Friday, September 01, 2006 Fleurchamps Sighting

I think this should be a new feature on BPR. So many of you are sending us "fluerchon sightings" that it has become just about impossible to keep track of them all. So, the next time you spot a fleurchon (Feel free to use creative spelling - or just say "Angela's Signature Rosettes") please include a description of the sighting and a link to a photo or send the photo itself, put "Fleurchon Sighting" in the subject line and send it to Team BPR.

At this point telling us "Portia diRossi's dress had a fleurchon on it" doesn't help. Where was she? What event? When? Include a photo. We will try to have a regular feature called "Fleurchon Sightings" every week. What do you think? Also, we would like to see NEW photos, not something that Jean-Paul Gaultier did in 1996.

ETA: We have a ruling: The yoyo is "Angela's signature rosette." The larger gathered flowers found on the hem of the Hepburn dress are identified as the "fleurchons." We are waiting to hear from Angela on the official spelling. BOTH of these will qualify as "Fleurchon Sightings." Extra points for correct identification.

Just trying to keep things fun here on BPR!

Thanks Trixie.