Monday, April 20, 2015

Austin Scarlett 2016 Bridal Collection

Project Runway All-Star designer, Austin Scarlett, presented his 2016 Bridal Collection on Friday night.  BPR Field Reporter Jennifer Mara attended the event and sends us this report - Thanks Jen!

Friday night host Austin Scarlett facilitated a perfect spring evening cocktail party to celebrate his 2016 Collection. Austin Scarlett really does exceed our expectations every season and this year is no different. 

I was thankful for the cocktail party and time I had to converse with Mr. Scarlett. We got to talking about one dress and it's fabric and how it's imported from Italy and hand carved silk and how they only had time to make 5 yards but Austin found a way to make 25 happen -these are the stories I love to hear from Austin as he doesn't even realize he's exuding such role-model qualities. He is hard-working, talented, unafraid and brilliant. 

 He is a gem in the fashion universe. Most interestingly, were the snatches of conversation I overheard about Scarlett- EVERYONE adores Austin Scarlett and I finally figured out why! ...Scarlett allows us to be a part of his journey. Thanks Austin! We look forward to seeing your collection in stores!!! 

2016 Brides get ready!!! 

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Austin and Jennifer flanked by two beautiful models.