Saturday, August 02, 2008

Terri Is So Very

Three episodes into season 5 of Project Runway, we're all still trying to figure out who's who amongst the designers. Separating the characters from the real talent takes a little while when faced with such a large cast. But one designer has come seemingly from out of nowhere to make a strong, early mark on the competition with her designs.

Terri Stevens has been working as a stylist and designer on the edges of the fashion industry for years,trying to make a mark with her "funky street chic" designs. It takes more than talent to make it on your own as a freelancer, and Project Runway has provided her a golden opportunity to show what she can do. She has not disappointed.

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When we saw her grab those mopheads at Gristedes in the opening challenge we thought...ugh. But the gorgeous braided halter she created surprised everyone with its innovation. And in the Episode 2 "green" challenge, she was duly robbed of a place in the Top 3 with her navy ruffled silk/hemp dress. We suspect a bit of producer meddling put Stella on the runway in Terri's place.

In "Bright Lights/Big City", recognition finally came her way. Even though it didn't win, her backless print dress drew praise from the judges and a spot in the top 3. We feel like we've barely seen or heard anything from Terri in the first three episodes and we hope that changes soon. Based on her design work so far, we can confidently say that Terri Is So Very......good.