Tuesday, October 29, 2013

BPR Interview with Ari South

Project Runway All-Star designer Ari South talks about her experience on the show.

A highlight:

 BPR: Your fans all applaud your courage and honesty. A gender transition can not be easy. 

 AS: My fans give me the courage and support I need so I thank them for always being in my corner. You're right, it is not an easy road and one that I would never wish on anyone because of the trials, but it can be a beautiful journey if it is meant for you. 

 BPR: You are certainly a beautiful woman. 

 AS: hahaha thank you-- I always find myself embarrassed or blushing when people say that. It just hasn't been how I've ever felt about myself before. 

 BPR: Has your design aesthetic changed? 

 AS: It has. On season 8, viewers saw very heavy and dark Andy South in the beginning. You can sort of see my progression and you really do see me finding myself while on the show. I sort of blossomed into someone that found the courage to be completely myself and by the end, you saw a very feminine side of my work. I understand that it was sort of a jump for many to see, but for me it was genuine of my place and time. Now, the Andy South brand has come to represent both the yin and yang you saw. An elegance with a bite; a woman strong in herself, but conscious of her surroundings. 

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Thank you Ari!