Thursday, October 29, 2009

Amanda's Take - Episode Ten

Project Runway Season Three model, Amanda Fields returns with her take on this season's models. Thanks Amanda!

I love challenges like this where you get to see what the designers do with an amazing inspiration - a fabulous location! It's down to 7 designers and models.. it's starting to get really serious now and this is where is gets GOOD!

I thought the best model this week was Kalyn. Irina's Aspen look was incredible already and it just shined on Kalyn! She has the special quality of making an entrance you can't ignore. Whenever she is on screen my eyes go to her first. I love how the judging team was all together again. Thank goodness.. it feels right this way! Milla Jovovich was a very insightful judge and how sweet was she tearing up when Nicholas left?

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