Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Out With The Old

As 2008 grinds to a close, the news concerning Season 6 remains grim. Harvey Weinstein, NBC and Lifetime appear to be locked in an interminable legal battle over the Project Runway franchise. Heidi Klum spent this month trying to convince everyone that the show would premiere in January however Tim Gunn is not so enthusiastic. Will a New Year bring new hope?

Meanwhile, there is other news to share as we toddle our way towards 2009:

Season 5 model Karalyn West does good,
hosting a fund raiser for a lip-defect charity.

The Name's Cohen. Andy Cohen.

Season 2 designer Diana Eng is a nerd, and proud of it!

Baseball, basketball and Project Runway! Season 5 designer Joe Faris will appear at the Grand Kids Foundation celebrity charity basketball game next month.

Korto Momolu is inspirational as she speaks about Kwanzaa.

In With the New, we say!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Kevin Christiana in China

Kevin Christiana is completing his newest Men's and Women's denim line launching in February for Fall '09. These photos are from a washing plant in Dongguan, China. Kevin tells us that he felt like a "kid in a candy store."

Different "washes" and effects are created by the various machines.

Thanks Kevin!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Field Report from EMc2

BPR Field Reporter Trish O visited Emmett McCarthy's boutique last week and sends us this report - thanks Trish!

So last Thursday night I ventured into NYC for Emmett's holiday bash/sale. It's always a treat to visit with Emmett and his staff and to check out the fabulous merchandise.

He had some great new shoes on display as well as some new dresses (and some that were marked down so much that it was impossible to pass them by!) I picked up a cute dress and when I wear it on New Year's Eve, I'll send some pics :)

Emmett's been very busy (and obviously stressed over the economy and its effect on retail) but the store looks great and the event was a lot of fun! (He had one the week before, but the weather did not cooperate - which isn't uncommon for an EMc2 event. I still remember the first big event a few summers back and the monsoon I drove through to get there!)

Also, btw - today is Emmett's birthday! Happy Birthday friend :)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Image courtesy of Phaolo.

It's hard to believe that this is Blogging Project Runway's fourth Christmas post. Looking back, I had no idea when I began this that I would make so many precious friends as a result. Thank you dear readers for your unwavering support of our favorite show and for continuing to read BPR.

Click here to revisit one of my favorite holiday messages.

Click here to enjoy a very satisfying new interview with Tim Gunn.

Click here to shop end-of-year savings with BPR friend and advertiser, Ken Fron.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Evening Update

Don's miss the End-of-year Sale at EMc2!

Jay McCarroll's fabrics are now available here.

NBC has won a small victory in Project Courtroom. Read more here. Thanks Sergio.

From The Mailbox

Photo: Jeremy Goldberg
Vanessa Trump wears a Fierce Mamas by Moody Mamas Christian Siriano design on the Page Six magazine cover. More here. Thanks Ren.

Looking for holiday bargains? There is a Jeffrey Sebelia-designed Cosa Nostra jacket available on eBay. Check it out.

Sweet P and Victorya Hong have posted blog updates.

Harvey Weinstein continues to charm.

Here is a little more on the latest from Project Courtroom.

To end this post on a cheerful note, let's revisit Laura Bennett's holiday edition of "Case Clothed."

Saturday, December 20, 2008

BPR Interview With Jerell Scott

BPR Field Reporters Brooke and Rebecca interviewed Jerell Scott at the Jane Doe John Doe Boutique in Los Angeles last week. Thank you!

LIfetime Returns Cash to Project Runway Advertisers

Click here for the story.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

BPR at Jane Doe John Doe Boutique

Los Angeles Field Reporters Brooke and Rebecca were at the Grand Re-opening of the Jane Doe John Doe Boutique on December 10. Jerell Scott, Korto Momolu and Leanne Marshall designs are available at the store.

The event was packed and a lot of fun.
Click here for more photos.

Jay McCarroll News

Photo by Steven Langdon

Jay McCarroll is profiled in the etsy spotlight. He also chooses his favorites from among the fabulous offerings.

Also, congratulations to Jay and to the producers of "Eleven Minutes." The film has been picked up for distribution by Here! Networks. Click for more.

Holiday Survival Party Tonight at EMc2

Tonight from 5:00 - 8:00 enjoy shopping and refreshments at Emmett McCarthy's boutique. RSVP for this event by calling 212 431 4134 or e-mail info@emmettmccarthy.com

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Jennifer Diederich Trivia Contest

Project Runway season Five designer Jennifer Diederich has generously provided us with an autographed "European Travel Tote" for our contest. Thanks Jennifer!

Click here to see more of Jennifer's designs in her etsy shop.

Click here for Jennifer's blog.

