Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Episode 10 Trivia Contest

The prize for this week's contest is a talking Tim Gunn bobblehead. Please send your answers to Team BPR. Thanks Rachel P for providing many of these questions.

1. What is Tracey Trachta's title at HP?

2. Who has siblings nicknamed Spanky and Peaches?

3. What company manufactured the PR designs onto fabric?

4. According to Valerie's top, "Cleveland is for _____."

5. Who was the last designer to leave the workroom before the runway show?

6. What is the budget at Mood, "for supplemental fabric?"

7. Whose design does Tim Gunn say resembles a "Pupu Platter of construction methods?"

8. Seeing the design on the runway, which designer would have loved to "start all over?"

9. Whose design did the judges describe as "unwearable?"

10. The judges thought Valerie's look resembled her design from which episode?

Update: We have a winner! Congratulations, katnap. I will post the answers in the comments.