Friday, December 01, 2006

Malan Dresses Jody Watley

Malan Breton is busy! In addition to having shown his Spring Collection at StyleLounge on September 11th and having opened his atelier in NYC, Malan is speaking at Princeton(!) on December 7th; he will be talking about the art of style and the fashion industry. He also found the time to dress the glamourous Jody Watley for her appearance this morning on New York's WB morning show. Click here for a video of her appearance wearing a dress by Malan. And click here for a larger view of the dress.

Here's what he writes:

I had contacted Miss Watley directly and to my surprise she responded so promptly and knew about Runway. We chatted back and forth and then, I told her I would love to one day dress her. She responded back and asked if I could make something for her for an appearance. I was so honoured, all those years I would put her music on and sketch my fashion ideas out, and now the woman who served as great inspiration to me was going to be wearing one of my designs. I custom made it for her in two days, hand sewing everything myself, I did not want anyone else to touch this garment as it meant so much to me. I left the TV studio today in tears, one of my greatest dreams had come true. Miss Watley is the kindest most lovely woman and she loves so much what she does, I wish her so much luck with her new cd and look forward to dressing her again.

We hear that so much more is on the horizon for Malan and we can't wait to share all of the details with you! Yes, Malan has been busy but it all centers around the universe of beauty.