Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Peach Carr Ranks NFL Helmets!

Project Runway Season 8 designer, Peach Carr weighs in on "Which NFL team has the best helmet?"

1. Chicago: I am biased ... was born and raised in Chicago. Proof that orange really is the "new pink."

2. San Francisco: The touch of red pairs perfectly with some Louboutin pumps.

3. St. Louis: Polka dots ... a huge hit this fall.

4. Tampa Bay: Skulls + heavy metal = Punk Couture ... a fashion "do."

5. Washington: Feathers ... still a hot trend!

6. Houston: Patriotism is "IN."

7. Minnesota: Will look hip with white bell-bottom jeans.

8. New York Jets: "Going Green" is always fashionable.

9. Philadelphia: This wing design would be slimming on everyone!

10. Indianapolis: Accessorizing with a classic shoe is always chic.

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