Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ping Wu and Carmen Webber at NY International Gift Fair

BPR Field Reporter Mark Y met Ping and Carmen at the Gift Fair yesterday and sends us this report. Thank you Mark!

I had the opportunity to spend several days at New York International Gift Fair this week for work. The creativity and talent on display is staggering.

I knew Ping would be exhibiting her Transformer line of scarves and such. I ran into her several times during set up and went to visit her in her booth today. She seemed surprised that I knew her. How could we forget her? She is still wearing those way cool eyeglasses.

After I left her I continued down the aisle in the Handmade Section and diagonal to her booth was Carmen Webber. ("Carmen like the opera, Webber like the grill.") She was working with an accessories designer. She's already tall and today when I took this picture she was wearing wedges and she towered over me.

All the BPRs know how creative and talented Ping and Carmen are but only those of us lucky enough to meet them in person can tell everyone that they are great sports, gracious and charming. And two beautiful smiles.

Mark Y