Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bert Keeter at Tucson Fashion Week

Camerone Parker models the final look in Bert's Collection

Project Runway Season 9 designer, Bert Keeter,  presented a stunning collection of 19 looks on Saturday, October 19th at Tucson Fashion Week.

My husband and I drove down for the event and it was a gorgeous night in Tucson.  The event was outdoors at La Encantada and included, food, drinks, shopping, and of course, the runway.  

Bert's collection was the final show of the night and he was definitely the star of the evening.  

I had the chance to ask Bert how he was invited to the show and he told me that he met Camerone Parker and Mel Greenberg at Fashion Week El Paseo in March.

(He couldn't miss Camerone at the event because she was wearing the seat belt coat made by Korto Momolu in Season 5!)

They asked if he would be interested in the Tucson event and of course he was.

Bert's runway designs were impeccable and I asked if he did all of the work himself. 

"You can't move forward if you are making everything yourself," he explained.  (Great advice for designers just starting out...)  He does the draping, cutting and patternmaking and has expert sample makers and beaders finishing the garments.

Right now Bert is working on a line for the American Business Woman.  He promises to keep us posted.

I'm so glad we went!

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