Friday, August 26, 2011

Observations on Episode 5

I had fun watching episode five again and thought I'd share some quick observations with you.

1. Production peeps spelled Viktor's name incorrectly on his "gift."

2. In bed Cecelia is wearing a dress complete with puffy sleeves and buttoned cuffs. Is that really what she sleeps in? Or was she already dressed for the day?

3. Didn't the designers watch season 8? Why are they pretending to be confused? "Is this a weight-loss challenge?" Or surprised, "This reward is so big, I just can not even conceive of it." Really? It's exactly the same as last season.

4. The "New Balance Track and Field Center at The Armory" was also used in the Season 5 Olympic challenge, wasn't it?

5. Becky's confessionals are always spot on.

6. Apparently the casting process for Project Runway is now "being recommended by a local fashion blogger." No wonder some of the designers have no competitive spirit. They barely had to compete for a spot on the show.

7. No one stops running to check on Olivier after he falls.

8. Olivier does not seem happy at all to be on Viktor's team.

9. Really Viktor? Has anyone ever actually chased you with a gun?

10. Anya designed the winning dress and Becky sewed it - but Josh won? Huh?

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