Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Field Report - Tim Gunn in Nyack

Mark Y brings us this fabulous report from a very exclusive event in Nyack, NY. Thanks Mark!

Tim Gunn came to Nyack on Sunday. Not by kayak, of course, but he was there. He didn't come to sip champagne or to admire an extensive personal art collection or to stare at a view of the Hudson River. That’s why I went. And 99 or so others.

Tim came to work hard to support a local organization, VCS. Volunteer Counseling Service is dedicated to serving those in the community who are in crisis. Tim's appearance kicked off Gay Pride Month in Rockland County (New York).

As you might guess and probably hoped, Tim is beyond friendly and has the charm of ten people. And those traits are matched by stamina. For more than three hours, he signed copies of his book, posed for pictures and had had us all eating out of his hand during a Q&A session. The Q&A was fun, like folks at a party in someone's living room. And that's where we were.

Since he’s always a gentleman I refrained from asking the dishiest questions I could think of. I’m not very fashionable and am only as trendy as the Banana Republic sale corner and I can’t tell the difference between silk charmeuse and ombred chiffon. But I have been curious about something. I asked Tim what Christian Siriano’s path would have been without his success on Project Runway. Tim answered without hesitation and told us that Christian, possessing an old ‘fashion’ soul, would most certainly have ascended to fashion greatness.

He didn't leak any scoops about Season 6 but he's excited about it. And that's good enough for me.

Many thanks to Tim for his support.

Mark Y