Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Saturday With Tim Gunn

I timed a visit to my dad's home in South Florida to coincide with Tim's Kate Spade tour. Everything worked out beautifully. My friend Darlene and I met Tim for breakfast in the morning and later we went to the Kate Spade store in Boca Raton for the event. Tim graciously answered my questions about Project Runway, Lifetime, his new apartment, new book, fashion trends and much more. Thanks Tim!

LK: Tim, do you have a Facebook account?

TG: No.

LK: MySpace?

TG: No.

LK: Twitter?

TG: No.

LK: Okay, so any "Tim Gunn" page on any of these is a fansite.

TG: Well. it isn't me.

LK: Have you watched "The Fashion Show?"

TG: No, but only because I've been traveling and none of my hotels has had Bravo.

LK: Have you met Anderson Cooper?

TG: I did meet him at the Bailey House fundraiser. We have been trying to get together to have lunch but it hadn't happened yet...but I'm sure that it will....

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