Friday, April 20, 2012

Spring Fashion Trends from Amanda Fields

Project Runway Supermodel, Amanda Fields checks in with BPR offering her suggestions for Spring - thanks Amanda!

Spring is in full swing and I have observed several new fashion trends for the warmer months ahead!

Move in to my new flat: The smoking flat is another little slice of men's wear as women's wear. I love this as I love the blazer from these past couple of years! There is a NEW take on this flat that I am not sure what to name. Perhaps the pointed smoker?   

This is something I have learned about through none other than Taylor Jacobson - she deserves the credit for wearing and loving Jenni Kayne D'Orsay flats in an array of colors. Follow her on twitter @taylorjacobsonn It's a more feminine take on the shoe, adding that pointy toe lends itself to being compared to the always glamorous Manolo Blahnik slingback. In fact, Janni Kayne offers it up in a slingback choice as well!

The summer boot! It's here and I actually adore it. Why? Us California girls know that even in the summer, it gets very chilly at night. Flip flops and strappy sandals are fun at the beach but if you are having a night out on the town sometimes you just want a fashion forward (summer) boot! Perhaps even a booty! There is a chic new approach - the sandal bootie.. with an open toe. It works in a light or nude color. I'd stay away from dark (bootiedals?) in most cases!

It seems that designers want us women to show off a new part of our anatomy.. our shoulders!! The other day I noticed a model wearing something that seemed more appropriate for fall but in a blush color would make me very happy this spring! It was a sweater tank top. You heard right! It's a long sleeved sweater with the tops of the outside of the arms cut out. In a lightweight sweater fabric it would be extra sweet with a camel color leather short! has a similar style. has a great photo of Nicky Hilton wearing this trend! 

What got me more obsessed with new shapes in sweaters and knitwear was recently working with the fashion designer Adelle Louise. Her line is simply called adellelouise knitwear. She is also crafting beautiful lightweight scarves for spring. I am a big fan of this cross-season dressing!

I was also in a little clip on E!'s Fashion Police with Joan Rivers! It was so much fun to meet her and have a laugh. She is a fashion icon and also a comedy icon! It was a pleasure to talk to her!

Wishing you a fashionable day!