Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Amanda Fields Update

Season 7 came to a close a few weeks ago and it was the first finale in 5 seasons I didn't walk in on tv! I did have a great time being a model in a decoy collection for Jesse and seeing a lot of familiar faces, as well as making new friends. And I'd never want to pass up walking in a fashion show in Bryant Park! In fact, it was my last one there - because New York fashion week will change venues this September - as many of you know - to Lincoln Center.

I couldn't be more proud of Kristina for winning - she is with the same agency as I am here in LA: LA Models! The runway division boasts 11 models from past seasons on Project Runway. Recently in Orange County, five of us participated in the Art Institute's "Rock the Runway" fashion show and event, walking in the fashion show and we even had an autograph session!

Here is what we signed for the lovely fans You will notice that Saleisha from ANTM was there too!

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