Thursday, February 17, 2011

Malan Breton's Kyoto Wonderland for Fall 2011

Photo: WireImage/Concordia

BPR Field Reporter, Nancy T attended Malan Breton's show this morning and sends us this report. Thank you Nancy!

Malan Breton doesn't hold fashion shows -- he holds events. Last season's collection featured a pas de deux in Paris. The Fall 2011 season's culmination: a Japanese wedding. Malan's events are always memorable and beautiful.

As befitting a fashion show culminating in a wedding, the styles this time seemed (for the most part) to signal seriousness and commitment. The inspiration was classical Japanese kimonos and obis, with nary a trace of contemporary Japanese design. Styling was more formal and tailored than in Malan's previous collections, though Breton stayed with luxurious silks and wools. The collection consisted of monochromatic pieces with a dramatic palette of black, white, and jewel tones. The men were dressed for work in the pre-casual-Friday era. Most of the womens' outfits were modest and appropriate for all ages.

But, Malan always throws in a few curves to keep it interesting. This time, it was the use of unusual materials on several pieces -- an alligator suit here, a red sequin trouser there, lace pajama suit (for the honeymoon?) and a skirt made of duck feathers. And, the event ended with Malan's friends ready for their wedding. The couple looked radiant: Baron wore an alligator kimono and wool suit, Irina wore a ruby silk wedding dress. The outfits might look bizarre at a wedding at a 21st Century Kyoto shrine, but were divine here in Manhattan.

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