Friday, February 08, 2013

Season 11 Finale Show

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Dear BPRs,

For now, I will just give you my impressions and an overall idea of what happened at the Finale Show.  Photos to follow!  XOXO

The room filled up quickly and after everyone was seated the judges came out - Heidi, Nina, Michael and Zac.  We haven't had enough time to really miss Michael yet, and Zac is certainly doing a wonderful job, but I have a feeling that at the end of season 11 when we see Michael again, we will be very happy... As we were entering we saw Marilu Henner looking fab in a Michael Costello dress.  Also cutie pie Jake T. Austin from "Wizards of Waverly Place."  He was sweet!  Alexa Ray Joel and Kristin Chenoweth were also spotted.

We also saw Jay McCarroll, Nick Verreos, Korto Momolu, Uli Herzner, and many many of our favorite designers from previous seasons of the show.

Anyway, Heidi explained that the designers would not be introducing their collections, but that the designs would be presented "anonymously."  It was kind of sad, but I'm sure that it will be well-edited and that most viewers will not even realize that the introductions were not live.

We will be calling the collections, "Designer 1," "Designer 2," etc. until this is sorted out.

We saw eight collections of twelve looks each.  I really liked two of them a lot.  (Honestly I thought that one of them was kind of awful....)  

After all of the presentations, ALL SIXTEEN of the Season 11 designers came out onto the runway and posed with Tim and Heidi.  It was great.  Also, if you look at what each designer is wearing, you might notice a couple of hints to help identify the collections... 

Photos of Project Runway Season 11 Finale Collections below.
Spoiler Alert:  Don't click if you don't want to see the collections!
Thank you for reading BPR. 

All "Collection" photos:  New York Magazine.

Designer #1
Designer #2
Designer #3
Designer #4  
Designer #5 
Designer #6
Designer #7  
Designer #8