Saturday, October 08, 2011

Tim Gunn in San Antonio - Field Report

BPR reader Sarah J was in San Antonio today for Tim's fashion show and Q&A. She sends us this report. Thank you Sarah!

Dear BPR,

I went with a friend to see the man himself! There were a couple of hundred die-hard PR fans and fashionistas from San Antonio. Tim did not disappoint. Throughout the runway show, he made everyone laugh, and even talked about himself. He said he probably has an OCD, owns corduroy pants, hates muffin tops, and told ladies to never allow their man to wear denim on denim!

During the Q&A, he told everyone the contestants he liked the least (!!!): Wendy Pepper, Zulema, Kenley, Victorya, and (surprising to me) Vincent. The audience believed Josh M. to be this season's villain, but Tim said that this season's villain is someone we won't expect (i.e. not Josh). He said it would be revealed later in the show.

It was a great afternoon!


Sarah from San Antonio