Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Sam Donovan Runway Report

BPR Field Reporter Tina Guthmann attended Sam's show in Boston and sends us this report - thanks Tina!

Sam Donovan, runner-up in the first season of Lifetime’s Under the Gunn, presented his collection as a part of the Fashionably Late series at Boston’s Liberty Hotel on November 5. Sam is a native of the Boston area, so it’s always fun to support him. This time, Sam presented what I like to call a ‘sporty glam’ look.  We know that athletic wear is the new casual wear for those who work out (and those who don’t) so I was happy to see Sam’s interpretation. He takes it up a notch and makes it dressy, too. His inspiration was a Twitter argument that attacked Serena Williams for looking masculine and resulted in author JK Rowling coming to her rescue.  How is that for the start of a collection? 

As Sam states,"It just felt like this amazing, empowering moment that challenged the idea of what it meant to "look like a woman". There have been so many instances challenging what is "womanly", and could feel the fury that Rowling and Williams must have felt at that comment. So I wanted both a sporty feeling, but the look of a warrior, so I looked to Furiosa and Mad Max for a little bit of edge; yet another challenge to the conventional idea of femininity.

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