1. In what European Country does Jennifer currently live?
2. Which designer was Jennifer paired with in the "What's Your Sign?" challenge?
3. Name Jennifer's Atlas roommates.
4. Who was Jennifer's model for the very first challenge?
5. In Episode 3 "Bright Lights, Big City," what was Jennifer's inspiration?

Please submit your answers to Team BPR.

Please note that the tote has a couple of slight smudges.

UPDATE: We have a winner! Congratulations, Cristian V. Here are Cristian's answers:
1. Italy
2. Jerell
3. Terri, Kelli & Stella
4. Topacio
5. a large clock in NYC


Congratulations to Bravo for another fabulous year. Click here for the press release.

Sweet P dishes on celebrity hat and boot trends at Celebuzz.com.

Vera Wang is among the designers opting out of showing in the Bryant Park Tents this February. Click here for the story. Does anyone (besides Heidi Klum) believe that the Project Runway Season Six show will be held in the tents in February? We'll watch what happens....

Ending on a high note... Let's try to convince David Dust to cover "Project Tranny." We could all use a little fun about now.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Evening Update

Christian Siriano designed this outfit worn by Lady Gaga on The Today Show. Click here for more. Thanks Brad.

Tim Gunn will be a guest tomorrow (Wednesday) on The Bonnie Hunt Show. Tim will help determine the "World's Most Horrible Holiday Sweater."

Kenley Collins gives us Number Six in Time Magazine's Top Ten Awkward Moments of 2008.

From The Mailbox

A little holiday cheer from BPR!

Leo is the Mackenroth family pet and this photo has been entered in the Seattlepi.com "Cutest Dog" contest. Click here to see all of the adorable entries.

Click here to read more from Jack.

Click here for thrifting tips from Kevin Christiana.

Click here for a great story about Joe Faris visiting a middle school "Skills for Living" class.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday Morning Mailbox

Photo: J. McCarthy

Julianne Hough donned a Rami Kashou gown for her performance during TNT's "Christmas in Washington 2008" at the National Building Museum on December 14, 2008 in Washington, DC. "Christmas in Washington 2008" airs on TNT December 17 at 8pm.

Sixty-nine percent of you said NO to Britney Spears as a Project Runway Finale judge. Click here to see the final tally.

Adweek.com has nicely summed up Project Courtroom for us in one end-of-the-year paragraph.

Runaway 'Runway'
The Weinstein Co. CEO Harvey Weinstein thought he was in the catbird seat early this year when he cut a deal to move the hit clothing-design show Project Runway to Lifetime from NBC Universal's Bravo. Just one little problem: NBC says it had a right of first refusal that Weinstein ignored. Runway's future has been in limbo since NBC filed suit in April. While Weinstein claims that NBCU CEO Jeff Zucker is a good friend, he seems to feel that Lauren Zalaznick, who oversees Bravo and a bevy of other female-skewing cable and online services for NBCU, decidedly is not. Weinstein feels Bravo ripped off the Runway concept with look-alike shows such as Shear Genius, diluting the franchise. Meanwhile, a New York State judge granted NBCU an injunction in September barring TWC from moving the show until after NBC's claims are tried. Lifetime then added a new wrinkle and filed suit to have the case moved to federal court, claiming that its signed and copyrighted deal for new episodes trump NBC's right of first refusal claims. The big question now is will viewers still care by the time the legal mess is sorted out? -Steve McClellan

Saturday, December 13, 2008

More Weekend Fun

Project Runway Season Five designer, Emily Brandle is among the vendors at the Holiday Bazaar at The Compound in Los Angeles tomorrow. Click on image to enlarge.

Weekend Fun

David Fitzsimmons, Arizona Daily Star.
Thanks Nikrrr.

Did you know that you can have your favorite Bravo-lebrities call your friends and family members with holiday wishes? It's really fun! Thanks Patrick.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Blayne Walsh Fashion Show From Hawaii

Thanks Pam!

From The Mailbox

Click here for some creative sewing ideas from Jillian Lewis.

Nick Verreos recently visited the new FIDM campus in San Diego. Click here for more.

Click here for a new interview with Tim Gunn in The Washington Blade.

Reading between the lines.... THIS doesn't sound good for Project Runway Season Six.

Congratulations to Project Runway AND to Top Chef for their 2009 Producer's Guild Nominations. Both shows are nominated in the Entertainment/Competition category.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Rami Kashou - Guest DJ

Photo: KCRW
Rami Kashou is in Puerto Rico, "invited by the Hilton where I judged an all green design competition.. from recycled clothes from Salvation Army..it was fun.." Click here to listen to Rami's eclectic mix of favorite music featured on Puerto Rico's KCRW.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

From The Mailbox

Nicole D looks lovely, doesn't she? Click here for more.

Kevin Christiana will be on The Rachael Ray Show this morning.

Click here for an interview with Christian Siriano.

