Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Breakfast With TIm Gunn

Tim very graciously joined Jen and I for breakfast on Saturday.  (Tbone and The Scarlett were able to get out of NYC ahead of the big storm....)

Of course we talked about Project Runway!

Tim has a way of sharing just enough to keep us intrigued without revealing too much.

BPR:  Tim, how is your role of "producer" different from what you always did as the "mentor?"

TG:  Honestly?  It really is no different...but have you noticed that I am now credited as "co-host?"

BPR:  no....errrr....  (gasp of realization) Wait.  Does this mean that your name might be submitted to the Emmy Award Committee in the "Outstanding Host for a Reality Show" category?

TG:  We'll see...

Click here to read the entire interview.