Saturday, October 30, 2010

Weekend News from Tim Gunn, Mondo Guerra, Christian Siriano and Gretchen Jones

Don't miss Mondo's reaction to the finale here:

Tim Gunn will be at the King of Prussia Mall in Philadelphia today at 2:00. Click here for details.

Click here for an interview with Gretchen Jones from Zap2it.

A highlight: What do you think of Nina saying in a previous interview that you could be as successful post-"Runway" as previous winner Christian Siriano?

Jones: I think that's an extreme compliment and true to how I'd feel about myself. I think you have to have tenacity to really compete in the fashion industry. Fashion in general is a competitive world and I believe that I have not only the potential to create seasons' worth of clothes with an interest, but I also think that they're clothes that women really want to wear. My goal is to dress women and make them feel beautiful. I think this is just that beginning of that being able to happen and it's just a matter of finding the resources in order to do that.

Click here for a Q&A with Christian Siriano.