Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Top 5 Looks: 3rd Place

Alternative material challenges always seem to bring out the best in the designers every season of Project Runway. From the grocery store to the candy shop to the auto parts bin, these challenges have produced some of the most creative results on the runway. Andy South certainly proved that point again in Episode 3, "It's a Party".

This early on in Season 8, we hardly knew who was who. Gretchen ran away with the first two wins and we weren't quite sure who else had the designing chops to go deep in the competition. The 14 remaining designers were tasked with creating a design using only party supplies from the fabulously tacky "Party Glitters" store.

Andy spent the first half of his day trying to figure out what to do. He spray painted tulle and party favors and experimented with cellophane. He ultimately settled on using black ribbon as his primary source of material. He both folded and braided the ribbon into a paper crane design, creating a very sophisticated party dress that wowed the judges. This would become Andy's signature technique, eventually using it in his last fashion week challenge that won him a spot in final 3.

Andy took home his first win with this dress, broke Gretchen's winning streak and established himself as a serious contender. Will he take home the big prize Thursday night? We'll have to wait for that but for now he has found a spot on the BPR Top 5 Looks of Season 8. Congratulations Andy!