Friday, October 08, 2010

Andy's Hoodie

A number of readers have commented about the striking resemblance of the front design on Andy South's hoodie to lululemon's signature logo. Here's one example of lululemon's popular activewear jackets. You be the judge:

It's hard not to be inspired by what you see and know in the design world, but doesn't Andy's hoodie look like a direct copy of the lululemon logo? Surely the judges noticed this but we never see him being called out on it (not even in the extended judging video).

Interestingly, that design element seems to have disappeared from the final product line that went up for sale on Amazon last night. Our guess is that he did get called out on it but the judges looked past that obvious knock off pattern and awarded him the win based on the overall quality of his construction and design. What do you think?