Friday, October 29, 2010


There is so much to say about last night but let me get this in - Jessica Simpson was a pretty damn good guest judge. Usually when a celebrity/singer type is brought in they have very little of substance to contribute. Listen to her here, she still doesn't agree with the decision but is playing nice.

I was highly cynical of her going in but her comments on the runway last night were spot on. Kudos to her for sticking up for her point of view. But in the end, she and Heidi never stood a chance against Nina and Michael Kors. The fashion elitists would have their way.

The ultimate irony was how bad she looked in that Michael Kors dress. Jessica Simpson is a gorgeous woman and I love how she embraces her fuller figure. But Kors made her look sad. And when he and Nina went on to bully their way to a Gretchen victory it makes us all question who the real experts are.