Sunday, April 01, 2012

Mondo Makes His Move

Well, that didn't take very long.

Mondo Guerra has dominated the collective
consciousness of Project Runway fans for nearly two years and now it appears he is using his reality show fame not just to move forward in the world of fashion design, but to make another reality show. This just in:

New York -- As part of an aggressive expansion to grow its original programming slate, Lifetime today announces "The Mondo Show," an all-new reality series featuring Mondo Guerra, recently crowned as the best designer in Project Runway history. "The Mondo Show" follows the dreams, struggles and drama as the talented designer tries to find his way in the world of fashion.

In a way we are not surprised since Mondo has been hinting about this possibility in some of his recent interviews. Here's what we'll get:

Produced by Love Mondo Trasho and Good Bye Productions, "The Mondo Show" will detail his experience as guest editor for Marie Claire magazine as well as share some of his madcap adventures navigating around his new home in Manhattan.

Madcap adventures? Who comes up with this stuff? Obviously Lifetime has known since last fall that he was the PRAS winner, so they have had time to line up quite the impressive list of guest stars. Check this out:

Star-studded guests appearing on "The Mondo Show" include Joanna Coles, Tim Gunn, Jessica Simpson, Michael Costello, Nina Garcia, Nicki Minaj, Georgina Chapman, Abby Lee Miller and Austin Scarlett. The series premiere will feature Mondo designing costumes for the "Dance Moms" and is scheduled to air in the early summer.

Congratulations, Mondo. This is definitely a show we will not miss!

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