Monday, October 11, 2010

Tim's Topstick Take

We've been scratching our heads over doublestickytape-gate and Ivy's attempted take down of Michael Costello ever since Episode 11 hit the air. What was the big deal? We have seen garments taped, glued and stapled on Project Runway since Season 1. We asked Tim Gunn for some inside scoop:

Here’s my take of the tape: Michael had nothing to do with it. It was his model who took the initiative to tape herself into the dress. By the time that this was brought to our attention, the challenge in which it happened was well behind us. It was, indeed, a mean-spirited attack on Michael. And how did Ivy think we were going to respond to her accusations? Did she think that Michael would be disqualified and that we’d bring her back? Ridiculous.

Thank you, Tim. These are the kinds of crazy questions that makes your much missed vlog so essential. Lifetime, please free Tim Gunn!