Thursday, September 11, 2008

Uncle Nick's Episode 9 Recap

Nick Verreos has his recap of last night's episode out quick:

I have to admit that when I saw Kenley's Leg-o-Mutton sleeved and pouffy skirted outfit, I actually liked its exaggeration but also realized that it really had no hint of the Aquarius sign it was supposed to be inspired by. (and the skirt portion was very Dolce and Gabbana). What made me completely dislike it --and Kenley--was her total utter sense of entitlement toward the judges. Her answers were rude and snippy and I agreed with Kors. Every time I hear any so-called designer utter the "Oh I don't look at what other designers do or look at magazines...", I have to think: PUHLEEEASE! Get over yourself.

Click here for the whole thing. Also, some big news from Nick. He and Daniel Vosovic will be blogging live for Bravo through Twitter at the Bryant Park tents.