Thursday, October 07, 2010

Amanda's Take - Season 8 - Episode 10

Oh my goodness, BPR's! I have been a busy bee in New York City as well as California! Here I am to offer up my humble opinions yet again!

The seven remaining designers did a fantastic job designing their prints. I believe, of course, that the deeper the inspiration, the more beautiful the design. Although California is beautiful and an incredible source of inspiration, it just didn't feel very personal in the way Christopher portrayed it. However, I am not here to critique design elements, I'm here to discuss the models.

Season eight has so many gorgeous, graceful, talented models, yet I couldn't tell you their names. Except for Eyen, Mondo's model and Rose, Christopher's model, because they have talked about them a little bit in their one-on-one interviews. Cassie is memorable too because she seems to allow more of her personality to come out on the runway. I like her little grin sometimes, but this week I felt it was because she knew her outfit wasn't flattering. Even though she may not have been very comfortable in Andy's design this week, she tried to appear as though she loved it, and may have helped him not get sent home.

April's model, Millana looked stunning in her dress. I really like the way she swayed her hips to create more movement in the bottom half of the dress. I also think it was smart of Millana to leave the printed sleeve arm straight for the walk down the runway, this way the judges were able to get a streamlined view of the print. I just wish she would have turned up the energy when the judges were critiquing the look. I am well aware of how much time the models and designers are up there during the taping of the judging, but when it is your designer getting the attention, you'd better perk up!

I really love the way the editors included the close-ups of the prints as each model made her way around the scrim. It was a beautiful reminder of not only the hard work they put into this challenge, but the inspiration and the additional element the designers would be judged on this week.

Mondo is such a brave soul. I am excited to see what else he creates, not only on the show, but in the years to come. I believe he is a designer who is here to stay, and a person with beautiful honesty. The way he bared his soul to the judges and to America is inspiring!

Stay tuned, my friends!

xoxo Amanda