Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Amanda's Take - Season 8 - Episode 12

Project Runway Season 3 model, Amanda Fields returns with her "Model's Perspective" on episode 12. Thank you Amanda!

This episode gave me goosebumps! I absolutely loved it from beginning to end. The moment when the five designers walked out to receive their fate from the judges, they embraced in a group hug that was genuine and touched my heart, as I am sure it touched yours.

Last week we saw the designers (finally) choosing their models! The only catch - they had to pick new ones. This was unfortunate for two ladies: Mondo's model Eyen and Gretchen's model, Alexandra. They have faithfully strutted down the runway all season and have now been reassigned or aufed. Gretchen's model was chosen by Christopher and then subsequently "eliminated." I thought she was one of the best the whole time! At least these ladies made a wonderful impression on the fans as well as the modeling world, and I am sure they will be very busy with bookings because of their experience on PR! However - this is fabulous news for Tina Marie because she is now with the fabulous Mondo! (And because of Valerie's elimination she would have just been out too.)

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