Tim Gunn was in San Francisco on Monday. Click here for more.

Meet Jerell Scott tonight at the grand re-opening of the Jane Doe John Doe Boutique in Los Angeles.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

From The Mailbox

Photo: Metromix

Click here for more party pics from Blayne Walsh in Hawaii.

Click here for the latest from Laura Bennett.

Project Runway Season Two designer, Heidi Standridge has launched a new website.

Tim Gunn in Madison

Dear BPR,

Tim appeared at the Madison Women’s Expo, and spoke about an hour on fashion, style, and Project Runway. The exciting part, for me, was trying to obtain an autograph from Sir Tim himself. To be honest, ‘change-agent Tim’ (from the work he did at Parsons and now Liz Claiborne,) fascinates me more than the fashion-guru. However, my sister was more concerned with what she was going to wear. “I’m a little nervous, she said. “Not because of his celebrity, but rather I feel the need to gain his approval.” She did not take off her stylish new winter coat for one second, being afraid to disappoint.

Waiting for an autograph from Tim Gunn is like being like Ralphie in “A Christmas Story” when he’s waiting for Santa. I had everything planned as to what to say, because I knew I had a short amount of time to talk. I was there to obtain his autograph on one of Emmett McCarthy’s bobbleheads, and the bobblehead would be auctioned off this spring at a fundraiser for Madison AIDS Network.

Click here to continue.

Monday, December 08, 2008


This reminds me of why I love Project Runway!

From The Mailbox

Heidi Klum was InStyle Magazine's "Look of the Day" yesterday!

Anyone who has seen the Jay McCarroll documentary, "Eleven Minutes," will recognize Kelly Cutrone. The Magical Elves are ready to produce a new reality show about her life. More here.

Meet Stella Zotis on December 14th at the Holiday Craftacular.

EW.com named Lauren Zalaznick one of television's "25 Smartest People." Thanks Sharon.

Also, there is still time to vote in our "Britney Spears as Project Runway Finale Judge" poll.

Photo: Dara Kushner/INF

Suede at Lynx Ensemble Theater Benefit

Photos: Julie Beers

Project Runway Season Five designer Suede was among the special guests at the Lynx Ensemble Theater Benefit last Wednesday.

Click here for more photos and information. Thank you Mark!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

From The Mailbox

Photo: Ann Wright

Korto Momolu served as Grand Marshall of the Little Rock Christmas Parade on Saturday. Thanks Ann!

Click here to watch a video about Tim Gunn's visit to Fresno.

Click here to read an Interview with Blayne Walsh from Hawaii. Don't miss the slideshow.

Click here to read more about Nick Verreos at the "Islands of the World" Fashion Week in the Bahamas.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Dear Lifetime,

Photo: Slice

While we are waiting to hear about the fate of Project Runway Season Six, why not broadcast Season Two of Project Runway Canada?

Season One was wonderful even though we could only watch from our computer screens. The challenges were fresh, the designers were talented and the judging was sound. The production was professional, the drama was tense and the finale show was gorgeous. Best of all, Project Runway Canada has the incomparable Iman.

The mentor, Brian Bailey, is no Tim Gunn, but everything can't be perfect.

The episodes are ready, the press releases are out and the designers have been announced. The momentum is building toward the Canadian premiere on January 27th. Why not show it here in the United States too?

You could feature it on Wednesday nights in the usual Project Runway time slot and develop a Lifetime audience for the show - perfectly primed for the return of the American edition, if and when it returns.

How about it?

Daniel Vosovic in Washington DC

Photo: Laura Lee

Washington-based field reporter, Laura L is back! Thank you Laura.

Daniel V made his final stop on his whirlwind book tour in the nation's capital and hometown to Tim Gunn! Daniel spoke to a packed house at the Corcoran Gallery of Art - the august institution that launched Tim Gunn's career! The audience was treated to an hour long "travelogue" of Daniel's 27 year journey - his time growing up in a terrific family in Michigan, his accomplishments as a nationally ranked gymnast and his tough decision to leave behind that career (as well as the college scholarship money), his subsequent community college years of study and the "birthing" of the Grand Rapids' fashion scene, his move to NYC and FIT, his transformation in Italy - "a place where he could just be", his Project Runway experience, and the last 2 years spent acquiring his "patina" in the NYC fashion scene! What a wonderdul ride!

And then there's the book -- Daniel Vosovic: Fashion Inside and Out! And to make an even great evening better - Michael Turek, the incredibly talented and enlightened photographer who collaboratored with Daniel on the book, was in town visiting family for the Thanksgiving holiday (a native Washingtonian) and stayed an extra day to hang at the Corcoran! Just the sight of those two sitting together on stage was worth the price of admission! Enough said - good luck to two incredibly talented, gorgeous, and GRACIOUS humans!! Thanks!

