Times.

MSNBC asks "Are Project Runway Judges Getting Too Harsh?"

Project Runway Season One designer, Austin Scarlett designed the costumes for an upcoming production by the Aspen Santa Fe Ballet. Click here for more.

Finally - BPR friend and supporter Kenneth Fron is offering all of his lovely one-of-a-kind necklaces for $50 each. These arrive in lovely packages and make great gifts. Check out the sale at