Thursday, January 20, 2011

News From Tim Gunn, Kara Janx and Jennifer Diederich

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris, WireImage for Weight Watchers

Click here for a new interview with Tim Gunn from StyleList.

A highlight:

StyleList: You've already put out two books. Are you working on a third?

TG: Yes. I'm very excited about this new book. It's an etymological guide to what's in your closet. I take basic items and track their lineage all the way back to Egypt, where it all began. It's a way of presenting fashion history in a way that I hope is accessible to people and that they find engaging. I want people to know that when they take that wrap dress out of the closet, that there's a history. It didn't just appear on the scene, it goes back centuries and centuries and has an interesting timeline.

Project Runway Season 2 designer, Kara Janx will be featured in the new show "All on the Line" on the Sundance Channel.
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Best wishes to Season 5 designer, Jennifer Diederich and Claudio Guarducci who are engaged to be married in June. Click here for details.