Blayne Walsh in Hawaii

Photo: Greg Cunningham

This photo is from Blayne's recent show in Seattle.

Click here to watch a video interview with Blayne Walsh from sunny Hawaii.

Exclusive Holiday Shopping at EMc2 December 11th

Be sure to RSVP for this fun evening!

Kara Janx Sample Sale!

From The Mailbox

Own a piece of Project Runway History. The dress that Leanne Marshall designed and is wearing in the photo to the right is available for auction here. Proceeds benefit The Portland Women's Crisis Line. Thanks Tracie.

Meet Stella Zotis at the Bowieball in NYC tomorrow night.

Blayne Walsh is in Hawaii.

Finally, we have a winner in the Daniel Vosovic Trivia Contest. Congratulations, Sang. Click here for the answers.

Suede's Design on Sale at Bluefly

Suede's winning design is available at Bluefly and on sale for $215.99. Click here to order. Thanks Trish!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Tim Gunn is Worried Too

Photo: Perry Hagopian
We aren't the only ones skeptical of Heidi Klum's claim that "Project Runway will return in January." Tim Gunn admits to The Washington Blade that he is worried as well. Naturally, he also promises that "Season Six is phenomenal."

Christian Siriano in South Carolina

BPR Field Reporter Philip C sends us this account from Columbia. Thank you Philip!

On December 2, 2008, Christian Siriano premiered his Spring 2009 Collection at Coplon’s, to benefit the University of South Carolina’s Dance Team. My friend Katie and I - along with a couple of our friends - arrived at the boutique store around 6:30pm. The doors opened at 7, and we had the opportunity to mingle and get ourselves situated. Thanks to our friend Lindsay, we got front row seats and so we really got to see the clothes up close and personal.

Around 7:30pm, we were greeted to Christian’s runway music and the fashion show commenced. It was awesome to see the clothes in motion and on an actual person. Attendees were awed and clapped as each piece gracefully made its way down the runway. After the show, Christian made his appearance and he was welcomed with cheers and a standing ovation.

My friends and I stayed after to meet and take pictures with Christian. I had the opportunity to talk with him personally and he said that as soon as he gets back to New York, he is going to start on his Fall 2009 collection. Overall, the fashion show was a huge success, and I look forward to seeing Columbia women rock his awesome pieces!

We are definitely proud of him and his achievements at a young age and we wish him always the best in all his endeavors. Thank you Christian, for your time and kindness. Keep it ferosh!

Britney Spears as Project Runway Finale Judge?

Photo: Jeremy Kost/WireImage
Ever since Heidi Klum was spotted at Britney's birthday bash, the speculation has been that Britney might be asked to judge the season six finale. What do you think?

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Win an Autographed Copy of Daniel Vosovic's Book!

Daniel has autographed a copy of "Fashion Inside Out" just for BPR and I thought it would be fun to hold a "Daniel Vosovic Trivia Contest" to determine the winner.

Send your answers to Team BPR. The first to respond with all of the correct answers will be the winner. Please put "Daniel V Trivia" in your subject line - thanks.

Daniel Vosovic Trivia Contest

1. What is Daniel's middle name?
2. When is Daniel's birthday? Hint: Wikipedia is wrong.
3. What is Daniel's sister's name?
4. Which two designers teamed up with Daniel for the lingerie challenge?
5. Who modeled Daniel's muslin dress in the very first challenge?
6. Who is the publisher of Daniel's book?
7. What is the name of the online magazine that Daniel created for "Lipstick Jungle?"
8. What was Daniel's apartment number at The Atlas?
9. Which three models were called out for the "M-F Walk-off?"
10. Daniel returned to Project Runway for which Season Five challenge?

Project Runway Canada Returns February2nd

Slice has announced the Season Two Premiere of Project Runway Canada on January 27th! Edited: New information sets the release date at February 2nd.

Iman is back, and joined by fourteen fresh new designers. Stay tuned to BPR for more news about Project Runway Canada.

From The Mailbox

According to this news clip - from New Zealand - Heidi Klum is "very positive" that Season Six will premiere on Lifetime in January.

Well, I haven't seen any press release - any designer announcement - or anything else to confirm this. We'll watch what happens...

Meanwhile, New Yorkers can meet Heidi today from 5 - 7 at the Victoria's Secret store on Lexington Ave. Click here for more info.

Tim Gunn will be in San Francisco on December 8th. Click here for more information.

Christian Siriano-designed Boots for UGG Australia's "Art and Sole" Charity Auction

Christian Siriano is one of 24 celebrities who have personalized a pair of boots for the UGG Australia Art & Sole Auction to benefit St. Jude's Research Hospital.

Click here to bid on Christian's design. Click here to see all of the boots.