Sunday, May 03, 2009

Happy Birthday Jack Mackenroth


Blogger/Recapper David Dust here - reporting from New York City. I had the pleasure of attending Season Four designer Jack Mackenroth's 40th Birthday celebration over the weekend, and I have to say - it was a great night.

When I arrived, the birthday boy himself was outside the entrance to the Star Room - the club below the Hotel Chelsea - greeting his guests. Here we are outside the club before heading into the festivites...

Inside, the decor was sleek, the vodka was free, and the people were pretty. I got to meet gorgeous Season Four model Amanda Alter...

... and Season Four finalist Jillian Lewis, who was really warm and friendly.

Anywhoo, it was a really fun night honoring the sweetest guy in fashion - Jack Mackenroth. Happy Birthday, handsome!

Thank you David for the photos and report - and Happy Birthday to Jack.

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