Thursday, October 28, 2010

Top 5 Looks: 1st Place

In the end, Mondo ended up competing with himself. It was close, but Mondo's design from Episode 8 "A Rough Day on the Runway" is our reader's choice for the Top Look of Season 8.

In what was probably the most perplexing challenge of the season, the nine remaining designers were asked to do their take on American sportswear using Jackie Kennedy as an inspiration. As an added twist, a piece of outerwear was required on Day 2 of the challenge. Everyone seemed to have a hard time figuring this one out (especially Tim Gunn), except for Mondo Guerra.

Mondo made all the right decisions at Mood. Choosing a purple, black and white houndstooth tweed for the skirt, he matched it with a t-shirt that had black and white horizontal stripes. For the outerwear piece, he created a cool black jacket with purple lining. It was something of a signature look for Mondo and it finally earned him a much deserved first win.

So let's tally up the damage. With three wins and six top finishes in 13 challenges, Mondo was never in serious danger of elimination at any point in Season 8. He becomes the second designer (along with Leanne Marchall in S5) to score three places in the BPR Top 5 Looks poll. Lovable, talented and wildly creative, he enters tonight's finale as the heavy favorite to take home the top prize. Is there anything that can stop the Mondo Express?

Congratulations Mondo, you designed BPR's Top Look of Season 8!